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something happens break my heart

  • Something Happens - John Hiatt
    "I get jumpy Wanna step on the gas Drive right out of this place fast She says, "Red light I'll take those keys" Out of my mind and On my knees CHORUS: Something happens And I don't know why I"
  • Break My Heart - Common
    "Common - Break My Heart Oo..we you break my heart, but I'll be there beside you (she said "don't break my heart") Oo..we you break my heart, but I'll be there beside you (she said "don't break my"
  • Gently Break My Heart - Linda Eder
    "Theres something in your eyes i should have seen something there that doesnt quite belong and theres something in the way you touched my hand i feel the tenderness but somethings wrong How could i have"
  • Break My Heart Tonight - Reckless Kelly
    "Well I got empty bottles and legal papers wrinkled up all over the floor My pen won't write and my guitar doesn't have a song in it anymore Well I can write another love song, yeah, but first you got to"
  • Break My Little Heart - Jazmine Sullivan
    "If you could read my mind You'd know I'm for real this time I been made a fool so much Til' I'm scared to fall in love Please don't be a fool like the rest Give me a hundred percent Show me that the others"
  • You Gonna Break My Heart - Doro Pesch
    "Free as the breeze You do as you please And it's driving me crazy But no, I don't mind Somehow you're my kind You intrigue and amaze me I should turn around Walk out right now But I guess I'll stay Cause"
  • Heart Break Insomnia - Yellow 5
    "i'll put my life on the line along with place and time just to save the ones who said they could who gave it their all just to live for the next day im not crazy im just blinded by you all night im starring in"
  • Something wonderful happens in summer - Frank Sinatra
    "Something wonderful happens in summerWhen the sky is a heavenly blueYou fall in love - you fall in loveWith someone who loves you tooSomething wonderful happens in summerWhen the moon makes you feel all"
  • Something Happens - Kurt Carr
    "CHORUS Jesus Something special Supernatural about your name Jesus Something happens when i mention your name Demons have to flee when I say Jesus (Jesus) Sickness has to heal when I say Jesus (Jesus) Every"
  • Happens Everytime - Dream Street
    "Can you hear the music playing? Can you feel the rhythm swaying? This is this sound of dreams come true And I can promise you that You are the one and only And I'm the lost and lonely We are the perfect"
  • What Happens? - Tiger Army
    "You're walking in the night - you walk alone The shadows whisper your name... A stranger beckons you, like none you've seen You can't ignore his request as he whispers, "Come to me..." I want to show"
  • Break My Heart - Dechant Anne E
    "Lover walk an extra mile for me Lover stand out in the rain Throw a rock up at my bedroom window To reconcile is worth the shame Break my heart. Break it down again Break my heart and let me build it up"
  • Happens Again - Papa Roach
    "My words are weapons In which I murder you with Please dont be scared Please do not turn your head We are the future the 21st century Dyslexic, glue sniffing cyber sluts With homicidal minds and handguns We"
  • Break My Heart - Shakespear's Sister
    "With your new shoes and your black moods You really break my heart With your world acclaim and your family name You really break my heart Wrapped up warm in yourself tonight You wonder why things"
  • Break My Heart - Blue
    "You break my heart, you break my heart You break my heart, you break my heart heart You break my heart, you break my heart You break my heart, you break my heart heart I know we’re not together I know"
  • Break My Heart - Hilary Duff
    "Someone always gets their hearts stomped to the ground This is what I see every time I look around I never thought that this would happen to me I never thought I'd end up this way And now that you're"
  • Break My Heart - Spectacular!
    "You got the buzz Wrapped around my finger Such a sweet heart breaker Your the game I want To be the player Oh you can do whatever you want It's alright with me Why don't you break my heart Make it hurt"
  • Break My Heart - Baby Animals
    "Wave if you want me to notice you Stop if you have someone else It could be a good thing Might be a bad thing But you can't put your arms around a memory Break my, break my heart I wish, ooh, I wish you"
  • Break My Heart - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) I hit the bottle I hit the high Blue is my colour Dark is my night Now she has left me I'm doing time In this prison of a heart Where I've fallen apart and cried"
  • Break My Heart - ATB
    "I can check out any time I like Nothing hurts like brave tomorrows At the end of your line Close the door and hide the phone Nip the bud and still the branches That youre leaving behind I should have"

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