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  • Eli - Caribou
    "when she opens her eyes she says she feels better now she's falling apart and it's all in her mind and soon she opens your letter when she tries who knows what she will find when she opens her eyes she"
  • Eli - Arlo Guthrie
    "words and music by Arlo Guthrie Gonna sit right here and sing myself a tune That I wrote one afternoon After everyone had gone And I know that this won't mean a lot to you You've got better things to"
  • Deep elem blues - Grateful Dead
    "If You Go Down To Deep Elem Put Your Money In Your ShoesThe Women In Deep Elem They Give You The Deep Elem BluesOh, sweet Mama, Your Daddy's Got Them Deep Elem BluesOnce I Had A Girlfriend, She Meant The"
  • Ela Disse Adeus - Os Paralamas Do Sucesso
    "Ela disse adeus (Now the deed is done As you blink she is gone Let her get on with life Let her have some fun) Ela disse adeus, e chorou Ja sem nenhum sinal de amor Ela se vestiu, e se olhou Sem luxo"
  • Deep Elem Blues - The Grateful Dead
    "If You Go Down To Deep Ellem Put Your Money In Your Shoes The Women In Deep Ellem They Give You The Deep Ellem Blues Oh, sweet Mama, Your Daddy's Got Them Deep Ellem Blues Once I Had A Girlfriend, She"
  • Eli, The Barrow Boy - The Decemberists
    "Eli, the barrow boy Of the old town Sells coal and marigolds And he cries out All down the day Below the tamaracks He is crying: Corn cobs and candle wax for the buying!" All down the day Would I could"
  • Els L - Vidres A La Sang
    "De la prolfica contuma dels teus congneres vens, per una vida que penses gallard que et deu tres o quatre bns ms dels que tens. Des de l'homognia i l'egosime de la nostra condició, la humana com no, et"
  • Pantalons Curts I Els Genolls Pelats - Els Pets
    "Ungles brutes i un munt de repls Enfilant-se a un arbre ple de prssecs vermells, Desprs a la bassa tots nuets Vigilant la roba i que no arribi el pags! I a lhora de berenar Pa amb vi i sucre o un tros"
  • Tots Els Paisatges S - Vidres A La Sang
    "Es des de la foscor i la deseperana d'aquests dies que anhelo i somio les forces que ara em manquen. Per veure'm en el mirall d'aquells que semblem posseidors de tot all que condueix a la terra de camins"
  • Els Segadors (The Reapers) - A Sound of Thunder
    "Now is the time reapers You can see our vengeance is nigh So when June comes again Sharpen your blades Raise them high Raise up your scythes (raise up) Reap the glory of the land And the enemy"
  • She - Suede
    "She, walking like a killer, She, another night another pillow. Nowhere places, nowhere faces, no one wants to see, No education, it's the arse of the nation, She is bad, she is bored, she is bony, she"
  • She - Louie Says
    "Bend and I'll break you Leave and I'll take you back again So bend and I'll break you Leave and I'll take you back again If she bends, then she breaks She loves you but then she takes it away She bends"
  • She - Moe.
    "She came, she came cool blues and a pocketful of pouring rain She came, she came She comes, she comes into the room like the morning sun just coming on She comes, she comes She breathes, she breathes warm"
  • She - Laura Mvula
    "She walked to watch you with the head down low She wanna drift as a way out of the blue Who's gonna take her home this time She knew that this time wouldn't be the last time Oh, oh, oh, oh There she waits"
  • She - Snapcase
    "she walks out with empty arms, machine gun in her hand she id good and she is bad no one understands she walked in and silenece never spoke a word, shes got a rich daddy shes her daddys girl, he love naked"
  • She - Misfits
    "She walked out with empty arms Machine gun in her hand She is good and she is bad No one understands She walked in, in silence never spoke a word She's got a rich daddy She's her daddy's girl She"
  • She - Dickies
    "she, she told me that she loved me and then she fed me dirt she, she said she'd never hurt me and then she made me hurt why am i standing here missing her and wishing she was near she only did me wrong i'm"
  • She - Parsons Gram
    "she, she came from the land of the cotton land that was nearly forgotten by everyone and she, she worked and she slaved so hard a big old field was her back yard in the delta sun ooh, but she sure could"
  • She - That Dog
    "She is given such pain. She is faced with the evil strain. She is given no choice. She conquers and can't rejoice. I see the picture of her standing on the street. Her coat is white and her hair, black. I"
  • She - Diary Of Dreams
    "She has the silence deep in her breasts embrace She wears a perfume of a truly vicious taste She has the wisdom in her empathic eyes She knows the truth to all unspoken lies She says she'd sell her angel"

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