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soul alsymul runway trein

  • Runway - Snow
    "Ooh, you better better clear the runway, hey step to SNOW you got problem because you better clear the runway, hey hey step to SNOW you got problem because you better clear the runway, hey step to SNOW"
  • Runway - Linkin Park
    "Graffiti decorations under a sky of greyThis constant apprehension still giving me awayThe lessons I've forgottenInside of all I've learnedNow I find myself in question(point the finger at me again)Guilty"
  • Runway runaway - Ram Jam
    "Late one night, oh me stop fight Cruising the friendly skies She looked at me, she said what's bad I wanna hold you for a while We must work fast to make it last Till we meet again Been shout and scream"
  • Runway lights - Survivor
    "Fly above the hills and valleysHigh above the streets and alleysOn a home bound flight I carry Love enough for oneMy emotions overflowingAnticipation growingAnd the moment still not knowingSeems to weigh"
  • Hier Vertrok De Trein - Stef Bos
    "Hier vertrok de trein Hier op dit perron Hier stonden de mensen Met angst in hun ogen Voor de reis begon Een man met een vrouw Een vrouw met een kind Een kind met een toekomst Mensen Als dieren opgejaagd Daar"
  • De Trein Naar Het Noorden - Ramses Shaffy
    "Je stond onbeweeglijk In tranen op 't perron Toen ik klein was In de trein naar het noorden We keken elkaar aan In de ondergaande zon Toen ik klein was In de trein naar het noorden Onbewust besefte ik Dat"
  • Ik Neem Vandaag De Trein - Ann Christy
    "Je belde en je zei Ik kan niet wachten Mijn antwoord was toen Ik kon maar je toe Het duurde nog een week Dat is zeven nachten Maar sinds vanmorgen Ben ik naar je onderweg 'k Neem vandaag de trein Om bij"
  • Met De Trein Naar Oostende - Spring
    "Refrein: met de trein naar Oostende tsjoeke tsjoeke tuut want daar woont mijn hartendief tsjoeke tsjoeke tuut tuut die me wekenlang verwende tsjoeke tsjoeke tuut daarom werd ze ook mijn lief het was een"
  • Tomorrow On The Runway - The Innocence Mission
    "Old days, don't come to find me The sun is just about to climb up over there While my heart is sinking I do not want my voice To go out into the air Did you leave the darkness without me? You're always"
  • Tomorrow on the runway - Innocence Mission
    "Old days, don't come to find me,the sun is just about to climb up over there.'While my heart is sinking I do not want my voiceto go out into the air'.Did you leave the darkness without me?You're always"
  • Fire inside my soul - Ian Mcnabb
    "VERSE 1 Going where the sun is warmer, Going where nobody knows my name Going where the trees are taller, Going where there isn't any pain Going where the days are brighter, Going where the mood is lighter"
  • Soul - Van Morrison
    "Soul is a feeling, feeling deep within Soul is not the colour of your skin Soul is the essence, essence from within It is where everything begins Soul is what youve been through Whats true for you Where"
  • Soul - Rocco DeLuca And The Burden
    "I can't believe you're saying That you've given to me all that you can I can't believe you're thinking At the top of your lungs this feels so bad All that i see What's left here for me I want your soul Give"
  • Soul - Sixpence None the Richer
    "Soul Music & Lyrics by : Matt Slocum tell me father are you riding on the fictional bus up to heaven above? do you listen to the angels on the outskirts... have they persuaded you? oh tell me father perhaps"
  • Soul - matchbox twenty
    "Hang out my window and over your head Stare at your feelings to see where they end You're waiting here for someone else to break you from the inside You've been so composed We all know there's"
  • Soul - Split Shift
    "You made me hate myself I made you hate yourself Why the fuck do we fight so much You give it all back And the confidence you lacked The unrequited love You smacked in my face And im falling deeper in"
  • Soul - Urban Rock
    "Dont f**k with my heart Its hardly been used Dont want it all chewed up Or battered and bruised Dont waste it away Because i only have one Down want to look down and see that its gone I hope you understand While"
  • Soul - Kasia Stankiewicz
    "Hey, wake up When the light’s on He will .. For every day Hello You want to know how to not let go Want to see You wouldn’t just believe in love So why you give up why you give up why you give up my friend I"
  • Soul - H.O.T.
    "Neh kyuh chool tuh nah sal ah gal soo guhb suh chah gah woh jyuh dah sheen bol soo uhb neun gahsarang hah jee boh dah nun uh doom ee gweh jee rah doh young won hee nuhl duh nah jee han ahduh nah gah rah"
  • Soul - Shinhwa
    "Moh reu gae ssuh ji chin nah reul boh myuh Nuhl ee jeul kkah noon moo reul heul li ji mahn Moht eet kkae ssuh hah yahn nuh ae mah eum eul Dah shi nae gae jool soo up neun ji ooh baby * I need your love"

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