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so give me very

  • Very - Moby
    "You would never make it Inside , oh inside Love you won't be alone Inside, oh inside Pain It's cold out there So come inside So come inside Pain It's warm in here So come inside So come inside How we"
  • Very Kind - Will Young
    "You run, you run But this ain't living You wish you could go back And begin it all over But it's over You fight, you fight You just keep saying You'll feel better come sooner or later In no time It's"
  • Very Special - Big Daddy Kane
    "My, my, my, yes, I must admit That I have never knew love like this before And I adore everything about you I do mean every part of For meeting someone this beautiful, have mercy I wanna kiss ya father You're"
  • Very Well - Mos Def
    "So what you doing I'm feeling very well Rocking this from Brooklyn, this is my vibration Make you have sensation, when you hear the jam All you want to say is happiness yo Sometimes I get a feeling inside"
  • Very Dramatic - Heavy Heavy Low Low
    "blood's not enough to give to you blood's not enough to change your mind what's worse is when you're assured that this state could be deemed as something more than what we had to think i'll never see you"
  • Very Special Love - Maureen McGovern
    "I never believed in love I was deceived by love, I never had much luck with lovers before I could'nt complete, I seem just part of the street to be walked on by everyone but then I found a very special"
  • The Very Earth - Edith Frost
    "You never said a word about my offering Once happily i presented for your ogling And love it's like a vine that withers over time Or wraps around you with a life of its own Got to learn to forgive"
  • This Very Moment - Set Your Goals
    "I value you more than you will ever know! I know I'm not the only one concerned about where this has gone. The feelings that we both once shared, they still exist, they went nowhere. And you, you know"
  • So Very Hard To Go - Tower Of Power
    "Ain't nothin' I can say Nothin' I can do I feel so bad, yeah I feel so blue I got to make it right For everyone concerned Even if it's me, if it means, just me Wants getting back 'Cause I can never make"
  • So Very Hard To Go - Martin Nievera
    "Ain't nothin' I can say, nothin' I can do I feel so bad, yeah, I feel so blue, hmmm I got to make it right for everyone concerned Even if it's me, if it means just me That's getting burned 'Cause I could"
  • Its Been So Very Long - Plankeye
    "Emancipation of myself and pain inside of me Sometimes I wonder where I'd be without You God There'd be a big old hole inside of me I sit and I wait for You... Time to take place Perfect day that shines"
  • Very Nice - Seven Nations
    "Let's go play outside you seek I'll go hide wrong move you're it now it's truly just a game let's go fight with John he's strange he's always wrong let's build a church so we can have a place to pray I"
  • Very Funny - The Magnetic Fields
    "Everybody knows but me, when you go where you shouldn't be. Everybody knows but me, where you go when you're feeling free. Everybody knows but me. So you go there for a laugh. You just go to take photographs. To"
  • Very Fancy - Die Antwoord
    "The $0$ dress so fresh Sy's very fancy, Hi-Tek flows flex On the street sy hou van my skoene Like "There goes da ou met die Pumas Did you pay for those shoes bru?" I'm flat broke, bra But free Puma fokken"
  • Very Special - Grand Puba
    "Hook: "Grand Puba is" (very special) uh ha uh ha (x4) Verse 1: Now many guys may come to you With a line that isn't true And you, pass them by (pass them by) But it doesn't mean a thing Cause Grand Puba"
  • Very Invisible - Armor For Sleep
    "Remember two years ago when you broke down and cried to me about how you couldn't be alone how you needed me next to you you made me promise on your tears to never let you be without my voice inside your"
  • Very slowly - Geri Halliwell
    "Tick tock The moonlight's hummin' My finger's on the button and my hormones' drummin' Slow down we're moving too fast Better wait a minute make the good times last I've learned something bout livin' You"
  • You've Made Me So Very Happy - Gloria Estefan
    "I lost at love before Got mad and close the door But you said try just once more I've chose you for the one Now I have been so much fun Your treated me so kind I'm about to lose my mind You've made me"
  • You've Made Me So Very Happy - Cher
    "I've lost at love before Got mad and closed the door But you said child just once more I chose you for the one Now we're having so much fun You treated me so kind I'm about to lose my mind You made me"
  • Youve Made Me So Very Happy - Alton Ellis
    "Whoa whoah woooooo Whoa whoah woooooo I had lost that love, that love, that love before Dark mind (?) and I close, and I close, and I close the door And you say, Try just once more And you came and you"

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