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so i killed my sister

  • Sister, Sister - Akinyele
    "(Tanya Howard & Niguay Fa) I'll be your friend Though I love you like my brother I could never be your lover, baby Hook: (Akinyele), (Tanya Howard) Sister, Sister (You're like a brother to me) Sister,"
  • So Sister - The Verve
    "I wrote your name in dust on a truck As it rolled out of town Just in case my love for you might be found I cried my tears in a mountain stream They'll sting you one day I called your name in a giant cave It"
  • Sister - Span
    "Sister Sister I asked for the world to stop, life but the living has blown it up. I give my prayer to you. I cast my face in the deepest mud, I killed our mother with the coldest blood. But still I pray"
  • Sister - No Angels
    "He's a man, he's a wolf And he feels the pain of centuries Tug of war, not to solve, between his heart and mind unfortunately Shut his mouth, long ago, He was too proud and he didn't know It's a fear,"
  • Sister - Trina
    "Not a day goes by that you're not on my mind Never hesitate to come to you when I'm I'm feeling like my world is coming down like rain Just to hear your voice makes it ok 1 - Always let me know that you're"
  • Sister - Sarah Bettens
    "Sister I know there been times When you didn't think I, Was a very good friend Sister you must think I'm out of my mind It's a struggle sometimes to pretend But I know what I'm doing, I know who I am I"
  • Sister - Sister2Sister
    "reswick/werfel/muscat/muscat/muscat she won't get off the phone she won't leave me alone when I'm talking to that guy she can be a real nightmare gets me to do her hair then says it never turns out"
  • Sister - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "It's been coming for months i got something to sayWe're breaking up and there's no easy wayThis siutation i never anticipatedHow was i supposed to know you was related?She's older, she's fitter and her"
  • Sister - Rhymefest
    "(Rhymefest) Yeah, this song right here Is about a lot of different - people, women I know Family members, things we go through, y'know? And, it just means that, sister I understand You can't have trials"
  • Sister - Over The Rhine
    "You say he feels it his face reveals it my sweet trepidation an eagerness of my own a shiver slips through my bones can you see cobblestone roads running through his stare he's so clandestine he's such"
  • Sister - Letters To Cleo
    "When I need a place to get away, When I need a place to hide, That place just seems oh so far away, Couldn't get there if I tried. Me and a young girl chasing mosquitoes, Rolling down them grassy hills. Put"
  • Sister - Jawbreaker
    "Seated by the wing.A little face inside a ring.Plane came in late.Run up the ramp into my arms.My arms.You're a new thirteen.Wide-eyed and nervous just like me.Don't grow too fast.There's a lot of little"
  • Sister - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "I use to get stoned on my sisters record collection Gold and platinum on vinyl was the closest thing to perfection Rock & roll, acoustic guitar Not even comfortable with who you are I'd blow the roof if"
  • Sister sister - Libertines
    "Everyone knows the baby's unhappyAnother day in paradiseIn a world where you never grow oldWarms my bones and melts the iceSo what's wrong with my best friend?If to me her hand was lentIts all bringing"
  • Innocence Killed - Dawn Of Destiny
    "No one will know the pain I feel All of my wounds they never will heal I'm just a child whose youth has been killed I am a slave to nightmares and fear I went to school that day again like any days before"
  • My Sister - Reba McEntire
    "(Roxie Dean/Bonnie Baker/Amy Dalley) Hey girl it's me i just called to tell you hi Call me when you get this Haven't talked lately so hard to find the time Give the boys a big kiss Tell them that I miss"
  • My Sister - Tindersticks
    "Do you remember my sister? How many mistakes did she make with those never blinking eyes? I couldn't work it out. I swear she could read your mind, your life, the depths of your soul at one glance. Maybe"
  • I Killed You - Frameshift
    "Beautiful love what makes it up The pull to end up in your arms Freeway's packed With people so nave As I found out I could be Off the ramp on down the street Stop for nothing I can't wait To feel"
  • Youth Culture Killed My Dog - They Might Be Giants
    "Youth culture (youth culture) Youth culture (youth culture) Youth culture (youth culture) Youth culture (youth culture) Youth culture killed my dog And I don't think it's fair (I don't think it's fair) And"
  • How Gravity Killed My Dreams - Dandy Boy
    "So many views on such a shit issue they all think it matters so what we don't drink tea will you stop listening? they all think it matters I'm tired of having to think before every little thing I do Do"

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