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some way one day

  • Some Day One Day - Queen
    "(May) You never heard my song before the music was too loud But now i think you hear me well for now we both know how No star can light our way in this cloud of dark and fear But some day, one day... Funny"
  • Some Day - Blackfield
    "When you were a boy You had no place inside your parents' world You were falling like the leaves From an old and dying tree You went to school But the teachers made you feel a fool While the children"
  • Some How Some Way - Jay-Z
    "(Please believe that) Some how some way We gotta make it up out the hood some day Some how some way We gotta make it up out this life Some how some way We gotta make it up out this life Some way we gotta"
  • Some Sweet Day - Sandy Denny
    "Some sweet day, some sweet day I'm gonna hold you like I want to I'm gonna kiss you like I want to I'm gonna love you like I need to Some sweet day Some sweet day you will say That you have started dreaming"
  • Some Other Day - Bad Vocabulary
    "When I come to school every morning, I know the kids will laugh at me Just because I'm different it's hard for them to see. I wish I could take homeschooling so I not a wicked flogging. If I'm ever treated"
  • Some Day - Brolle Jr
    "Time is tight My heart I burning like a lantern light Lost at sea The water's rising and the hours fly Some day I thought love would come my way Someone Would pick me up and ease the pain You came (my"
  • Some Day - Fatal Flowers
    "he was gonna make it, though things were kinda slow but it was bound to happen, everybody told him so now he walks the streets of Amsterdam, looking for a buck and hell tell you even Jesus Christ one day"
  • Some day - Shinedown
    "Someday, when I'm olderAnd they never know my nameSomehow, if I'm honestI can never feel ashamedMaybe I was wrong toHold you up so highNow I know I've lost youTo the feelings I kept insideI don't know"
  • One Way - Bloodhound Gang
    "Jimmy Pop's Not Pooper Not A Pauper But A Popper And I Got More Pop Than Orville Redenbacher I Gots More Gravy Than The Whole Gravy Train When I'm Kooky Going Loopy Like A Man Insane I Won't Be Around"
  • One Day - Alana Davis
    "Looking to the sky, wishing for a sun Lowering the high before the trip's begun Passing time acting blind Taking the easy way out Every day you spend wasting away You don't care what life's about But"
  • One Day - Eric Clapton
    "One day I believe One day I can see Baby Out in the country, maybe down by the sea Will I wake up one morning and find that I've been set free One day One day Some day I can't say how Some day But I don't"
  • One Day - Nik Kershaw
    "It's a funny old world You can laugh in a funny old world Slip and sliding, duck and diving Open wide and let it in On a road some place Live your life on a road some place Pack your dreams and a needle"
  • One Day - Keyshia Cole
    "I won't worry too much baby, On whether love will show up baby. I won't give him all my tears, I won't show him all my fears, I'm okay. I believe that someday He will come my way. 'Cause I done let my"
  • One Day - Syleena Johnson
    "I'm not the one to wish bad things On someone who's done me wrong I like to think I can forgive and move on But I've seen it time and time again You lose a good thing then you want it back again But it's"
  • Give them some way - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "Well den a nuff ghetto youths Dat got no place to goLive night and day roamingIn the ghettoMost ghetto youthsAint' got a place of their ownGive dem some place So they can call there homeAnd then most politicianTelling"
  • One Day - Fabolous
    "It's easy to look at my life and don't see no pain I remember takin 3, 4 trains to re cocaine Standing in the lobby during sleet, snow, rain Waiting for fiends with a pint of beef lomain Breaking day on"
  • One day - TQ
    "The Game What you make of it Is what you can take from it Understand? Whatever your hustle is Get it on my nigger Even if it's wrong my nigger You heard I heard a story About 23 years old And I heard it"
  • Day One - Killarmy
    "(Intro: 9th Prince (P.R. Terrorist)) (Eh-yo 9th, you sent that CREAM for me son?) No doubt, it's on its way (Starvin in here man) Yeah, I know, son, hold ya head God (Act like they're tryin to get me,"
  • One More Day Goes By - Some By Sea
    "Can you play that song again? I've memorized the hurt that's in his voice. So, repitition stinging words of loss, the jaded tones of lover's deeds gone wrong. If I could stay awake I'd probably shed"
  • One Way Or Another - One Direction
    "One way or another I’m gonna find ya I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha One way or another I’m gonna win ya I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha One way or another I’m gonna see ya I’m gonna meetcha"

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