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  • Gimmie Some Good Times - Lou Reed
    "Hey, if that ain't the rock'n'roll animal himself, what you doing bro. (Standing on the corner) Well, I can see that, what you got in your hand (Suitcase in my hand) No, shit, what's this (Jack is in his"
  • Some Of These Times - Raised Fist
    "As I walk through memories And at the end of these I've burned a lot of pain to see you within Deep powdered my skin and it's ( burning ) And I wanna break through to you Try to speak to you ( and I"
  • Two Times - Ann Lee
    "Ann Lee Miscellaneous Two Times Some many mind Watching gonna do Easy gone Come the way you go I never find When I'm looking for Easy gone Darling gimme more... Two times Three times Two times Three times,"
  • Good Times - Edie Brickell
    "You don't even have to try It comes easy for you The way you move is so appealing It could make me cry Go out driving with my friends In Bobby's big old beat up car I'm with a lot of people then I wonder"
  • 2 Times - Ann Lee
    "Some many mind Watching gonna do Easy gone Come the way you go I never find When I'm looking for Easy gone Darling gimme more... Two times Three times Two times Three times, eh! So don't your"
  • Hard Times - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) Hard times is about to get me Hard times, they hurt my hands Hard times, it took my woman Hard times lead her to a richer man Caught in the middle of some fool's advice If you work real hard,"
  • Hard times - Machine Head
    "Hard times are comin your wayYou're gonna have to rise above it some dayOrganize your life and figure it outOr you'll go under without a doubtHard times! Hard times!Seems I'm bein forced into a moldHard"
  • Hard Times - Paramore
    "All that I want Is to wake up fine Tell me that I’m alright That I ain’t gona die All tahat I want Is a hole in the ground You can tell me when it’s alright For me to come out Hard Times Gonna make you"
  • Times Changed - Roger Daltrey
    "(Gerard McMahon,Roger Daltrey) 1992 Geffen Again Music/Bac Mac Music, BMI. Everybody knows That times changed Times changed Some boys look older And the young ones smile in jest Lads born to be the"
  • 31 Times - Jonas Brothers
    "I got your message from the phone I knock on the door so loud, That you, could hear so loud, As you, stop now Think harder then read the start, That made this change so fast Finish what is done Get"
  • Hard Times - Kingmaker
    "Under the sun the light may shine for all Dean took off on a nations duty call was back in December in a wooden body box He took his family with him, the memories can't be stopped These are Hard Times Under"
  • Troubled Times - Screaming Trees
    "Lay it to rest You know my word ain't the best It's just another question of faith That I must take Till it's laid to waste Laid to waste I stood and I watched you weep Until I'm gone you're sure to cry"
  • Several times - Pinnawela
    "Several times Several times he said I love you However u looks Whatever u cook Wherever u is Im coming to you Whenever u call Its never too far Never too late The time never rests And I hate to wait If"
  • Times Forgotten - Mark Lind
    "Do you remember those days when time was all that we had? Oh my god, what I'd do for some of that now I'd sit on the roof top and drink back some booze You times forgotten, I love you Just because I haven't"
  • Hard Times - Kiss
    "Well, I recall days in the city And I think back, "Oh what a pity" Rememberin' how it wasn't pretty Every day life in the city Out in the street we had to take it With friends around, couldn't it What"
  • High Times - Jamiroquai
    "You don't need your name in bright lights You're a rock star And some tin foil with a glass pipe Is your guitar - now yes it is Little Angela Suffers delusions From these high times She's been cleaning"
  • Good times - Fat Joe
    "Yea, What's happenin'? Bone Thugs~n~Harmony Fat Joe, Terror Squad, Mo' Thugs, the Good Times nigga, we on top of the world Chorus (2x): Good times, good times We could take some stress off our chest"
  • 1,000 Times - Tahiti 80
    "Just because you'll always be Miles ahead of me I don't see why I shouldn't try To catch up with you Cause in my mind a 1,000 times or more I've been there before There's nothing I can see That will stop"
  • High Times - Elliott Smith
    "Coma kid Tell me how you come to follow you around where ever you go Said I don't go, where I'm supposed go And I don't go, really anywhere you know Told me how hes driven by a curse, 'til he kicked out"
  • Hard Times - Chris LeDoux
    "The ole man stand by the lone chute, he sold his calves today. He spits in the dust between his boots, as the semi pulls away. The slick blue check in his grimy hands, shoves down in his coat. It won't"

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