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someday we will meet and now

  • We Will Meet Again - Journey
    "(Schon / Augeri / Tribble) Was it the words she said or was it all in the way In which the lady said them? Her eyes that spoke to me were sending my heart A thought so deep I can't forget them I guess"
  • We Shall Meet Someday - Carl Smith
    "Have our hearts ache with grieve as we say goodbye we shall meet someday Where no sorrow or tears ever dim the eyes we shall meet someday We shall meet where no storm clouds gather we shall meet someday By"
  • We Shall Meet Someday - The Stanley Brothers
    "We shall meet (we shall meet) where no storm clouds gather We shall meet (we shall meet) someday By the river of life sparkling cool and clear We shall meet someday How our heart aches with grief when"
  • When Will We Meet Again - Chenelle
    "I'm tryna remember what you said to me The first time you walked pass my way I'm tryna remember the smile on your face But now said you cannot the replace But now... I can feel ya, I can touch ya, This"
  • When Will We Meet Again - Che'Nelle
    "I'm tryna remember what you said to me The first time you walked pass my way I'm tryna remember the smile on your face But now said you cannot the replace But now... I can feel ya, I can touch ya, This"
  • Someday - Arlo Guthrie
    "words and music by Arlo Guthrie Someday l'll be there with you When you're there I'll be there too If you only knew I will be with you Someday we will meet again When we meet I'll see you then If you"
  • Someday - Sandi Patti
    "Someday, when this night is over And the star has faded And the angels fly I will look at You with wonder Dreaming of this first night When I heard You cry Someday, You'll take Your tiny fingers And"
  • Someday - Embrace
    "Someday, you're gonna see the way I see things Break out the box they keep you sealed in Someday, you find the real thing Someday, you're gonna feel the isolation 'Cause no one wants you with them Someday,"
  • Someday - Automatic Loveletter
    "If this is what Ive been hoping for, I'll play it on the safe side till I get you, I will get you, I am sure-- As sure as this song will end. I will hold your hand in mine: An echoed endless trend. So"
  • Someday - Cord
    "uh oh he dropped another one, but this has all been pre-inspired As we gather around our living rooms hoping this will soon retire And now I'm feeling like a son of a bitch on Monday Friday I'm just sitting"
  • Someday - David Gates
    "Love me Forget about tomorrow now and love me There's time enough to borrow from another day So just for now Let's touch and do the things that drive my cares away Hold me Forget the world outside tonight"
  • Someday - Nickelback
    "How the hell did we wind up like this? Why weren't we able, to see the signs that we missed And try turn the tables I wish you'd unclench your fists, and unpack your suitcase Lately there's been too much"
  • Someday - EverEve
    "Across the sea, across the waves - foaming waves of time Bound to these earthly shores we are lost - surrender to our fate... our fate Waiting for some changing TIDE - deep inside Will we remain forever"
  • Someday - Alcazar
    "Now there's a rumor around the world That every man, woman, boy, and girl He and she, you and me, we will all be so free I know together we'll work it out We're gonna vote for liberty For every color,"
  • Someday - The Strokes
    "In many ways they'll miss the good old days Someday, someday Yeah it hurts to say but I want you to stay Sometimes, sometimes When we was young oh man did we have fun Always, always Promises they break"
  • Someday - Somehow Hollow
    "i wish you knew how much i longed for you, i wish on every shooting star that i could have you in my arms someday, but i need to know, i need to see if you ever will love me. i want to see your eyes right"
  • Someday - Michael Learns To Rock
    "In my search for freedom And peace of mind I left the memories behind Wanna start a new life But it seems to be rather absurd When I know the truth Is that I always think of you Chorus : Someday, someway Together"
  • Someday - Kirk Franklin
    "verse1 I hear you calling me saying my child hold on and I feel you touchin me remindin me to be strong though I must admit it's hard for me to see through this hurt and pain but in your arm I know"
  • Someday, Someday - Thirsty Merc
    "So we've already established the fact that things are gonna be different in the future baby. And you've reiterated the fact that you don't want to get into something that's just gonna have to end later. Now"
  • Someday - Joy Enriquez
    "Verse 1 : Baby, baby, baby, I love you That's why it doesn't make sense to me Baby, baby, babe, I adore you That's all that really matters to me B - section : So go ahead and walk out that door Just"

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