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  • Why - Sonique
    "Ooh-oooh Ooh-oooh Why? Why are you messin' it up for me? Why? Why are you not happy for me? Remember the times we talked alone I was ... we were never bored I miss the times you held my hand Now it's"
  • Another World - Sonique
    "Tell me what you want from me Tell me you want my love and affections Come on now, baby, please don't be mean Give me all that you got - or not Would you like to dance with me Hearts step in love across"
  • Feels So Good - Sonique
    "It Feels So Good You always make me smile when I'm feeling down You give me such a vibe, I is totally bonafide, mmm It's not the way you walk, and it ain't the way you talk It ain't the job you got, that"
  • You're The Reason - Sonique
    "Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Listen now to what I'm tryin' to say All the things that I feel I need to clear my head Coz this is the time and I think it is the place So I'm letting you know that You're the reason"
  • Alive - Sonique
    "Oooooh, yeeeah, yeah, yeaaah I feel it deep, deep inside of me Our bodies one telepathy Collide strong as we get involved Fantasy now reality I'm breaking free from all these chains I feel the rhythm"
  • It Feels So Good - Sonique
    "You always make me smile When I'm feeling down You give me such a vibe It's totally bonafide It's not the way you walk And it ain't the way you talk It ain't the job you got That keeps me satisfied Your"
  • Learn To Forget - Sonique
    "Oohhh The selfish way I've learnt to live With it all take and none left to give It's strange the change we're left to face When love is gone I find myself back at square one I gotta learn to forget There's"
  • Love Is On Our Side - Sonique
    "I'll be around, love is on our side I'll be around, love is on our side Love is a 2 way street Didn't know what pain could bring Time has shown me the way Now I'm here for a brighter day For the first"
  • Move Closer - Sonique
    "Oh you're so far away, I can't share anything with you So come on over here, for a moment before it's too late I got no more time, for sitting around For sitting around, fantasizing So I want to So I want"
  • Sky - Sonique
    "Look at me It really was not easy But I can breathe And I'm so grateful 'cause I can see I am free to do exactly what I please So come with me to a place where we can be Ooh I wanna touch the sky I wanna"
  • Can't Make Up My Mind - Sonique
    "I cannot make up my mind (Verse 1) Feelings deep inside of me, I know its there and it wants to be free, But Im not sure. These emotions, I have a little fear, but Ill find strength in my tears I dont"
  • Put A Spell On You - Sonique
    "Put a spell on you, 'cause you're mine Better stop the things you do, Oh I ain't lying No I'm not lying You know I can't stand it, you're running around You know better, Daddy, ohhhhhh You're putting me"
  • Can't Get Enough - Sonique
    "Everybody wants to do their own things But inflation is rising Everybody wants a little happiness But we all got to pay a price Cash in the hand is all they want Cash in the hand is all they need That's"
  • Cold And Lonely - Sonique
    "Come by the fire, you know Cause I don't like to be alone Come warm yourself by my fire And keep yourself warm, oh so warm Cause I know what it's like to be cold and lonely Come warm yourself by my fire And"
  • Drama - Sonique
    "Well here I go in the wind Got to face rockin' on the sound Got my phone in my hand My baby hit me 2 times I gotta hit her back, she says she's flyin' in tonight See my baby's been gone for so long She's"
  • Empty (Hideaway) - Sonique
    "The shallow need to feel wanted Worshiped and adored and never be ignored I give you love but you don't see it You never understand My world is in your hand, and I have this thought in my head And it's"
  • Hear My Cry - Sonique
    "So many words are spoken But nothing seems to get through to you So many hungry people are dying So what are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? Think about it, yeah What are we gonna do about it? Hear"
  • Are you ready - Sonique
    "It is the time for a love sensation, to feed the minds of the younger generation What we never had, what we missed out on Dont be afraid to admit it has gone, slightly wrong Give them hope to release the"
  • I can't make up my mind - Sonique
    "Feelings deep inside of meI know it's thereit wants to be freeI'm not sureThese emotions I have a little fearbut I'll find strength in my tearsI don't know who is wrongso I will just sing this songI cannot"
  • I put a spell on you - Sonique
    "Chorus:Put a spell on you'Cause you're mineBetter stop the things you doOh I ain't lying, no I'm not lyingYou know I can't stand itYou're running aroundYou know better Daddy, ohhhhhYou're putting me downAnd"

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