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so long so long so long

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so long so long so long

  • Long So Long - Squirtgun
    "I'm tired of waiting for your sunburn I want more coffee Read sonnets to Chris, an old, old woman on the sly Your fossil-fuled up with camel-lights and ginger snapping ponging dishes washing when you sign"
  • So Long, So Long - Dashboard Confessional
    "(feat. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows) Hand out the window Floatin' on air Just a flip of the wrist I'd be wavin' you goodbye Drive past the lifeguard stand Where I sit around waiting for you to remember As"
  • So Long - Herman Brood
    "Now I was lookin' for love in all the wrong places lookin' for love starin' into black faces Now I was tryin' so hard to find love in every corner of the city lookin' for love all over town Took me so"
  • So Long - Perry Blake
    "Every night and every day Comes a newly hatched decay Nothing ever satisfies Until you lose your appetite So long, so long baby baby So long, so long A feeling that will never die Kept a vigil"
  • So Long - Monoral
    "So easy to say, but how could I let you know? If you only could wait, I'd tell you how things went wrong... Is it the same thing for you So long, so long... I'm always sleeping when it all goes out. So"
  • So Long - Sophie Zelmani
    "I've had my eyes I've had my ears To steal from you For so long For a sake to fill A hole that kills You've made me thrill I've been wandering So long So long, so long Now I burn And when i yearn Everywhile"
  • So Long - The Kinks
    "So long, so long Now I'm on my way So long, so long See you all some day Don't know where I'm heading for Turn my back and walk away Don't think about what's left behind Otherwise Think about"
  • So Long - Virus
    "You got exactly what you wanted As you left your friends behind I'll catch you around- I'll see you later - I say So Long Why bother wasting all my time? To all the people who denied me - So long,"
  • So Long - Die Trying
    "Wake me up 'cause I can't sleep Call me any time you need, you need I put my pain into you I hurt myself through you So, call me anytime you need, you need me As I lie here waiting I try to forget everything"
  • So Long - Athenaeum
    "Was I a fool to ever think That we could be together till the end I was afraid to be alone In touch with my imaginary friend So long so long You put your foot where your mouth belongs For so long so long I"
  • So Long - Rickie Lee Jones
    "(Larsen-Hall) You'll always find what you're after, baby You'll find the sun and laughter So Long My Darling So Long You're alone Can't seem to find you anywhere But I know you're better there So Long My"
  • So Long - Allman Brothers Band, The
    "Allman Brothers Band, The Reach For The Sky So Long By gregg allman and daniel toler (c) 1980 emi blackwood music inc. So long, i hope our paths meet again some day. Oh, but who's to say, who's to say,"
  • So Long - Allman Brothers Band
    "Allman Brothers Band Reach For The Sky So Long by Gregg Allman and Daniel Toler (c) 1980 EMI Blackwood Music Inc. So long, I hope our paths meet again some day. Oh, but who's to say, who's to say, where"
  • So long - Pat Benatar
    "So long, hope we'll meet again one day I'm hopin' maybe then you'll say Darlin' - I was wrong So long, so long, so long Gee, I hate to see you go - umm.. You're really the world to me, you know You, you"
  • So Long - The Allman Brothers Band
    "by Gregg Allman and Daniel Toler (c) 1980 EMI Blackwood Music Inc. So long, I hope our paths meet again some day. Oh, but who's to say, who's to say, where or when? And I'll be hopin' that it'll be real,"
  • So Long - Ruth Brown
    "So long, hope we'll meet again some day. Hope that maybe then you'll say, "Darling, I was wrong." So long, gee, I hate to see you go. You're the world to me you know. You've been mine so long. All alone, with"
  • So long - Mutton Birds
    "Let's cut out the crap and get down to the facts Sharpen your teeth and grind your axe, I may be thick skinned but my bones show thorough And I've got a bone I want to pick with you. Haven't you seen ive"
  • So Long - Melissa Dori Dye
    "i guess i'll go on without you and i'm sorry i couldn't stay and play i am worlds away from reality everything to me is just spinning now how could i say it - i couldn't speak to you play the game reality's"
  • So Long - Ace Troubleshooter
    "So long, farewell Goodbye you crazy Southerner, goodbye Dont cry, turn away Dont change, Ill write And all the other stuff we kinda mean Dont cry, turn away Ill remember you, so long With your super-thumping"
  • So Long - Collide
    "so long why does it take so long what if i wait for you am i the only one so long what did it mean turn around here and see if it breaks in two am i the only one secrets turn your soul out i could always"

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