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solage locked in closer

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solage locked in closer

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solage locked in closer
  • Lady GaGa Paparazzi
    "We are the crowd We're c-coming out Got my flash on it's true Need that picture of you It's so magical We'd be so fantastical Leather and jeans Your watch glamorous Not sure what it means But this photo"
  • SVRCINA Catch the Light
    "I can almost taste it Beautifully contagious Feel my heartbeat racing / racing Stepping in the cadence Of the lover's language All the rest is fading CHORUS I wanna catch the light Let it burn"
  • Viki Gabor ME!
    "I know that I'm a handful, baby, uh I know I never think before I jump And you're the kind of guy the ladies want (And there's a lot of cool chicks out there) I know that I went psycho on the phone I never"
  • Amaranthe Archangel
    "We brood in a land that is struck by disease A visage so vivid I see, but it's just so unreal I mourn for the fallen demons Leviathan carries my will Confounded, yet I am immortal The ultimate torment"
  • Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock
    "The warden threw a party in the county jail. The prison band was there and they began to wail. The band was jumpin' and the joint began to swing. You should've heard those knocked out jailbirds sing. Let's"
  • Paul Anka Diana
    "I'm so young and you're so old This, my darling I've been told I don't care just what they say 'Cause forever I will pray You and I will be as free As the birds up in the trees Oh, please, stay by me,"
  • 9Tendo & Mr. President Coco Jambo (2020 Remix)
    "Ayyayaya Coco Jambo ayyayai Ayyayaya Coco Jambo ayyayai Put me up,put me down Put my feedback on the ground Put me up,take my heart And make me happy Put me up,put me down Put my feedback on the grown Put"
  • Paweł Piotrowski - organy Pan zstąpił z nieba
    "1. Pan zstąpił z nieba pod postacią chleba; * choć skryty, bez świty, lecz prawy Bóg. * Cichy, bez chwały, daje nam się cały. Ref: Padnijmy na kolana, uczcijmy z niebios Pana, * z miłością, z czułością"
  • Paweł Piotrowski - organy Jam jest chleb życia
    "1. Jam jest chleb życia Ten, kto przychodzi nie będzie łaknął. Kto we mnie wierzy nigdy pragnąć nie będzie. Nikt nie może przyjść do mnie, Jeśli go nie pociągnie Ojciec. Ref. A ja go wskrzeszę /3x W"
  • Paweł Piotrowski - organy O święta uczto
    "1. O Święta Uczto! Tu swoim Ciałem * karmi nas Chrystus, napawa Krwią. * W sercu człowieka biednym i małym, * jasności Bóstwa ukryte są. * Skąd mam to szczęście niewysłowione, * że Bóg pokarmem dla nas"
  • Paweł Piotrowski - organy Pójdźcie błogosławić Pana
    "1. Pójdźcie błogosławić Pana, Wszystka ziemio, niebo całe. W jeden dźwięk pieśń nasza zlana Niechaj śpiewa Panu chwałę. Ref. Bóg najświętszy, Bóg miłości, W Sakramencie utajony, Teraz, zawsze i w wieczności Niechaj"
  • Heino Westerwaldlied
    "I. Heute wollen wir marschier'n, Einen neuen Marsch probier'n. In den schönen Westerwald, Ja da pfeift der Wind so kalt. In den schönen Westerwald, Ja da pfeift der Wind so kalt. O du schöner Westerwald, über"
  • Heino Rosamunde
    "Ich bin schon Tagen verliebt in Rosamunda Ich denke jede Stunde sie muss es erfahren Seh ich ihre Lippen mit dem frohen Lachen Möchte ich alles machen um sie mal zu küssen Aber heut bestimmt geh ich zu"
  • Heino Bier Bier Bier
    "Das Wirtshaus „Zum goldenen Sterne" sah einsam und verlassen aus Die Turmuhr schlug zwölf in der Ferne des Wirtes Tochter war allein zu Haus' Sie hockte zitternd hinterm Fenster und blickte ängstlich"
  • Leaves' Eyes Chain Of The Golden Horn
    "Running to the galeids Of the Væringjar Tonight we will escape from Miklagard Rowing fast Rowing strong Into Sjåvidarsund We are leaving the great city We served - we were fighting for for years Taken"
  • The Cranberries No Need To Argue
    "There's no need to argue anymore I gave all I could But it left me so sore And the thing that makes me mad Is the one thing that I had I knew, I knew, I'd lose you You'll always be special to me And I"
  • Napalm Death Amoral
    "When our emotions summon ghosts They scratch the wound and feed the host The past, the lies are all revealed The layers of guilt can never heal Trauma seeks a vengeful heart To pluck the truth out from"
  • Miley Cyrus Heart of Glass
    "Once I had a love and it was a gas Soon turned out had a heart of glass Seemed like the real thing, only to find mucho' mistrust Love's gone behind Once I had a love and it was divine Soon found out I"
  • Dami Im Paper Dragon
    "Colour me in s scribble me out tear me up Throw me out Colour me in s scribble me out tear me up up up into tiny pieces you say i am nonsense figure me out analyse me scratch me out start again figure"
  • Monika Morka At Last
    "At last My love has come along My lonely days are over And life is like a song Oh yeah yeah At last The skies above are blue My heart was wrapped up in clover The night I looked at you I found a dream,"

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