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so please annoy babe

  • Babe - Caught in the act
    "Caught In The Act Miscellaneous Babe Chorus: You know it's you babe Whenever I get weary and I've had enough Feel like giving up You know it's you babe Giving me the courage and the strength I need Please"
  • Love To Annoy - Julie Doiron
    "I love to be annoyed by you No one else can annoy me like you I love to be held only by you No one else can hold me like you do And I wonder why I was so lucky To find someone nothing like me Still understanding"
  • Please - Lamb
    "It's two in the morning And I'm calling your name Your voice on the line is So far away And my heart reaches out there And finds you gone You walk a path lonely But you're never alone And I'm begging"
  • Oh Babe - Andrew E.
    "Wala akong salitang mahanap sa dictionary At para i-describe ka na parang pictionary Hindi ako visionary para malaman Basta alam ko lang, sa 'yo talaga ako tinamaan Ng husto - isipin mo - parang dart -"
  • Babe - Emigrate
    "You're So pure So sure again Whatever you do We will laugh again I'm (I'm) Like you (Like you) A fool again (A fool again) Whenever I fell I got up again (I got up again) Babe You don't"
  • Babe - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung) Babe, I'm leaving, I must be on my way The time is drawing near My train is going, I see it in your eyes The love, the need, your tears But I'll be lonely without you And I'll need your"
  • Babe - Take That
    "I come to your door to see you again, But where you once stood was an old man instead I asked where you'd be, he said "she's moved, on you see All I have is a number you'd better ask her not me" So I picked"
  • Babe - M2M
    "YEH...BaBe...Ohhh Yehh.. Lets go out together, to check out the world, to look at all the things, you wonder about me. what'd you do without me? will you still think of me? would you still care about"
  • Rock it Babe - Bob Marley
    "Baby, baby, we've got a date (ooh-hoo, ooh-hoo) Oh, baby, baby, don't you be late. Oh, baby! I'll meet you at your house at a quarter to eight. (ooh-hoo, ooh-hoo) Oh, darlin', baby, baby, just you have"
  • So long babe - Nancy Sinatra
    "I know you're leavin' babe, Goodbye, so long. I hope someday somebody Listens to your song. Those bright lights never ever Spell your name it's true. Maybe a change of scene Will be the best for you. So"
  • Please Baby - Colin James
    "Please baby - please please baby Won't you come back to your daddy one more time Please baby - please please baby When I get my money I will give you my last dime When you left me babe, you left me feeling"
  • Penelope Please - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "I'm seventeen and under the illusion A girl like you could end my confusion Penelope please Penelope please My jeans are not Big enough to hold me So come on girl Don't you try and scold me Penelope please Penelope"
  • I've Got You Babe - Lucky Dube
    "I have gone right round the world Trying to find a women A women that' ll understand me (x2) All the women I had before Never understood me Now that I' ve found you baby I ain' t gonna look no further"
  • Please, please, please - Ram Jam
    "Looking in the spot, I know she's coming on to me I can see she's staring and I .. Gonna loose my self-control and on the floor we'll roll Hugging and a kissing, dance until my lovin' is gone Please, please,"
  • Please Please Please - Globe
    "amazing! and welcome event! ... ... so cool smart We are going to VIVA MIRACLE We are going to VIVA MIRACLE ... tonight tonight Please Please Please be just a boy Please"
  • Please please please - Head Automatica
    "(Young Hollywood) You scream out of fiction and you get down on your kneesand tear open your heart so I can love you and your disease.Lick the hand that feeds you and kiss the blade that cutsI want to"
  • Please, Please, Please - James Brown
    "Please, please, please, please me (You don't have to go) Baby please, baby please, please me (You don't have to go) Baby please, baby please don't go (You don't have to go) Don't go, I said baby, don't"
  • Please, Please, Please - The Who
    "Please, please, please, please me (You don't have to go) Baby please, baby please, please me (You don't have to go) Baby please, baby please don't go (You don't have to go) Don't go, I said baby, don't"
  • Please Please Please - Sasha
    "Everybody's talking but I'm out of attention. I can only feel the information passing by. I'm deep inside a bubble and there's noone here to shout me out. The storm inside my head got me tossing and turnin'. Each"
  • Please Please Please - Hi Standard
    "You're the only mirror for me When you comfort me I realize I'm feeling bad You're the only mirror for me When you smile at me I realize I'm feeling alright Please please please, stay here by my side Please"

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