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sons of the east come away

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sons of the east come away

  • Three Sons - John Williamson
    "I'm into cattle, my Father was too From Great Great Grandfather all the way through And we scarcely have wasted an hour of daylight Stickin' to Herefords and it's been all right Prepared for the lean"
  • Sons Of Summer - Carly Simon
    "(Billy Mernit) It makes me smile To think of what we dreamed of Where are those sons of summer now With their wild-haired women in their patchwork gowns Who could laugh the lights away Nights on the"
  • Wild East - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) Well it's Tuesday night How I'd like to be inside at this time Watchin' T.V. is killin' me It's such a drag tonight I feel like Jason Just found a rusty fleece And the Cyclops all laughin'"
  • East 1999 - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "East ninteen ninety nine my niggas.... Thinkin' bout back in the days when the year was '89 Little nigga on da grind Gotta get mine doing my crime, Wid two in here, Steady stackin' my ends Puttin' my"
  • East 1999 - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "East ninteen ninety nine my niggas.... Thinkin' bout back in the days when the year was '89 Little nigga on da grind Gotta get mine doing my crime, Wid two in here, Steady stackin' my ends Puttin' my serve"
  • East Coast - GrimSkunk
    "Another day, another point of view: Two friends no longer get along. I haven't changed, so what happened to you? The attitude you had is gone; Say things but don't know what they mean -- You lie. You"
  • Sons Of The P - Digital Underground
    "(feat. George Clinton) So you've come from a long ways to go Endowed with the flow and the destinies to grow Into what you've come to be, the sons of the P As it is so shall it be the max, if being"
  • Sons - Icehouse
    "We don't know this place this wasted stretch of land and these steaming horizons it's locked in our past it's stragely so familiar like a scar on our memory no sign of the ancient heroes who gave us this"
  • East side beat - The Toasters
    "Oi! Oi! Oi! Oh Oi! Oi! Tina on saturday nights Second Step and Urban Blight Hear come the Boilers to check out the scene But that's never too true if you know what I mean The reception is cool, so turn"
  • Sons Of Winter And Stars - Wintersun
    "I - Rain of Stars Behold the rain of stars - The awakening of darkened skies Falling from the dark - The symphony of dying lights Behold the rain of stars - The blazing fire came pouring down Falling"
  • Pagan Sons - Brimstone
    "Our ancestors saw this holy man Golden cross around his neck He was promising eternal life 9th century christian missionary: "I promise to take your sins away And if you don't believe what I say My knights"
  • Wayfaring Sons - Colin Hay
    "don't go out in the night even though you know the town someone always wants to fight you end up lying on the ground i dream of lying in the sun in my ears hear the ocean roaring like all good wayfaring"
  • Ethiopian Sons - Tony Rebel
    "(Featuring Garnet Silk) -P. Barrett- Garnet is long time we have something To tell the world you know So it was in the beginning And a so it is straight unto the end Nothing is new under the sun So it"
  • East Virginia Blues - The Stanley Brothers
    "I was born in East Virginia North Carolina I did go There I courted a fair young maiden But her age I did not know Oh her hair was dark and curly And her cheeks were rosy red On her breast she wore a"
  • English Sons - Bruce Springsteen
    "One, two, three, four Girl, on the edge flippin' off the lamp There'll be an end darling to your endless night On the other side of the street. Yea, the light on your portrait and the light in your face And"
  • Sons Of Europe - Death In June
    "Sons of the east Guards well trained Have put a stop to the Polish train Sons of the west Have grown weak The American Dream Has sent you to sleep Sons of Europe Sick with liberalism sons of Europe Chained"
  • Sons Of Odin - Crystal Eyes
    "Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Dahl, Gtesson Strong winds on the sea of the damned The high waves break the land Bright sunlight is melting the snow The winter land starts to flow Springtime is the season"
  • Sons Of Hades - Aura Noir
    "Bleak prudence, bleaker grace Amidst from these venomish losses Prime leagues leads on through vivid senses We have grasped we have honoured Though we seduce envied secrets Apart we breath the true... Sons"
  • Sons Of Iniquity - Savage Grace
    "Dark of the night, advancing armies Dogs of war that surround me Curse them all and lead them into hell Bittersweet, the thrill of battle, ringing ears The clash of metal, raise the banner high Into the"
  • Sons Of Sterility - Acron
    "can't see any light out there in nothingness a cold wind is blowin' I fall into the void a fall so endless, slowing my thoughts down so painless, so deceiving paralyzing my feelings my hands are empty"

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