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some bady to love de

  • Bady Talk - Baccara
    "Baccara Miscellaneous Bady Talk I like him (i like him) I'd give him something i could love him (oooh love him) But why is he so shy (uuuummm) Maybe i should tell him, tell him, tell him I know your secret You're"
  • Some People - Belouis Some
    "Some people dance cheek to cheek Some people dance Life was so simple then, a kind of playtime You made it easy then, we had a great time I try not to talk too fast Like you do whenyou fall in love But"
  • Some Kinda Love - The Velvet Underground
    "Some kinds of love Marguerita told Tom Between thought and expression lies a lifetime Situations arise because of the weather and no kinds of love are better than others Some kinds of love Marguerita"
  • Bad Love - Cher
    "(From the movie "Foxes") Looking for some bad love in the night, Feeling such a hot street I could find, Need to have some bad, bad love to make it right. I used to be a good girl, but no more, I'm ready,"
  • Bad Love - Tom Jones
    "I've known bad women I've had bad wine I've had nights filled with bad dreams Tasted bad food and bad water And I've read about bad rain Yeahh, I only know of one thing With an ironclad guarantee 'Cause"
  • Bad, Bad, Bad - Kool Moe Dee
    "[ verse 1 ] Since the day I was born I was on a mission Never played out of position or wishin or missin I came out kissin, was no spankin the backside Just lots of lady nurses waitin for black eyes I"
  • Some Love - Chaka Khan
    "(Chaka Khan, Mark Stevens, Traude Sapik, and Keith Boyd, Jr.) Some love You know it brings me down down down Some love You know it brings me down down down They say that love is heaven sent Well I"
  • Do Some Good - Sizzla
    "Some ah dem jus nah wah,dem nah wah do nutten Well listen... Better be on yuh Ps and Qs If not for l,my friend,then yuh zooze This one ah go lick yuh like news Can't fit,get out my shoes No-one can"
  • Some Of Your Love - The Beach Boys
    "Some some some of your love (won't you give me some) Some of your love Some some some of your love (dip de doody doo ah ah) You gotta see my favorite little acrobat She really got her every little move"
  • Some Of Your Love - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Keepin' The Summer Alive Some Of Your Love Some some some of your love (won't you give me some) Some of your love Some some some of your love (dip de doody doo ah ah) You gotta see my favorite"
  • Some Nights - Fun.
    "Some nights, I stay up cashing in my bad luck Some nights, I call it a draw Some nights, I wish that my lips could build a castle Some nights, I wish they'd just fall off But I still wake up, I still"
  • I Need Some Good News Bad - Bobby Bare
    "Sorrow comes like a thief in the night and leaves me cold and sad Lord please Lord send a word from her cause I need some good news bad Why did she take her love from me when she was all I had I feel a"
  • Some Kind Of Love Song - Freak Kitchen
    "This is some kind of love song I can't find the words, I was born wrong Girl, I've been trying for so long This is some kind of love song I'd like to kiss you, but I'm much too shy My lips ain't working,"
  • I Stole Some Love - Don Covay
    "I'm the overtime man, girls Where his love stop Mine begin, oh I'm the overtime man And I don't mind puttin' the hours in All you dudes, I'm warnin' you You better see your old lady All the way through Stop"
  • Want To Buy Some Illusions - Marianne Faithfull
    "Want to buy some illusions Slightly used, second-hand? They were lovely illusions, Reaching high, built on sand. They had a touch of paradise, A spell you can't explain, For in this crazy paradise You"
  • Some Veggies Went To Sea - VeggieTales
    "From Episode 5--Dave and The Giant Pickle Narrator: "One day while talking with Dr. Archibald, Larry confronts one of his deepest fears ..." Larry: "If my lips ever left my mouth, packed a bag and headed"
  • Bad Girl - Beenie Man
    "Well mi gal dem look hot in a, hot in a, hot in a, hot in a clothes Good in a, good in a, good a good when she pose Hot in a, hot in a, hot in a, hot in a clothes Good in a, good in a, good a good when"
  • Spare Some Love - Renaissance
    "Shadows darkness, follows quiet shadows You walk beside a shadow Strangers, people passing constant strangers You walk beside a stranger Spare some love Why won't you spare some love? Share your love Why"
  • Some Tunes To Fly - Tuatha De Danann
    "Walking through the forest waiting for the twilight again Sitting on my friend's Lix-Lix my dear tree So she came from the sky her wings were like gold It shines on me - What a beautiful lady oh! Her name"
  • Some kinda love - Rick Astley
    "They set the wheels in motion Adam and EveThe beginning of romanceHe was a lonely man I do believeSo he thought he'd take a chanceI know just how he was feelingHe'd been advised not to fallBut when his"

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