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snow ghosts

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snow ghosts

  • Ghosts - Gary Jules
    "Running along the rocks of the river And the water's as cold as the snow The man is chasing behind me And I can't afford to falter or slow We find solace in what we believe Or the hush of a cool gentle"
  • Blanket Of Ghosts - Dustin Kensrue
    "I've got a feeling, it's hard to explain Feels like the devil rents a room in my brain The things im ashamed of feel like dear old st paul The things that I wanna do, I don't do at all So bury me deep,"
  • Ghosts Of Memory - Tiger Army
    "A place of rest I've tried to find Aching in my heart, chaos in my mind This place is poison to my soul Can't take much more, I'm losing control Faded perfume in a room Once a sanctuary, now simply a"
  • California Snow - Dave Alvin
    "Dave Alvin/Tom Russell (Blue Horn Toad Music, BMI, and Frontera Music, ASCAP, administered by Bug Music) Im just tryin to make a livin Im an old man at thirty-nine With two kids and an ex-wife Who moved"
  • Ghosts - Laura Marling
    "He walked down a busy street Staring solely at his feet Clutching pictures of past lovers at his side Stood at the table where she sat And removed his hat In respect of her presence Presents her with the"
  • Ghosts - james vincent mcmorrow
    "The moon holds the light And the moon's this spinning globe Shedding light upon the road The bird won't fly And a bird without its wings is a low and tragic thing We are ghosts We are ghosts amongst these"
  • Ghosts - Skye Sweetnam
    "I don't believe in ghosts but I'm afraid of 'emI don't believe in ghosts but I'm afraid of 'emSome wanna sleepAnd some wanna riseSome wait their whole life to hideI'm gon go out like Bonnie & ClydeCause"
  • Ghosts - Robbie Williams
    "Here I stand victorious The only man who made you come When you cried, you cried for us And when we died, you died alone Gravity's calling Don't go home Where are we Did what I could For one of us I always"
  • Ghosts - Colony 5
    "End of the night, all I see are lights Sweat and smoke mixed with absinth This is what I always seek When the demons Blurs in neon Life begins just before the race Ghosts We can never be like you Our"
  • Ghosts - David Sylvian
    "When the room is quiet The daylight almost gone It seems there's something I should know Well, I ought to leave But the rain it never stops And I've no particular place to go Just when I think I'm winning When"
  • Ghosts - Dirty Vegas
    "All I ever wanted was to feel the way you'd feel All I ever wanted was a chance to make it real I'm in love with you And I can pull it through All I ever wanted is a place out by the sun To watch the world"
  • Ghosts - Dag Nasty
    "Ghosts swirling all around you now I don't know what to do and I don't know how to feel inside I wish I could get off this ride everything I do, everywhere I go I see a memory of what we used to"
  • Ghosts - Japan
    "When the room is quiet The daylight almost gone It seems there's something I should know Well, I ought to leave But the rain it never stops And I've no particular place to go Just when I think I'm winning When"
  • Ghosts - Beady Belle
    "I fall into your trashbin once again Same kind of story I know what's happened every time before Still I want more I wonder who and what I'm fighting for Maybe it's you I'm maybe better off oblivious"
  • Ghosts - Ariel Pink
    "Go away, ghosts, Go far away I don't want you in my dreams anymore Helen, please don't cry to mother Because I'll die, no Please go away, Don't you run down the hall Please don't you run, Go away"
  • Ghosts - Everon
    "If we give up before we ever fought If we only do what we are told And think we know it all, but never really learnt If we turn the page before the page has turned If we close doors, we never opened up If"
  • All Wishes Are Ghosts - Snowbird
    "All wishes are ghost, wating dream above May hight down like ...send the snow And all I see in space they hicking they goes around They mean but they didn't ... We hold down inside They know they run us"
  • Ghosts - Funeral For A Friend
    "Congratulations it's a boy Buried underneath the afterbirth of joy Sticks and stones will always break His bones can barely take the weight Of your breath breathing down his neck again Keep it to yourself You"
  • Ghosts - Lady Sovereign
    "There's a Tombstone in a Snowy FieldClose By An Old Ghost TownThe Epitaph's Been Weather-blown AwayThere's a Belltower Wehre Petitions PeeledIt's Been Half Torn DownBut It Must Have Softened Every Soul"
  • Ghosts - Kansas
    "There's tombstone in a snowy field Close by an old ghost town The epitaph's been weather-blown away There's a belltower where petitions peeled It's been half torn down But it must have softened every soul"

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