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soldiers of fortun

  • Soldiers' Fortune - Liege Lord
    "In vain it's come down, the sin of selfish gain It's dropped a binding sheet of action to the brain With untamed violence, we move for powers lair Black magic's practice full in spirit and in prayer I"
  • Soldiers - Out of Eden
    "I see you watching me Yeah you know I'm on it See how I'm living You know I'm too strong All they throw at me I'm not fallin for it They think I'm alone They've got it all wrong Everybody on the left"
  • Soldiers - Bee Gees
    "I memorize, I walk in line carry my sacrifice for the sake of the millions All night you be the light on the water You be the pride and the sorrow Shower your love to me there Summer died before the rain Unify"
  • Soldiers - Drowning Pool
    "On your feet, who's with me On your feet, who's with me Right One world, made better, aim straight, heart center, there is no compromise, your pain your worth your sacrifice On your feet, who's with"
  • Soldiers - Abba
    "Do I hear what I think I'm hearing? Do I see the signs I think I see? Or is this just a fantasy? Is it true that the beast is waking Stirring in his restless sleep tonight In the pale moonlight In the"
  • Soldiers - Girlyman
    "At the embassy in Saigon Burning papers on the lawn Our great escape was grand Sleight of hand and we got away The soldiers fight today Far away In a land far away In Panama we checked our notes Children"
  • Soldiers - C-Murder
    "this goes out to all my thug niggas and bitches out there (soldiers) At ease, solute, C-MURDER all the motherfuckin' riders out there representin' its motherfuckin' no limit up bout it bout it rowdy rowdy"
  • Soldiers - Stack Bundles
    "Sk Sk Sk Sk Sk Sqaaaaad Up! Gee Stack Bundles Farrock America I'm representing for the gangsta's all across the world The same soldiers you relyin' on Will be da soldiers that you cryin on See I'm a gee"
  • Soldiers - James Taylor
    "It was just after sunrise and down by the sea, down on the sand flats where nothing will grow, come drumming and footsteps like out of a dream Where the golden green waters come in. Just nine lucky soldiers"
  • Soldiers - Steel Pulse
    "Dutallee! Dutallee! Dutallee! Dutallee! And when soldiers came Them say them come to make us tame And from that day until now on We were jeered and laughed to scorn Things used to be ire (before the soldiers"
  • Soldiers - Long Beach Dub Allstars
    "Soldiers love a battle and a sailor loves a sea to each his own desire but to rule is unto me something happen around the back 'cause them police like to fight to each his own desire but to rule is"
  • Soldiers - You Am I
    "Around the corner every morning just to see you get across, The civic fathers divide us up into cats and dogs, The seargent major of the neighbourhood is weighing up the cost, The senior transit lane, While"
  • A Soldiers Tale - Cryonic Temple
    "Tell me the promise of Fortune and Fame Tell me how come it ends all the same Tell me the story of young and the old While we bleed, to death, this morning so cold Cowards that hide in the Shadows of"
  • Fortune - Die Happy
    "here I am talking 'bout discoveries emptyness, how silly everything can be my words are strong my acts are weak the truth is different I wanted all now I am standing here, don't give a damn I am lost"
  • Fortune - Dead Can Dance
    "From ancient times to the present day There have been those who have claimed her as a lover. So driven by the will to move up Have pursued her to the very ends of the earth She enters into it enters into"
  • Fortune - Emma Pollock
    "There is fortune in my name Currency in letters If this life is just a game I'll try to play it better We all started just the same The hopeful and the hopeless On the streets we made our name Our confidence,"
  • Fortune - Ken Hensley
    "Although now it seems like never When we were even less together I appeared to have my back to the wall And the way things were going There was no way of knowing If I was having any luck at all Silently,"
  • Fortune - Trespassers William
    "( Unreleased ) I stopped listening to fortunes When i realized they never come true Stopped believing what i do Ever will unlock what i want to Some things never happen Haven't seen water burn My"
  • Soldiers Of Darkness - Sunz Of Man
    "Attention, Soldiers! Kill every one of them! Ha ha! Another fuckin' live-ass track from the Temple of Shaolin! What, nigga? Word up. Yeah! Keep it real. Killah Priest, you know what I'm sayin'?"
  • Fortune And Gold - The Go Set
    "Eight months on a stormy sea, this is the tale of a mutiny Of a merchant and soldiers, of treasure and gold Of a captain and crew, whose loyalty sold A plan is forged, and the mission is bold A murderous"

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