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  • Solar Overlord - Legion Of The Damned
    "Solar overlord Warrior priest of the sun Pillar of the ancient order God and beast as one Solar overlord Spawn of the invincible sun Spartan discipline Imposed on the militant monks Solar overlord Warrior"
  • Solar Sister - Bad Astronaut
    "I'll call you sister Carrie but I'll never say it Mute it to a whisper And spin your solar sister And magnet will deliver An arrow from her quiver I'll call you sister Carrie but you'll never hear"
  • Solar Journey - Fall Of Empyrean
    "I stand alone now In this ruined world Desolation was caused By futile wars For those who fought Are all dead and gone Though constant battle Has made me so very strong As I take a look around At this"
  • Solar Wills - Angel Corpse
    "Vielfour fiery Four corners race- stretch infinity Cataclysms celebrate A whirling soul ablaze with spirited gleam A silence made sullen by the lightning's voice Four armed comet scrapes a spiritless earth Scream"
  • Are Solar - Neurosonic
    "Swim in my blood, Poison my veins, Break me down, Leave nothing unchanged. Never gonna slip from this kung fu grip Just when I think I got a tight hold Something inside gonna bury me alive Face down,"
  • Latex Solar Beef - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (guitar, dialog) Mark Volman (lead vocals, dialog) Howard Kaylan (lead vocals, dialog) Ian Underwood (woodwinds, keyboards, vocals) Aynsley Dunbar (drums) Jim Pons (bass, vocals, dialog) Bob"
  • Solar Powered Buttermilk - Nuts Can Surf
    "sittin' on your canned ham yellin' 'bout the rent drawin' on the wall with a sock fulla lint. cemented in bar room easy as a sleeze, graduating flatulating rolling on his knees. soaped up dishwash talking"
  • Solar Musick Suite - Steve Hillage
    "The sun sings that he wants you all to know What dawns behind our lunarsea For since our very words were commandeered We've explored the infinite circuitry. To try and find a scheme that gave us form It"
  • Solar - Neglected Fields
    "When day is gone the night is dusk Grotesquely dark, hostilely ancient Territories in obscurity. The utter darkness descends Something wild possesses the Earth Where hunger guides ensomnia-makers ...Add"
  • Solar - Nascimento Milton
    "(Milton Nascimento/Fernando Brant) Participao especial: Gal Costa Venho do sol a vida inteira no sol sou filho da terra do sol hoje escuro o meu futuro luz e calor De um novo mundo eu sou e o mundo novo"
  • GŁOŚNO JAK STU (feat. Solar) - Kamil Lanek
    "Detronizacja To jest niemożliwe Lanek to na zawsze klasyk tak jak Jurek Killer Mobilizacja Słowa obraźliwe mogą na mnie rzucać, ale w ch*ju mam i idę Wku*wia inflacja Nie boje się jej Rosnę dużo szybciej,"
  • Beto Navalha - Martinho Da Vila
    "Beto Navalha, sujeito malvado Muito respeitado Aonde morava L na Matriz a vida por um triz Vida que eu falo fora de expresso Pois no se vive direito Com ódio no peito e armas na mo E entra ano e sai ano E"
  • Beto II - Fair To Midland
    "Reach. go on. Hands don't match, Go and find the bars that make us hunger, Maybe with knots and uniforms, And if i may add, Well i've got a big gun, And i know just who i'm gonna use it on, Maybe it'll"
  • C'est pas que tu sois bete - Salvatore Adamo
    "On l'appelait Jojo la caresse il n'y a pas de a bien longtemps Il tait joie, douceur et tendresse il tait plus naf qu'un enfant Un jour il rencontre une fille il en attrapa le bguin fou C'tait une garce"
  • Solar/Lunar - Universal Hall Pass
    "Can't you make this thing move faster? I'm trying to save us all from something disastrous And when I'm safe and out of danger I'll send a message from my spaceship Andromeda Nearing objective Everything's"
  • Solar System - The Beach Boys
    "What do the planets mean? And have you ever seen Sunrise in the morn? It shined when you were born. Saturn has rings all around it I searched the sky and I found it Solar system Brings us wisdom Then there's"
  • Solar confinement - Bruce Dickinson
    "Trapped inside a web of fiery gravity that fuels all our needs chaotic energy that sucks the life from H to He all life withers in the sun I deny what I have done spend my days and nights in roaring halls"
  • Solar Serpent - Conception
    "a fading photo on a wooden shelf sneering in your face unlike the memory of the little boy from what you call "the good old days" the bitter taste of fall the smell of wet concrete walls and still you"
  • Solar Power - LORDE
    "I hate the winter Can’t stand the cold I tend to cancel all the plans so sorry, I can’t make it But when the heat comes Something takes a hold Can I kick it? Yeah, I can My cheeks"
  • Solar Wings - Iron Savior
    "Do you believe in the god with a twisted eye Do you believe in hell and what's below Facing the man with the blade and an evil smile The innocence of madness seems to grow And now you stand and stare"

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