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so we over, is this of end of days, im lost

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so we over, is this of end of days, im lost

  • End Of Days - Seeed
    "Vers 1: taste that taste it tastes delicious baby you can read my wish you are too much food to finish stay right here and eat my dish electric blood and more desire my vains are like a hot wire pumping"
  • End Of Days - Fozzy
    "What happened to all of us? The things we say, our evil ways Who can we, to really trust? Our lies and betrayal, is why we fail Can you believe in love? Lost in this world Can you believe in love? And"
  • End of Days - Vakill
    "My rep defy injury I set the standard of nice so high Once I'm in Heaven, 144,000 are denied entry Can it be candidly Vakill single handedly amputated hip-hop from humanity Til every emcees are Stan fan"
  • End Of All Days - Vanden Plas
    "When a life falls into dust and the paradise is lost There is something to remind us in our head There is something to remember - helping us to understand And the price we have to pay for a life we fade"
  • End Of Our Days - Archive
    "Holding me down I can’t believe I am drowning some how For to my knees I need peace from the sound Sound of deceive in My love of your pain Look through the crowd Searching for something To turn us around Love"
  • End Of Your Days - Evergrey
    "I've tried it all It's gone too far And worst of all Is the promise that I can't keep I have emptied every source I have learned all there is to know To stand by as you wither To watch your spirit drain I"
  • End Over - Halfwayhome
    "My compliments are wearing thin, This competition never seems to end with subtlety, I'll deploy my plea For wondrous scenes of you and me So realize that this disguise will break you inside This is"
  • This Is The End - Story Of The Year
    "yhea, yhea, walking example of you is wate for the silence talking backwards to you it ment nothing to me, whatching the world fall on you, im keeping my eyes closed now i can see what this means to you"
  • Lost - Visions Of Atlantis
    "I remember this moment Years ago there was only you and me... I see her face in my dreams like a star shining all across the sea I remember this moment years ago there was only you and me When I wake"
  • To The End Of Our Days - Alestorm
    "Another day goes by, another setting sun As the light begins to fade Upon this silent ship I now chart a course Yet no wind blows these tattered sails For reasons lost to time, that I cannot recall Alone"
  • End Of All Days - Farmer Boys
    "build a house on sand and watch it sink into the ocean blue build a house of cards and watch the wind blow through play a grown-up game with grown-up names and plastic surgery build a house on sand and"
  • The End Of Days - Gregorian
    "Our vulgar pleasures are laid bare Our gods grow weak and disappear Our vivid nights our silent days Relinquished to a wintery haze The emblems of our toil lie still Abandoned to the misty air The dusty"
  • The End Of Days - Magnitude 9
    "End of days, still remains in question We're living in these times have we known it all along? Could it be, that we never noticed what's right in front of our eyes And all along we've hid within ourselves Don't"
  • End Of All Days - Rage
    "Thinking on my yesterdays, I have failed in many ways, but I won't complain, 'cause I had my share when luck passed by. Then you came into my life and became my biggest pride. I thought the cards had turned"
  • End Of Days - Silent Voices
    "Can you feel it burning up inside? Can you hear the demons screaming in your mind The end is drawing near confront your darkest fears Blood will fall like black rain torment of souls-infernal pain Soon"
  • End Of Fallens - Meadows End
    "What is life? Burning hungers to be heeded at any cost? Does it differ? Surface-time from afterlife? The passage between the two vast lands. Guarded by the Fallens hands. Sublime practised supremacy. Gods"
  • End Of Days - Dropbox
    "Far behind your eyes I see your rage That holds you down There's no better time To burn the sage To turn around All's far in love and war But all i see are black's and grey's My life will measure yours"
  • End Of Days - Bullet For My Valentine
    "We're wasting precious time! The clock is ticking, Can you hear the countdown? With every hour, Give me the power! I need the strength to carry on, On and on! (Pre-Chorus:) No more I care to live When"
  • End Of Days Part 1 - Ministry
    "10. End of Days Part One (Jourgensen / Victor / Raven / Bell, Words: Bell / Jourgensen) Judgment day's upon us and I see no one cares. Lies for death in pools of blood and I'm stoned with fear. A trigger"
  • End - Korn
    "(Mike) Hi thereaah...is it okay if I come over and look at your exhaust manifold on yourdodge dart I got a piece of missing somewhere on mine and I'm not sure whatit is I want to see what you got on yours...Throttle"

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