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so why so why

  • So Why So Sad - Manic Street Preachers
    "Things get clear when I feel free When whatever next comes easily When gentle hands give life to me When your eyes fill with tiny tears When I'm this still you are my life (When I'm this still you are"
  • Why So Lonely - Skeeter Davis
    "Why so lonely why is my world in such a spin Now he's gone and yet I guess I still love him Why so lonely why all this misery I knew it couldn't last he never belong to me If I'd been smart I would have"
  • Why So Lonely - Eric Mantel
    "Lonely days lonely nights here I sit by candle light, oh so lonely. As the seasons pass you by will you ever wonder why, why so lonely. And I know a place that is far away close your eyes and you're there."
  • Why So Close - James
    "Why so close Big boys in black hats Cowboys with white guns White guns shoot blue white Blue white baptism No buffaloes No Indians No more buffaloes Red sky is falling Blue blood no stalling White heat"
  • Why So Serious - Alice Merton
    "when did we forget all the crazy things that made us feel so part of it? our youth, so confidnt we played our heartstrings not caring if it ends try to learn to let go off all those things that tie you"
  • Why So Lonely - The 3rd And The Mortal
    "Why so lonely Here you may rest Lay your head down at my chest Darkened days brighten No more to frighten Will you be mine Until the end of time Why so lonely I'll give you shelter Comfort you, carry"
  • Why So Blue - Paul McCartney
    "Staring from a cardboard castle Down and out One of life's young students Finds out what it's all about Paper flutters Angry taxi drivers shout From the pages of a paper Candles shine On a perfect table Laid"
  • Why, Why, Why - Billy Currington
    "I've been your lover, I've been your friend I've been your faithful one-woman man I've been your diamond in the rough Now you say you wanna polish me up Why, why, why do you wanna change me now? Ain't"
  • Why, Why, Why? - Foxy Brown
    "Hook 1: Why, why, why, why? I'ma in love, I'ma love with this man. Why, why, why, why? I'm in love, I'm in love... 1st Verse: PIMPIN'! Don't you get enough pussy at home? Tell me. What really make this"
  • Why - Dani
    "Why.? Why do you do this to me? Why do you do this to you? Tell me why and all my problems will go away Why does the world go round? Why do cats go meow? Why are boys so violent? Why is why a question?"
  • Why - Daniel Spaleniak
    "why the stars falling right now why are you sitting here al lthe time? why eventually everything else why do you act so broken? why the sky is so bright? why do you waste another day? why do you"
  • Why - Carly Simon
    "Ladidadida Ladidadida Ladidadida Ladidadida Why does your love hurt so much? Why? Why does you love hurt so much? Don't know why You know I loved you baby But all the while you just betrayed"
  • Why - Beatles
    "Beatles Miscellaneous Why =============== Beatles - Why =============== (Sheridan/Crompton) Lead Vocal: ??? Doo-n' doo-n' doo Doo-n' doo-n' doo Doo-n' doo-n' doo doo ooh Why, why can't you love me again? Why,"
  • Why - The Beatles
    "Doo-n' doo-n' doo Doo-n' doo-n' doo Doo-n' doo-n' doo doo ooh Why, why can't you love me again? Why, why are you shamed of love? If you only knew how much I love you Why can't you love me again? Why, why"
  • Why? - Infectious Grooves
    "Why? Why does it have? Have to be...this way When? When will I know? What I should...and why I didn't Why? Why. Does it keep coming back? Back Straight in my face. Face. Yet I can't see it. How? How."
  • Why - Natasha Thomas
    "Ladidadida 4x Why does your love hurt so much? Why? Why does your love hurt so much? Don't know why You know I loved you baby but all the while you just betrayed me in the ? of a ? all the things that"
  • Why - Sam Nicosia
    "Beautiful Girl Eyes like a fantasy There is nothing else I'd rather look at and see Beautiful Girl The body like a dream Coming true There is nothing else like You So that's why I ask Why Do you love"
  • Why - Sweet Savage
    "????????? In the middle Sing a song going down On the other side of town Tonight Hmm, tonight ????????? In the middle I can't help believing Everything's gonna be All right Now that you're leaving All"
  • Why - Sonique
    "Ooh-oooh Ooh-oooh Why? Why are you messin' it up for me? Why? Why are you not happy for me? Remember the times we talked alone I was ... we were never bored I miss the times you held my hand Now it's"
  • Why? - Ashley Ballard
    "Ashley Ballard Get In The Booth Why? Promises meant the world to me When they were plans of what our love would bring I couldn't wait for the time to see Your promises became reality But then one day things"

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