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sometimes i lost

  • Sometimes - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    "Sometimes I fear to wake Sometimes I fear the next day Ill humour seems to crush me Agonising pain stronger than the ideal? Sometimes I fear that nobody stands up Sometimes I fear that nobody defends"
  • Sometimes - Ash
    "Can't sleep in the city, you're far away Cigarettes keep me skinny And my mind off the rain Oh sometimes, sometimes Oh sometimes, sometimes Feelings are distant, and I know guilt by name It was the hardest"
  • Sometimes - DMX
    "Sometimes I wonder what life's about Sometimes I wonder why the lights are out Sometimes I wonder why I like to shout Sometimes I wonder, what the lies are about Sometimes I see things I shouldn't have"
  • Sometimes - Wersja De Lux
    "Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel bad It's one of things I don't understand x2 Sometimes I love you, sometimes I don't I don't know what's going on Sometimes I wanna go, sometimes"
  • Sometimes - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "I'll always have myself ??? ??? Sitting on the stair Which way to find someone Look around the city Lookin' for my picture I lost my money and my wallet at the ??? Oh Mr. can you find Miss did"
  • Sometimes - Emma Bunton
    "Sometimes I'm happy Sometimes I'm sad Sometimes I'm lonely Sometimes I'm glad But as long as I have you I will always love you For as long as I have your love I can see good and I can see fun Free from"
  • Sometimes - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "Sometimes when I am lonely And I need some love and care Sometimes I feel I only Have to call and you'll be there Sometimes I wake up in the morning With my hair down in my eyes Sometimes I can look at"
  • Sometimes - Ringo Starr
  • Sometimes - Joey Tempest
    "sometimes I no longer think I have to leave this town alive sometimes I get over the feeling that Im living underground youre always just in time cause when Im feeling lost a little means a lot when"
  • Sometimes - Nicole C. Mullen
    "Sometimes, sometimes I'm just Runnin' so fast that i can't touch the ground I'm spinning faster than an merry go round I find myself in the lost and found And sometimes, sometimes I'm just Callin' your"
  • Sometimes - Accidental Superhero
    "i got your message it screamed aloud your dancing and your singing gave it a shroud we all may have laughed as they dragged us down now all the clear is mundane with a broken, crooked crown sometimes i"
  • Sometimes - Nine Days
    "Shadows they fall on the stage of your own life Trailing behind footsteps There's comfort in ghosts who are no longer with you Hiding behind your death I let you down you've lost your taste I'm losing"
  • Sometimes - Kodaline
    "I’m not looking for an answer I just hope these words will help whoever’s listening is someone cares to listen in I’ve been up and down in life sure every day is a chance to fight for forever wrestling trying"
  • Sometimes - Cassie
    "VERSE 1 Lately... I wish I could know the thoughts in your mind 'Cause lately... Feels as though you only want me sometimes B-SECTION My insecurity Is takin' over me I need to know where we stand Is this"
  • Sometimes - No Doubt
    "Sometimes sunshine Does not want to shine on me And sometimes I find myself blind At first I cannot see and then I see it's me I chose a road when I was young In search of fun temptation won And all my"
  • Sometimes - M2M
    "The rain's pooring down And you wish you could find A deep whole in the grown Aunt red knocks on your door And it feels like you're crawling all over the floor And your boyfriend says "Did you wake up"
  • Sometimes - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Ill always have myself Sitting on the stairWhich way to find someoneLook around the cityLookin for my pictureI lost my money and my wallet at the Oh mr. can you findMiss did you see meStrange things ?"
  • Sometimes - Ronan Keating
    "I woke this morning, shoes untied shower's bust, radio lied, car won't start, it's cold outside, somedays are like that. Got the bus that never came, walked to work, lost my job, and you don't love me"
  • I Get Lost Sometimes - Mr. Mister
    "Sometimes I roam the night, I come home in the morning light I guess sometimes I get carried away You know me really good, I don't do what you think I should But somehow you know it's gonna be okay I"
  • Sometimes i - Gil
    "Sometimes I don't like myself and it's making me sad. Sometimes I don't want to go to where we first met. Sometimes I don't want to remember all the things we've done. Sometimes when I do that I get this"

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