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so win love win you bad never yuo wont to

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so win love win you bad never yuo wont to

  • Win - David Bowie
    "Me, I hope that I'm crazy I feel you driving and you're only the wheel Slow down, let someone love you Ohh, I've never touched you since I started to feel If there's nothing to hide me Then you've never"
  • Lose to Win - Fantasia
    "Never felt so ugly, pretending that he loves me Sometimes it’s just that money, never had to afford me Now I’m sick and tired of you, just taken right off Know when I forgive you You ain’t here for dinner Like"
  • Win - RAMP
    "Can you see it in this way Life is just a long day In the journey of ourselves But there's so much we can do To believe in and make true And all depends on you So you, so you keep on dreaming by yourself Cause: Where"
  • Win - Brian McKnight
    "Dark is the night I can weather the storm Never say die I've been down this road before I'll never quit I'll never lay down See I promised myself that I'd never let me down Chorus: So I'll never give"
  • I Can't Win - Chris Brown
    "Tell me what did I do To make you hate me so much Why you angry all the time? Why don't you wanna ride for me? Girl, we used to make love When you called, I would follow Now the only thing you love is"
  • Win Your Heart - Ryan Pugal
    "Don't wanna wish On another star, I'm happy how we use to be, Remember baby you and me, And I don't wanna fall in love again That's not the way it suppose to be Baby why you leaving me And I've been"
  • Nothin' to win - Angel City
    "Hanging out in the streets `till the early day Love's cold as death or so the shadows say Sometimes it seems like another put-up game Of all their secret ties, lovers don't share their pain Young girls"
  • You Might Win - Kem
    "In the end There can be only laughter After the dance Lies a whole new chapter So never wait too long to try Cause you might You might win Love is all that we're after Though we pretend There's much more"
  • You Can't Win - Murray McLauchlan
    "When the good times come at last It's only when the bad times rest Someday they're going to lay you down Even though you did your best All the heroes of the wars Forgotten in the rain Old soldiers and"
  • You Win Again - C-block
    "There's so fight, you can't fight this battle of love with me, you win again so little time we do nothing but compete There's no life on earth no other could see me through, you win again some never"
  • In It To Win It - All Saints
    "hey Somebodys givin' me grief I'm having one of those days Somethin' that i just dont need Today Things just aint goin' ma way Nuthin' is workin' for me Oh boy im feelin the strain (Bridge) So now"
  • Cowards Never Win - Waterdeep
    "written by Don Chaffer on 11/21/96 at 23:41 The first day of class, they call out your name and you have to reply even if you're shy. And if you choose to pretend you didn't hear They'd think that you"
  • Quitters Never Win - Much The Same
    "I've waited long enough and I've been putting it all off It's time I got myself going again I've made enough excuses to last 'til the end of time I've got to move forward with my plans I tell myself that"
  • You Win, I Win, We Lose - CeCe Peniston
    "CeCe Peniston Miscellaneous You Win, I Win, We Lose I need a love to meet me half the way The kind of love that will always stay Together, forever with you Seems like something's in the air, but we can't"
  • Win Her - Good Morning Milo
    "Close up, let me set the scene. Illusions and insanity, exactly what this game needs. Bet's placed on the blonde, 2 to 1 you'll pull it off. But, is this how we find true love? Too good, fed up with guys"
  • I Win - Abra Moore
    "OK I win, you've finally lost me. Your letting me go, I'm walking away. No fight no fight still falling apart I can't get you out of my heart All right all right I lied about loving A man that I love,"
  • So Much To Win - The Shipyard
    "There’s got to be a way Got to save myself With no under to interfere I cut through this flash To clear the blood And rinse my hands in stratosphere With power angry looks And black tongue in my mouth I"
  • Play 2 Win - Screwed Up Click
    "(*talking*) Whoa yeah, block bleeder music nigga S.U.C. nigga, Straight Wreckin part 2 nigga Fat Rat with Da Cheeze, hey (Lil' O) Now I'm riding on the Interstate, rolling with some heavyweight On my"
  • Win Or Lose - Foo Fighters
    "I'm hangin around, I not puttin down the state I'm in I've never been proud, And now I'm allowed to shed my skin I'm driving away, I know if I stay I'll sit and spin. Imagine the day, I'm drowing that"
  • Win Us Over - Asg
    "Didn't think you'd ever get so far It was down in georgia in the back of your car Did they ever get a name You left him dead in the rain You had a crooked smile Im sorry i helped with the miles Couldn't"

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