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sometimes i feel make me feel

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sometimes i feel make me feel

  • Make Me Feel - Amanda Perez
    "Yeah, oh you make me feel. You make me feel good inside. You look into my eyes. I always try to hide my tears, but you always see my cries, always see my cries. Just one kiss on my lips and this love I"
  • Make Me Feel - Ilani
    "Sometimes it’s like you wanna break it down But you keep it quiet And I can’t hear a sound Everybody’s rushing, tell me what you want Don’t give up the fight Come into my life So come closer, and make"
  • Make Me Feel - Ill Nino
    "You make me feel so unreal I want to live, understand In our lies and not to fear The ones you say RIGHT Your overrated on a system But you keep insisting That even way back then, you should have"
  • Feel - Polopop
    "Sometimes when I listen carefully I hear my thoughts screaming Trying to get free Sometimes when I think aout you and me I wonder what I should be saying Oh I can feel.. I can feel my emotions bursting"
  • Feel - Mari
    "Feels like I spent all this time talking to walls Feels like I gotta let go of the way it was before Are your really there? Are you made of stone? Am I talking to someone or am I here all alone Are you"
  • Feel - Halo
    "And so you lay me down, sleep until the dawn beneath the evening now I know I'll be alone its feels so warm No-one can touch us, no-one understands I want to be with you tonight I always find you make"
  • Feel - Selah Sue
    "You never show you love No matter what I do You keeping up your guard You locked to heart … /2x You wanna stay on shore And never ride the wave But if you take the dive You know that you relief, yeah! But"
  • Feel - Stereophonics
    "Here it comes again Like the first time again I can't sleep I watch the rain But I'm happy again How can this be Why did this feeling Creep on up on me? I can't be sure You never can But the signs I know Where"
  • Feel - Reveille
    "Everyday people are preyed upon Some fight, some fold, others play along But now it's not another story off the evening news Not just a stastic the warnings use Seventeen years and a dose of reality"
  • Make Me Feel - Boya Chile
    "you Make Me Feel like a star you Make Me Feel I just go for you you Make Me Feel like you’re essential you Make Me Feel I just say: I do! we stay together we stay together you Make Me Feel like a star you"
  • Make me feel - Benassi Bros
    "Youre gonna be my man you know it babe youre gonna be my friend oh babe so darling take my hand dont leave me waiting dont wanna lose my friend no no no no babe why dont you understand and you say maybe?"
  • Make Me Feel - John Mellencamp
    "This ain't no make believe I ain't foolin around this time You can believe what you want to believe It's a sin the way we've wasted our time Make me feel like I wanna feel Baby tear this pain from my"
  • (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired - Steve Winwood
    "Sometimes I feel so uninspired Sometimes I feel like giving up Sometimes I feel so very tired Sometimes I feel like I've had enough Sometimes you feel like you've been hired Sometimes you feel like you've"
  • (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired - Traffic
    "(Winwood/Capaldi) Sometimes I feel so uninspired Sometimes I feel like giving up Sometimes I feel so very tired Sometimes I feel like I've had enough Sometimes you feel like you've been hired Sometimes"
  • Sometimes I Feel Like Elvis - Wynonna Judd
    "Lyrics by: Derek George / Neil Thrasher / Bryan White What I am supposed to do with this house, and these cars All this so called success the good Lord's given me I'd gladly give it all away right now, Just"
  • Make It Feel Better - Pam Tillis
    "You are a stranger, a stranger to me One more face without a history I've been so lonely, so lonely too long That tonight all my inhibitions are gone And you got no lines that I haven't heard Anyway, a"
  • Sometimes - Bob Seger
    "Sometimes I move in chains But I never feel the pain I wish I could explain Sometimes Sometimes It goes so fast I try to make some moment last I watch it slipping past Sometimes I get this infernal"
  • Sometimes - Bowling For Soup
    "you've got me under your thumb sometimes i feel so dumb you put a smile on my face but only sometimes you make me weak in the knees i think its cute when you sneeze i think your shoes are so cool sometimes you"
  • Sometimes - Jasmine Guy
    "some people i know don't understand sometimes it's hard to forgive sometimes i wish i was a butterfly some unknowen reason it's confussing if my life keeps on changing in the end i wouldn't know what"
  • Sometimes - Blink-182
    "Oh, how I wish that they would last Moments of peace that just slip through me so fast Just when I think that they are gonna stay Everything inside me just starts fading away Sometimes it seems like"

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