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so i don't know

  • So Don't You Know - Michale Graves
    "so don't you know? there's one less loader hanging by a rope you should have listened so don't you know? i knew that there was something i forgot that i just had to let you know wide awake and dreaming"
  • They Don't Know - So Solid Crew
    "So Solid, ladies and gentleman, I about to resort to violence. Yo, this is a So Solid criminal gangster production, Listen cause you don play games you know trust me, Ha Ha Ha Ha. A yo, Let her know,"
  • I Don't Know - The F-Ups
    "Where do you wanna go to school I don't know Well, do you wanna get a job I don't know What do you wanna be when you grow up I dont know dont know the answers the questions are No, I don't know, I don't"
  • I Don't Know - Pyogenesis
    "(Music & Lyrics: Flo V. Schwarz) Why don't why don't you trust me don't you believe me don't you believe Here comes your fortune the one and only the one who's holy I wish I was Everything you wanna know"
  • I Don't Know - Los Lonely Boys
    "Written by: Henry Garza, JoJo Garza, Ringo Garza Why don't you understand That I want to be the man Who stands by you To hold your hand I do need you baby ''cause I'm going crazy Without you here To"
  • I Don't Know - King's X
    "I can see it's not the ending maybe it's my new beginning 'cause i don't know what i was saying i don't know who is looking in my mirror thought he knew things so much clearer but i don't know what i was"
  • I Don't Know - Carole King
    "I don't know if it's hot in Texas And I don't know if it's cold in Hell I don't know if God is watching I just know that I love you People say, bad man's gonna getcha Trade my shoes for a simple soul Throw"
  • I Don't Know - Honeyz
    "(Noooo.... mmmm) My heart still breaks, can't you understand my tears still fall? My head still aches, each time we talk. (each time we talk) My eyes still see, everything that has been going on. Cos"
  • I Don't Know - Miguel Bose
    "I don't know, What you're trying to do I don't know, What's on your mind? I can see just what's come over you Hey!, little lady Won't you show me a sign? I don't know, What you're trying to do"
  • I don't know - Cibo Matto
    "What's pleasing to the eye In the delusion of my sight Is not what I find when I reach into the light I have lost my mind I'm walking through time Deluded as the next guy Pretending and hoping to find"
  • I Don't Know - Kyle Riabko
    "V1 Last November I was told That love is blind And your heart will not grow old. V2 I hate to tell you I hate to cry But my mouth keeps moving While the tears roll from my eyes. Pre-Chorus Now every"
  • I Don't Know - Bill Withers
    "I get a warm summer feeling walking through the snow Even chilly darkness has the brightest glow And I just love you so, sometimes I just don't know Time just seems to help this wondrous feeling grow Maybe"
  • I Don't Know - Joanne
    "You Got the news today Said I was happy for you So you got to go away And do what you got to do But in my mind I keep asking myself why Why do I have to let you go Why must i say goodbye I'd be smiling"
  • I Don't Know - Sophie Zelmani
    "Are you scared, are you worried too? For how far you and I will go Have you noticed we're part of this town There are divorces and break ups all around I don't know if it feels good to say, we did the"
  • I don't know - Lostprophets
    "Today they asked me, "what do you always seem to find?" But though I could not answer I'd have lost my way And I could tell that this ain't right The morning sunrise seemed to ask me why I tried To find"
  • I Don't Know - Badi
    "CHORUS: i dont know i dont know i dont know man i don't know what'll be on the program I'm tryin my best to act grown man I don't know where she's really wanna to go man I don't know why we think we know"
  • I Don't Know - Punchline
    "You know I don't like sports So why are you playing these games with my head You act like I'm not hurt So explain to me why I'm sitting the bench I'm starting to scare myself Sometimes I don't even know"
  • I Don't Know - Emma Bunton
    "When a guy sees a girl like you he's gotta take control So I'm going for what I want and listen, being bold I think that you should be someone that I can see and well I just gotta say Don't wanna press"
  • I don't know - Mario Winans
    "I know you used to care for me I could tell by the look in your eyes I thought you would be there for me Until the day I die Suddenly I looked around And you were nowhere to be found Ya never even said"
  • I Don't Know - Hanson
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, whoa, whoa Well, I can't take this any longer, no Well, I can't do this anymore Well, I'm not getting any stronger I don't know how to feel this anymore chorus You can't tell me what"

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