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solage locked in closer

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solage locked in closer
  • Demi Lovato Commander In Chief
    "Were you ever taught when you were young If you mess with yhings selfishly They’re bound to come undone? I am not the only one That’s neem affected and resented every story you’ve spun And i am a luckyone Cause"
  • Elvis Presley In The Ghetto
    "As the snow flies On a cold and gray Chicago mornin' A poor little baby child is born In the ghetto And his mama cries 'cause if there's one thing that she don't need it's another hungry mouth to feed In"
  • Woodkid In Your Likeness
    "Washed in thick black haze We’re not unfaling, i see I can’t fix this mad desire And i feel your love expire I know i am not made in your likeness You’re not made for my darkness I know i am not made"
  • Tory Lanez In The Air
    "That’s where you niggas got it fucked and twisted They ain’t scared about just a regular black man in America Yeah, they fear that nigga too But they fear the independent man They fear the nigga who goes"
  • Wojciech Lechończak In My Bones
    "Yes i made a lot of mistakes Guess i ve been in my won way But i gotta do what it takes now Got me feelin’ liek i missed my time Got me feelin like i am lost I’ll be facin’ all my demons now I got my"
  • AC/DC Shot in The Dark
    "A Shot in the Dark Make it feel alright A Shot in the Dark Run through teh whole night A Shot in the Dark --- 1 grudnia w social mediach AC/DC udostępnione zostało video, zawierające fragment niepublikowanego"
  • Fleetwood Mac Tango in the night
    "Listen to the wind on the water Listen to the waves upon the shore Try to sleep, sleep won't come Just as I begin to fade Then I remember When the moon was full and bright I would take you in the darkness"
  • Lily Collins I Believe (In Love)
    "I believe (x12) in love, love. I believe (x12) in love, love, love, love, love. When you can?t see the forest or the trees, for all the colors of your dreams, just turn to friends their help transcends"
  • Walk in Darkness On The Road To Babylon
    "Before the last leaves fall Leave the crowd behind you And, when we’re alone, watch me You won't get any answers Along the roads of the world, Only my body can make you a God Come near, Don’t look around"
  • The Outfield All The Love In The World
    "I can't believe the things that happen to me I guess that I should have seen a long, long time ago Letters you write don't help me get through the night So, I'll just turn out the light and sleep here"

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