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  • Ha Ha Ha - Flipper
    "Isn't life a blast It's just like living in the past We go downtown to do our shopping And we live in Suburbia And I say Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho He he he he he he he he Ha ha ha"
  • Ha ha ha ha - Lamb
    "I could be wrong Didn't you say I couldn't do this Well, who's sorry now It's always the same You could have been there Could have done that but So, who's to blame? I don't wanna live with a point that"
  • Ha ha ha - Ramsi Aliani
    "na ha ha ha ha das ist hip hop/rnb credebelity ina ha ha ha ha das sind 2 brder mit dem gleichen ziel ina ha ha ha ha kein hate kein neid lieb unsere musik ina ha ha ha ha hre und staune sei ruhig fasziniert"
  • So Ha! - Splashdown
    "Reaching upward I'm earthbound Daydreamer wake me up I'd welcome the interruption My patience is wearing thin On the ebb & flow Yeah, well, I know I'm slow Hot-tempered and legally disturbed I'm realizing"
  • Ha Ha - Melanie Blatt
    "Ha, ha. ha, ha. ever laugh ... ha ha ha ha. ha, ha. ha, ha, ha. ever laugh ... Today I left my mother round my father and my sister. looking for enough to pay the rent and buy my dinner. found it ..."
  • Ha, Ha - Tamyra Gray
    "(T. Gray/ S. Watters/ L. Biancaniello) U don't even know me U don't seem 2 care If my actions are revealing Words my mouth can't find 2 share 'cause in my heart I wanted 2 believe In me and you But"
  • Ha Ha - Tamyra Gray
    "U don't even know me U don't seem 2 care If my actions are revealing Words my mouth can't find 2 share Cuz in my heart I wanted 2 believe In me and you But my mind knew the reality An ill fated dream A"
  • Ha Ha - Mates of State
    "I can't tell what kind of life I've led today All that's known is what's debatable again Oh, I can't see where you are Where is the problem? Squared-off, all bother We're not to blame And I can't"
  • Ha Ha Ha Ha Honey - Brainpool
    "She is standing in the kitchen Cracks a smile she's so bewitching Let the camera run she'll be OK She has got a black and white sweater And her shoes are made of leather She's got the sweetest lashes And"
  • Ha Ha Man - Guided By Voices
    "1, 2, 3, 4 His merchandise is sublime But don't laugh at the Ha Ha man While you were gawking I was talking And squawking with the Ha Ha man So now I think breakfast is the plan Are you coming with"
  • Ha ha wall - Libertines
    "If you get tired of just hanging around Pick up a guitar and spin a web full of sound And then you could be strung out all day With your lovers and clowns But now I find myself hanging around It's been"
  • Ha! Ha! Houdini's Laughing - Rainbirds
    "I used to live close by the river I used to let my heart go with the stream I knew I held the key to any door I held the key to everything and more Once upon a time I took it easy Once upon a time"
  • The ha ha wall - Libertines
    "If you get tired of hanging aroundPick up a guitar and spin a web of soundThen you could be strung out all dayWith your lovers and clownsNow i find myself hanging around..It's been a long war and now we're"
  • Fa Ha - LL Cool J
    ""Don't you knowwwwww, don't you knowwwww.." See this is worldwide baby "That it's wrong.." Germany, Italy.. France, Japan "To take what is given.." Many foreign lands.. Talkin bout {HA!} Queens I'm talkin"
  • I Ha - Peach Weber
    "I stoh mit min Hener a dr Stross. Dr Adrang isch im Momnt no risgross. Aber mini Hener tropfet scho for Freud. Das ein chund und vllig lschtern seid: Gnz mr so nes heisses Ggeli. I isses gard do, packets"
  • Ah Ha - Esham
    "felatio felatio felatio felatio felatio baby it feels so good yo twelve gauge road rage watch me dive right off the stage into the sea of life where you will never age body hemorage street labodomy sodomy cut"
  • Ah Ha - B.G.
    "B.G. Checkmate Ah Ha Ah ha, look You'll never see me hangin' from no tree You would see me hoppin' out a new bentley You'll never catch me broke on my ass You would catch me gettin' head in a jag Won't"
  • Minni-Ha-Cha - Hank Williams
    "WRITERS HANK WILLIAMS, FRED ROSE, BETTIE WESTERGARD, TOMMY COLLINS Minni-ha-cha was the name of the maid That was old Kawliga's gal The customer took far far away But Kawliga's with her now Minni-ha-cha She"
  • Ha Chi Man - Fly To The Sky
    "Yo, ya'll don't know about this right here Ya'll ready to get down? (Uh) Flyhigh, TM, Eastville, Lil'B c'mon English verse I just can't get enough~ Won't you come back my love You're always on my mind,"
  • Vill Ha Dig - Freestyle
    "I. I've been with you boy for years is quite a while getting to sensual is really not my style you know i love you and i like it just like this sometimes i feel like giving you more than just a kiss but"

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