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social network

  • Network - God Forbid
    "Prey to your god So sinister and yet so commonplace Subconscious network The Erie light you worship so readily Peer in your eyes and in your mind. So sinister and yet so commonplace Subconscious network So"
  • Cartoon Network - Rover
    "Ten świat przypomina mi Cartoon Network Co różni ludzi Topniejące rysy trosk i liczba miejsc po przecinku gdy płacisz za croissant i sok Dzieli nas kartonowy płot i pies z papieru Kubek z kawą z brystolu,"
  • Underground Network - Anti-Flag
    "1, 2, 3, 4 GO! The national media cover Clinton/Lewinsky While the world's governments sell out millions on the issue of free trade But somewhere in the night - a force is not asleep And a massive"
  • Network News - Robert Plant
    "Guns, death and noise Sand, oil and blood Frontiers drawn on paper No consideration made for The poor creature who is living By the grace of God just giving He's live on network news Live on network news Flags,"
  • Private network - Rockets
    "My life is a videoAs I can recall all the things I knowI've got visions I my eyesNobody blinds meA picture never lieAnd no place nowhere you can slideI got your details recorded in my mindAnd now I'll"
  • Network nightmare - U.D.O.
    "You're gonna drown out While you're within the net A megatronic murder Upon the world wide web My mind is 'read all memory Your access is denied A massive infestation Infected RAM inside I smile - while"
  • Cartoon Network - Evanescence
    "I'm Robbie's sister...I guess that's plain to see.When we watch cartoon's cartoon's...I'm happy as can beI think samurai Jack's coolAnd Dexter's laboratoryI miss watching powerpuffI miss watching TVWell,"
  • The Network - Upstate Escape
    "Welcome to thrills, Politics and pills Youre running like a gerbil Round the Ivy League wheel You loved it until You got stuck with the bill I know just how you feel So don me now a three-piece suit Enter"
  • Cartoon Network - Cappadonna
    "Ooh Ahh push em up high [5x] Now I was jus walkin through cartoon land When all of a sudden I ran into Sponge Bob Square Pants He was chillin wit the Power Puff Girls and Spiderman Drivin down Sesame"
  • Social - Squirtgun
    "A skeleton in a suit and tie Tells us what we ought to buy A bag of coke and a nuclear heart Support your conscience that's a start If you win the game, some have to lose The fun part is that you can't"
  • My Cartoon Network - Amy Lee
    "Hi I'm Robbies sister I guess that's plain to see When we watch cartoon, cartoons I'm happy as can bee I think Samurai Jack's cool And Dexter's Laboratory I miss watching Power Puff I miss watching TV Well,"
  • Multinational Murderers Network - Nasum
    "A broken promise Unmeasureable strength Those feeble lies Spread an awful fucking stench A juicy profit and millions lying dead An attempt to conceal the stench of putrid decay A profit made from"
  • Social Reason - Undead
    "(Steele, Street) Did you see that face On the cover of the Village Voice? How'd it get there? Who made the choice? There's a social reason For who goes far A social reason For who's a star See that person At"
  • Social Life - Iggy Pop
    "Nervous you need a drink tired you need a lift you feel on the brink maybe you need new tits vulnerable as a ship but you re not on the sea can you talk to anyone here? no, not really and the crowd stays"
  • Social Contender - Dead Moon
    "Logically appraise the situation Sizing-up the ones who'll do you good Realize it's not merely position That gets you to the top that's understood (chorus) You can't live with yourself So live off someone"
  • Social Drugs - Lauryn Hill
    "These social drugs Messing with my mind These social drugs Telling me im fine These social drugs Messing with my head These social drugs They want me dead Afraid to address All the reality before me Too"
  • Social Orphan - Saga
    "Somewhere someone's standing by The same game plan, the same aging fantasies Spruces up the small talk and the smile It's no wonder, he's under The pressure of pride once again (He) calls himself a social"
  • Anti-Social - Skrewdriver
    "I don't like papers, reading books Gettin' sick, think it sucks I don't wanna listen to another word I'm so bleedin' bored Chorus: I'm an-ti-social An-ti-social An-ti-social I hate the world I don't"
  • Social enemies - Orgy
    "Social weapons that misspretend them to savecowards, bastards to shamecondemned social slaveshere to save the freaks again you thinkand i bet you always willhere to save the freaks again you thinkhere,"
  • Social Disease - S.T.U.N.
    "she called the line at 5 code generation spies can you get me out alive? i'm about to take a nose dive into a social disease who's weird is it you or me? mommy lost her head in nine to five (daddy where'd"

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