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so who takes so far

  • So Good So Far - Saga
    "We're on the bus, we're lost again We shot the driver in the head We found ourselves in old San Juan The fire brigade had to cool them down The key won't work, kicked down the door Room numbers right,"
  • So far away - Israel Vibration
    "They took us away, so far away So far away So far away With guns and ships and deadly whips So far away So far away So far away Far...far...far...far away We slaved so hard in the burning sun So far away"
  • So Far Gone - Teenage Fanclub
    "Could you be the one who wants to turn me into something new? Could you be the one, the one who has to make life fun of you So far gone So far gone I'd love to turn you on Could you be the one, you always"
  • So Far Away - Tiffany Alvord
    "Oh we use to talk About everything That we've done And no matter what we would do If I was with you I would have fun But now your so far away And I miss you everyday Cause your so far away And I wanted"
  • Drive So Far - Part Six
    "Chorus: Baby we can make through these hard, hard times, If we get in my car and lets drive gonna drive so far, gonna drive into the deepest sunset, gonna show you something you aint seen yet. Verse"
  • It takes so long - Opus
    "It takes so long to find the way To agree yourself with people, who try to change you every day So many years aou hold it back Your swallow down your anger till you feel it in your neck Its coming up low,"
  • So Far - Sandi Patti
    "So Far, its been so good So far through all the joys and scars, you've won the batttles in my heart, I long for what, you have in store another opened door, should I stay here or look for more. So far,"
  • So far - Perry Como
    "We have nothing to remember so far, so far, So far, we haven't walked by night and shared the light of the star So far, your heart has never fluttered so near, so near That my own heart alone could hear"
  • So Far - MU330
    "It's alright so far come down to the show its alright so far and I want you to know sometimes things can change without an excess needless pain sometimes things can change without the pain impossible to"
  • So Far - ACIDMAN
    "Machi no katasumi ni wasureta oto ga atte HAAMONIKA de kanade tokeru hito ga itari furui gaitou wa tsuki yori yasashikute kimi ga waratteiru ka no you de It's so far Daremo katasumi ni wasureta uta ga"
  • So Far - Buckcherry
    "I'll tell you how the stories told I always wanted so much more And way on down the road I caught a glimpse of the sunlight Working on my favorite thing using every piece of me Drinking, and smoking, and"
  • So Far - Luna Halo
    "So far your hands are left wanting You fall down In search of your calling Your fascinations led To these myths inside your head Infatuations dead You turn around instead And try to understand the things"
  • So Far - Chris Garneau
    "Like the touch of my mother's hand on my head I'll miss you, too when I go to bed We've ruined all the new pots And the metal in the egg crate cots But we haven't missed A good day of television yet so"
  • So far - Sofa
    "1. You and I have always tried to treat each other right. Always true, never blue - I've got no clue why you're tellin' me that you wanna stop thinkin' about me just for a while. I can't get you out of"
  • So Far - Superheroes
    "You only wanted to dance with me 'cause you're lone again But I heard you whispering things that I want forget Suddently we kissed and we were spinning around I feel for you and when I look into your eyes I"
  • So far - Survivor
    "You only want to dance with me,coz youre alone again, (alone again)But I heard you whisperin things,That I wont forget,Suddenly were kissing,We were spinnin around,Feel that you,But then I look in to your"
  • Jimi (Takes So Much Time) - Martha Wainwright
    "Sometimes I feel like there is no one no one at all that life is a myth and I won't be missed when I'm gone But they say that you are no one no one at all without the people who know and love you around And"
  • The Story So Far - Flogging Molly
    "You always had what you wanted so leave it behind and if the glass isn't broken then the futures not blind all that you know means nothing to you but its the loss of control shatters the truth Here's"
  • So Far To Go - Mustard Plug
    "The other day, walking home, in my sight, caught the hate, turn away, Can't deny Written on the wall. And I thought to myself what could change how'd it start who are they how can I make 'em take a fall So"
  • So Close And Yet So Far - Agent Orange
    "let me remind you all again that there is never any room for any doubt i feel it in my heart, i shout it out and if i decide to change my ways it's not because i've found the latest craze it's just"

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