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so are you good

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so are you good

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so are you good
  • Rachel Farris So Good
    "Hello, I didn't expect to see you Hello, you didn't expect me to free you Hello, you're looking so good since I saw you last It happened so fast I'm good, I'm better I'm glad it's over I have your sweater But"
  • Rachel Stevens So Good
    "I get this feeling that you're taking me under I get this feeling that you're taking it down 'Cause it's you, you, you, all you Come and get it I start to see the way you're taking me over My eyes are"
  • Freiheit So Good
    "So good, the power we had You felt so fine, I'm feeling so bad So good, the day it began You took a slice of me in the end Victims of passion they lose control Gamble the body and lose the soul Flashing"
  • Bratz Rock Angelz So Good
    "We know how to dare We know how to dream Tonight is the night What we wanna be, we'll be We're gonna make it through Let's conquer the fears Take every chance Hold back the tears What we wanna"
  • Aswad So good
    "Now that I found you girl, we're gonna make it Oh yeah, heaven must have sent you to me, oh A million faces on a crowded street But all that I could see was you You must have read my mind 'cause here we"
  • CoCo Lee So Good
    "Let me get that. Uh-uh-uh-uh - yeah that's it. You feel that? I know you feel that... Let's ride. (Verse 1) Big Daddy close the door. What are you waiting for? I'm crawling on all fours. Come join"
  • Karen Clark-Sheard So Good
    "Something about that Holy Ghost it'll make you wanna shout (Shout that burden out) Something about that Holy Ghost it'll a make you wanna move (Move for you breakthrough) It leads and guides me it"
  • Karen Clark Sheard So Good
    "(Shout that burden out) Something about that Holy Ghost it'll a make you wanna move (Move for you breakthrough) It leads and guides me it walks beside me It holds me too - if you know what I mean say"
  • Angie Martinez So Good
    "He was all I wanted, late night talkin, on the phone till daylight often, at home he came thru, dinner on the table, plate bites lost him, the love was strong then, we went for walks then, then I lost"
  • Waterdeep You Are So Good To Me
    "You are so good to me You heal my broken heart You are my Father in heaven (2x) You ride upon the clouds You lead me to the truth You are the Spirit inside me (2x) You poured out all your blood You died"
  • Third Day You Are So Good To Me
    "You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song And I will sing again You are so good to me You heal my broken heart You are my father"
  • Bee Gees So Far So Good
    "Written by r&m gibb/r. lawrence Verse 1 With these words we speak of love It's hard for us to end It's all a fallacy That people do pretend Release 1 The changes that I see I tremble and I shake Were"
  • Dakota Moon So Good For You
    "(R. Artis, J. Blades, J. Dean ) When you wake in the middle of the night Don't you think that you need someone Lying close, and holdin' on to you When you dream what 'cha dream about When you wish,"
  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony So Good, So Right
    "(feat. Felecia) Yo...I think it's really time we let these niggas what's going on with Bone Thugs man (thugs man)... (Yeeeaah!) 'Cause they don't know, they don't know, they don't know (What we been"
  • Rammstein You smell so good
    "(Translation To: Du Riechst So Gut)Insanityis only a narrow bridgethe banks are reason and desireI chase youthe sunlight confuses the minda blind child that crawls forwardbecause it smells its motherI"
  • Blue Cheer Good Times Are So Hard To Find
    "(Norman Mayall & Kent Housman) Some people talk about the blues They're just handing you their news It's the call of our love But no matter how we try We just try to get high Cause the good times are so"
  • Nazareth Nothing So Good
    "Ain't nothin' so good As a Sunday morning When the day is dawnin' Kinda makes you feel good There ain't nothing so fine As a lazy weekend Just hangin' out with your best friend There ain't nothing so"
  • Genitorturers Guns Are Good
    "Do you like my shiny steel? Let me show you what it can do Show me yours, I'll show you mine Get a little closer let it blow your mind You're standing there looking at me Lick your lips as you wonder how"
  • John Miles Good, So Bad
    "I've lost where I'm going No one beside me showing how. Won't you look at me now? We talk, but we don't mean it, I thought I'd really seen it all. Even if I should fall. I've waited all my life, Cared"
  • John Mellencamp Hurts So Good
    "(John Mellencamp and G.M. Green) When I was a young boy Said put away those young boy ways Now that I'm gettin' older So much older I love all those young boy days With a girl like you With a girl like"

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