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solage locked
  • Pacewon Locked
    "Uh-huh.. yo, uh-huh Yo I got it locked like the mob on my block The local rap star that the fine women watch My sister used to say that I shoulda been a cop 'til I pulled up in the fully tinted drop Until"
  • Keith Richards Locked Away
    "She swears, that I'm the only one What about yesterday, yeah Oh! I'd like to believe Somehow I still suspect Locked away She ought to be locked away She ought to be locked away My mind is racing"
  • Judas Priest Locked in
    "I can't stand the way you move it You drive me crazy with that walk You get me so excited I tremble and I shake When you make the moves you make You've got the key The key to my heart Go ahead and use"
  • Scanner Locked Out
    "It's so serious They destroyed all of us All my comrades they have gone I'll endure the pain This hate I cannot tame Sole survivor alone in space I was changed to kill the enemy But they launched me into"
  • Jackyl Locked & Loaded
    "(J.J. Dupree, B. Johnson) Whatcha gonna do when the sun don't shine And the moon don't come up right on time Whatcha gonna do when the storm won't break And the whip don't crack And the earth won't quake Whatcha"
  • Firehose Locked-In
    "locked-in to a dream step by step crawling but static unchanged unchanged locked into emotion finely tuned aching to escape harmful, harmless unfounded unfounded locked-in to this world sinking in deeper,"
  • Akon Locked Up
    "Im steady tryna find a motive, Why do what I do?, Freedom aint gettin no closer, No matter how far I go, My car is stolen, no registration, Cops patrolin, and now they done stop me, And I get locked up, "
  • Yngwie Malmsteen Locked & Loaded
    "You're a hypocrite. What you say and do are not the same. Now you're to blame. And you're paranoid. To live will cost you. But to die is free. Oh yes, indeed. You've got a head full of lead. Yeah that's"
  • Fear Of God Locked Away
    "Did things he shouldn't have done But now he really regrets Walls around him, he knows he's never gonna leave this room 'til he's f**king dead So he's the fool he's gotta pay For the faults in our society No"
  • Jerry Cantrell Locked On
    "Everything you heard I did and maybe then some ok Does it make you happy and now is it out of the way? Everything you heard I done and probably then some ok Does it really matter of course I took it all"
  • Crowded House Locked Out
    "(neil finn) I been locked out I been locked in But I always seem to come back again When you're in that room What do you do I know that I will have you in the end And the clouds they are crying on you And"
  • Eowyn Locked Away
    "Verse 1: Look past all I've been before I'm longing, pleading for so much more. Do you see me on this cliff afraid? Waiting, praying, come and take away the pain? Chorus: Locked away in these chains"
  • The Gathering Locked away
    "No sense at all do what you want for I will hunt you Untill you will be Locked away just so what you'll be scred of me Behind my power I will hide all my fears Right now you are punished for absolutely"
  • C-Murder Locked Up
    "Sittin here in the belly of the beast (belly of the beast) C-Murder (Momma grieve for your baby)*in the background repeated Trapped in crime behind bars (T-R-U) I'm locked up, ain't no love They won't"
  • Steel Prophet Locked Out
    "Somehow I got locked on the outside I'm trying to get back in Can someone help me unlock the door And welcome me back inside Holding out for the answer Seems like an eternity Mysteries of the darkness Concealed"
  • Psychotic Waltz Locked Down
    "locked down, locked it tight you better wrap it tight around, you better lock it by midnight look down you better hit the ground you're gonna shake it and move it 'till the world is just a big round city look"
  • N.E.R.D. Locked away
    "Changed your mind I made you live a lover's life Changed your mind about all guys No kiss at the end of the night But if you will with me When I'm sure that you can see So when I ask you, "How you think"
  • Graham Coxon Locked doors
    "Locked doors, rose redLocked doors, half deadI see your face so clean in my spaceAnd I want to believe that I hold the key to meLocked doors, releaseLocked doors, my peaceLet me retrieve, help me never"
  • Reef Locked Inside
    "We talked about tripping on the way home back in my car The things we've been missing The things that have happened so far Time passes by We talked about tripping on the way home back in my car I"
  • Complete Control Locked In
    "If my words were suited to kill Would their uniforms shock world And its a long line This can't be real(We are the ones,we are the ones) An ice age locked in steel These words are all thats left to say So"

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