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smoking rules whenever u are

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smoking rules whenever u are

  • Smoking - Vavamuffin
    "illegal that man illegal this look at my life it's a full of this things illegal that man illegal this look at my life it's a full of this things smokin' in Jamaica inna Poland smokin' in Africa in New"
  • Whenever - Jordin Sparks
    "I hope somehow you know by now, that I will always love you. Through think and thin, down the roads that bend, I'll never leave your side. I'd pull the stars down from the sky, every night just to look"
  • Whenever - Nu Flavor
    "Girl you can't imagine The way I feel today I feel like a miracle Has finally come my way And I've wanted oh so long To find a girl like you And now that you're in my life You've made all my dreams come"
  • Whenever - Sita
    "You don't look happy much at all these days I count the tears of a clown rolling down your face I'm sad to say Don't you know that I could put that sweet smile back on your face If you, if you'd let me"
  • Whenever - Outlandish
    "Where ever it goes Where ever I go Where ever we go Where ever I go Where ever it goes Where ever we go To whom it may concern I think I lost someone I think I heard my mother cry I think I left someone Think"
  • Chain Smoking - Coalesce
    "Fairy tales of fire. More trials of strength and tribulations that mean life or death for us all here. You are boring me. Solutions not emotion. Emotion not declarations. I'm repeating nothing. I'm"
  • Smoking Snakes - Sabaton
    "We remember No surrender Heroes of the century Three men were strong They held up for long Going into the fight Through the meteor waves __________ they end in the grave As they've given their lives as"
  • Rules - Pennywise
    "I've come to realize that life is but a game and it doesn't matter how you score but how you play and although the masses play the host make all the rules the only rules you should live by. . . rules"
  • Rules - Shakira
    "You have to swear You've got love to love me That will last forever We must have a story With a happy ending ?I swear to never go away? And never put aside The things I'm gonna say Cuz these are rules"
  • Rules - Anita Baker
    "Love was meant to be loving So many times we don't give, we take Love has really no conception to this rule Days you gave me were numbered And as a rule they were hard to take All it took was the number"
  • Rules - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
    "You have to swear You've got love to love me Aah aah That will last forever Aah aah We must have a story Aah aah With a happy ending Aah, so don't ever go away And never put aside The things I'm gonna"
  • Where u are - Javine
    "I try to keep my head above the water There's nothing that I wouldn't do To get my life back in order - gotta make it through I've been going through a lot of changes Taking one day at a time - going all"
  • Breaking the rules - M.O.P.
    "Represent, show niggaz the deal I'm packing my blue steel, keeping it real Cause niggaz were born to kill Here comes the Brownsville slugger, motherfucker I bust off shots at fools To avoid these"
  • Whenever You Need Me - Bonnie Tyler
    "Can't wait until I'm in your arms Your kiss sets me on fire I've never felt so alive Come on and take me higher I don't know what it is that makes Me feel the way I do Bridge: But - you're the one that's"
  • Quitting Smoking Song - Princess Superstar
    "It's the quitting smoking song All the smokers cough along If I can do it, so can you Let's chew some gum and say fuck you It's the quitting smoking song All the smokers cough along If I can quit, you"
  • The Smoking Pose - The Honorary Title
    "With the color in your eyes ablaze Sleeping but awake Desperately, you're searching for remains To feed that part of you Crawling and scratching Sifting through ashes Your fingers are blistered Right down"
  • Whenever, Wherever - Minnie Riperton
    "(C. Stepney - R. Johnson) I'm flying high about the clouds Wherever we choose to be a barren land becomes a paradise, your touch is all that I need Whenever we are, Wherever we are Never, ever"
  • Always Whenever - Digimon
    "The train to tomorrow runs on broken tracks I keep turning back in hesitation Why is it that when we hold hands And run together, it gives us so much strength? Always, always, whenever We're connected"
  • Whatever, Whenever - Nick Kamen
    "Feeling something very pleasing Slowly takes control of me I lay back yeah it's so easy All I know is all I feel I may not have a lot to give But what I have I give to you Whatever, whenever It takes a"
  • Whenever, Wherever - U2
    "Whenever, wherever We're meant to be together I'll be there and you'll be near And that's the deal my dear Lucky you were born that far away so We could both make fun of distance Lucky that I love a foreign"

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