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soul control

  • Control - Jimmy Somerville
  • Control - Alphaville
    "(Lyrics: Gold / Music: Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) Pretty baby, don't you know, times they are a changin' Every little moment we grow up we lose control Life's a loaded gun with no directions And it keeps you"
  • Control - Poe
    "Don't you mess With a little girl's dream Cause she's liable to grow up mean Suprise you to find that I'm laughing You thought that you would find me in tears You thought I would be crawling the walls"
  • Control - Pipedown
    "Did we ever have the thought to wonder why, that happenstance, the bliss, the blinding eyes, are under their control. We feel the fright, inside, we walk away, the pockets passions price we have to pay. Is"
  • Control - Name Taken
    "We will cheat you out of everything, that you would We will sell you who you are there are the choices that we already made That we feel Will suite you well This is us selling you out, no No one dares"
  • Control - Beyonce
    "I gotta give up to quite the storm that rages inside the way that I hit my damage part you gave me away And I've had enough I imagine the words I say to you I'm finding strange to follow it trough I'm"
  • Control - Earshot
    "Stuck here inside A world inside my head A place where I think too much A place that no one can touch My god forsaken fear Although I don't pray enough I want to I want to thank you for the tears I've"
  • Control - Strange Celebrity
    "I feel feelings from long ago Branded on my soul Welcome to my show I've been searching through the past Through the things that didn't last I've been coming up short I wanna be where you are (Chorus) I"
  • Control - Stabbing Westward
    "So much of me is you I don't know just who I am Now I just can't believe in myself or in anything And this is what you take from me And this is what you take from me And this is what you take from"
  • Control - Biohazard
    "On your knees before the mighty them, receive communion once again, Obey and follow strict laws to the letter, Do as you're told and life will be better, Go with the flow, avoid the strife, let unknown"
  • Mind Control - Stephen Marley
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah Now tell you what It's mind control, mind control Corruption of your thoughts (yeah), destruction of your soul Mind control, it's mind control Corruption of your thoughts (yeah), destruction"
  • Self Control - Paffendorf
    "It's all about self control For you Creature of the night Go and try to fight All night I ain't take your self control With your body, your heart and your soul It's all about self control I ain't take"
  • Take control - Culture Club
    "No defeat Your dance is sweet 'Cause you ripped it from my soul I'll kiss you And we'll throw a view It's the only way to take control Boy I'm sweet When you've got me beat I can't turn it, I feel cold"
  • Sex Control (under Control) - Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N)
    "Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N) No.1 Sex Control (under Control) Lyrics: g. gross, c. capek,, a. humpe Music: a. humpe You're the most beautiful girl that i've seen And i mean that you're a dream for all men"
  • Total Control - Melissa Etheridge
    "Looking counterclockwise Knowing what could happen In a moment Maybe you, maybe even you Steadfast Cool blast Always so anymore Maybe even you, maybe even you Re...???... Concrete Too sweet I can't do"
  • Lose Control - Kylie Minogue
    "Round like a circle Caught up in a spiral You make me feel like a wheel I'm running off the cable But the cable seems so far now And the wheel is turning faster And I know I'll get there somehow Cuz I"
  • Total Control - The Motels
    "Looking counter clockwise Knowing what could happen Any moment maybe you maybe even you Steadfast collapse Always certain any moment Maybe you maybe you Maybe even you Recline complete dream too sweet I"
  • Total control - Tina Turner
    "Looking counter clockwise Knowing what could happen Any moment maybe you Maybe even you Steadfast collapse Always certain any moment Maybe you maybe you Maybe even you Recline complete dreams too sweet"
  • Mission Control - The Dandy Warhols
    "Nineteen years old You better not listen to yourself now anymore You better not trust anybody else now Your comment is coming, doesn't make any sense anymore You get your transmissions at your front door And"
  • Control It - Static X
    "Everybody, soul and body cold All this sickness, you lost control You can't get it You just don't get it, no You can't get it You got zero Look within me, am I evil though Memories bring tears of years"

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