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song for dad keith urban"

  • Song for dad - Keith Urban
    "Lately I've been noticingI say the same things he used to sayAnd I even find myself acting the very same wayI tap my fingers on the tableTo the rhythm in my soulAnd I jingle the car keys When I'm ready"
  • Keith Song - Tabula Rasa
    "This day is gone I'm starting over Without a path that's drawn Everyday I'm older Where is this dream I'm riding on? Is this the chance to make it closer? So many years to learn That this is far enough Take"
  • Song For Keith - Ryan Adams
    "Sitting round thinking bout Keith all day long Getting stoned thinking bout how he played the guitar Ain't nothing like getting stoned to The Rolling Stones Can't find my copy of Goats Head Soup Think"
  • Keith - Mark Olson
    "I found a coin in the dirt Sisters in times of sorrow Sisters in times of joy What happens now is yours Uncles will shake themselves Then they'll go back to ploughing Under the willow tree right where"
  • An Original Man (A Song For Keith) - The Yardbirds
    "A man I knew Died too young And in the end His song unsung He touched my life He touched my soul Given time he'd reach his goal An original man that I knew An original man right through A sadness hidden Behind"
  • Keith 'n Me - Princess Superstar
    "(Keith's rhyme) Baby, can you feel my love? I got my shorts on- And I'm taking them off Now when I saw your face I'm a believer Hey what you got the keys to my Beamer A keeper get the fever viva end receiver Oochie"
  • Dad - Thumb
    "And if I never spoke a word again, but this I need to say. I criticized and analyzed you - that's worthless from today on, 'cause I changed my attitude, forgive me father - I was rude ! Man I think I made"
  • Keith Turbo - Kool Keith
    "New York City! (Keith Turbo) You're listening to the number one The one and only (Keith Turbo) Keith (Keith Turbo) Turbo Pontiac, GTO That's right, we do it like that Keith Turbo, the new man Here we"
  • Dear Ol' Dad - Blind Melon
    "Come now and listen babe I gotta reason why I behave Like a child with a light in eyes Running naked on a cold winter night I am like a pigeon that is spreading it's wings to fly away to better things Like"
  • Freestyle - Keith Murray & Redman - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Keith Murray, Redman) Live up in this piece I'ma set off like this, check me out Now who's these crazy niggaz, drinkin crazy, pussy, out of crazy straw Thinkin they crazy hardcore, crazy metaphor Matter"
  • Not For Keith - Peter Hammill
    "In Germany, his days finally caught him; I won't insult his memory with long-distance grief. Tears and wakes weren't his style: not him, not for Keith. He'd have laughed in my face if he saw it get mournful, he'd"
  • Me & Keith - Verbena
    "Where is it? (spoken)its the only cluewhen youre sad and throughwhere you ? like you know your faithon the coldest of dayscause i need it toolike some kind of foolits the song ?on this green room ?boys"
  • Keith reid - Gary Brooker
    "There was no more fear of flying Once the final word were spoke There was no more tears of crying It had all become a joke Though they took a vow of silence Still the rumours quickly spread There was no"
  • Keith N Bumpy - Kool Keith
    "(feat. 'Bumpy') See.. you play around too fuckin much (How many people you got hurt?) You ain't learned your lesson yet (You ain't learned your fuckin lesson) You still playin and fuckin around That's"
  • Love Mum And Dad - The Yardbirds
    "(Jim McCarty / Keith Relf) It's me, won't you write home? Hope you're happy all alone. Now please take care, Love Mum and Dad. Dear Ronnie, why'd you leave us? We hate to make a lot of fuss. What made"
  • Dad Vibes - Limp Bizkit
    "Check out your dad with the swag on the floor Momma gonna brag when I walk in the door Y’all aint ever seen a guerrilla in the mist Walk the line so fine with a blindfold Keep in mind though Hot dad riding"
  • Dear Dad - Chuck Berry
    "Dear Dad, don't get mad, What I'm asking for Is by the next semester Can I get another car ? This one here is sick'ning On a wide dual road. I might as well be walking As to drive this old Ford. Almost"
  • Dear Dad - Dave Edmunds
    "Written by: Chuck Berry Dear Dad, don't get mad, What I'm asking for Is by the next semester Can I get another car ? This one here is sick'ning On a wide dual road. I might as well be walking As to drive"
  • Mom & Dad - Proof
    "(Proof) Drug nation, we know no denial We are f**kin drug addicts, ha ha! Don'tcha? Yes! Don'tcha? Yes! Don'tcha? Gotta do it - Kurt Cobain! (Proof) Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll Gave a little X, and"
  • Hey Dad - Good Charlotte
    "Hey Dad, where you been for so long? Why won't you look at me? Is there something wrong? Do you remember me, the son that you conceived? Why won't you look at me? A son that you deceived Oh God, what"

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