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  • Son Of The Moon (Act Ii) - Varathron
    "The memories shift fast Into the labyrinth of your mind As you have forgotten the past Oh! Son of the sky and the moon Look upon the beauty of the red sky Through the cyclones of hate When the ruins long"
  • Moon & Sun Part Ii: North's Son - Amorphis
    "Go, look at the moon And inspect the sun! Now they are in the sky Right in their old places Hail, moon, for gleeming Fair one for showing your face Dear sun for dawning And daylight for coming up! Dear"
  • Brightest Son - Blacklisted
    "Those traditions Those ambitions They are yours They are not mine I don't have any visions And I can't tell you my position I'm not trying to reach the sun And I'm not shooting for the moon I guess I'm"
  • Prodigal Son - Sevendust
    "Passing through this life with so much regret It feels like I haven't got over it yet It takes so long for these wounds to heal I'm knocking down walls, taking my time I gotta get out of here Where will"
  • Silver Son - Sonic Youth
    "Snake in it jack into the wall TV amp on fire blowin' in the hall gun yr. sled close yr. peeping toms turbo organizer crankin' on the knob You got it yeh ride the silver rocket can't stop it burnin hole"
  • Son Of Metal - Majesty
    "The strengh of the wind and the power of the night. They are always in me, they'll always guide. Might of steel, is what I feel. I am a rebel, my feelings are real. The power of Metal is my pride. Yes"
  • Come My Son - Her Personal Pain
    "come my son /persona "come my son awake it's time to go.i know it's hert tell me all you feel benith the preaty blanket..." father i'm in fear tonight i needed shoulden't drink the wine "your"
  • My father's son - Ryan Adams
    "My father's son I amA criminal by tradeAnd what I have inheritedJust some old jewel thief bagsAnd the key to the backdoor of everyplaceWoman ever walkedWoman ever laidI've seen the sun and I have seen"
  • Quarter moon - Kathy Mattea
    "When everything you own Will fit in a paper sack No one notice you leavin' Nobody ask when you comin' back You live in a rented room Your money run out too soon You've pawned all your hopes Bummed all"
  • Moon & Sun - Amorphis
    "Where has the sun gone from us Where is the moon lost to us The moon will not gleam at all Nor will the sun shine at all Death opens it's mouth The son of the northlander Camo to look, to listen "there"
  • Mississippi Moon - John Anderson
    "It's a late night show on the radio Going down the road with the Wolfman Lightning bugs all around moonlight shining down on little sleepy towns down in the flatlands I can still hear momma calling son"
  • Beirut Moon - Stiff Little Fingers
    "(Announcer: Speech) "We'd like to help you," the consul said "But there's nothing we can do." "Well, you knew the risks when you took the job. After all you're not a fool. So don't call me, don't call"
  • Moon Light - Deep Forest
    "''rabe'' Lahzuha nushuan Lahzuha nushuan Khadduha bustaan Lahruha eqian Jismuha reehan Lafzuha burhaan Wasluha redwaan Maza nozemat be zak al qaddi Min almahasin nazuma al 'eqdi Maza nozemat be zak al"
  • Full Moon - The Herd
    "(Verse 1) We pulled in that town by the bypass That you drive past without a second glance She's had her last dance Yeah we took our chance on a street about four lanes wide Dead quiet seven or eight at"
  • Full Moon - Killarmy
    "When I came to you there on that cold telephone pole horror of the night and you came out to meet me and then tell me things and sit down on the porch swings <9th Prince> Congratulations you coming home"
  • Son Get Wrec - Black Moon
    "(Verse) This is a warning I advise you all to stay alert Yo Reals grab the nine cause it's time to go to work Ask Dee, rest the rhythm, I hit 'me, then I just split 'em Besta believe that's the way you"
  • Saturn Unlock Avey's Son - Rotting Christ
    "Mystic passage in saveland I saw all glory in black gold The earthly dwelling a crypt of cold I experience my-self into known maths Escay of dawn I'm alone Transformed into stone Saturn unlock avey's son Volcanic"
  • Son Of The Thunder - Cliff Richard
    "Eight o'clock and it's way past time Feelin' good I'm gonna make it tonight It's so good when you feel this right Out here underneath the spotlight I'm not lonely, not lonely, not lonely 'cos I'm doing"
  • Son - Juana Molina
    "las cosas sólo son los rayos, los rboles son las praderas, los desastres son las sombras y el calor el mar, la tierra son las piedras, los pjaros son sólo son sin albedro son los brillos, el color agradezco"
  • Son - Scott Weiland
    "Coolness is staring at the sun Coolness is driving with my son Time and time again I'm not the man Time and time again I'm not the one Now go to sleep you little...child of mine I wish I had the"

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