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sound machine

  • Sound Of The Machine - Pale Forest
    "Turn your head and face the hole from where the white illutions shine Cast a glance upon the mole which taints the skin so pure, so fine The garden hangs inside a room so dark, yet brightly lit The"
  • Warm Machine - Bush
    "I memorize the basics Making strange faces Tread slowly for I know There's a thousand miles to go Without blinking I gravitate spacewards Find a home for the head From my basement No darkness ever left This"
  • Custom Machine - The Beach Boys
    "Check my custom machine Well she's metal flake blue with a corvette grill (Check my custom machine) And they say it looks better when she's standin' still (Check my custom machine) When I step on the gas"
  • Custom machine - Beach Boys
    "Well she's metal flake blue with a corvette mill (Check my custom machine) And they say it looks better when she's standin' still (Check my custom machine) When I step on the gas she goes wa aa aa I'll"
  • Machine girl - LAB
    "Machine Girl - she really tried but years went rushing by she wished to stop but never had the time Machine Girl - she tried to say but not a sound came out she always wished her luck would come around"
  • New Machine - Chris Whitley
    "My love don't know from nothing My love from out of town Well I'm running Where they lay her favor down Drill and driver Burn my blankets on the ground On the ground Well I hear no motor scraping And"
  • New Machine - Overkill
    "Nailed to the cross by just words, Crucifixion complete. Close enough to the fire... To feel temptation's heat. It's gone away to taste the ground, Replaced by the incessant sound of fear. There's a ring"
  • Love Machine - Prince
    "Love machine, yeah. Hey, yeah. I've got the toys, 2 turn your body out I've got the noise, 2 make u scream and shout The love machine will take your body higher 'cause if it don't then I know u're a liar Don't"
  • Time Machine - Shades Apart
    "Trembling hands- drop the needle down In seconds you're here- at the speed of sound Skating a scratch on the vinyl- My heart is skipping a beat I'm hooked again- following the tune From the top of the"
  • Mind Machine - Primal Fear
    "Gotta Kill The Demon That Brings Evil To My World Will Erase The Bad Things And The Memories That Keep Haunting In My Mind I Will Raise The Fever, Drive You Crazy Till It Hurts Gonna Bring You Nightmares"
  • Love Machine - The Time
    "Love machine. Yeah. Hey yeah! (chorus) I've got the toys to turn your body out. I got the noise to make you scream and shout. The love machine take your body higher. Cuz if it don't, then I know you're"
  • Smoke Machine - Freezepop
    "Tonight i came here on my own, But will i have to leave alone? The music starts i move my feet, I lost my love but found the beat The lights the sound i have no fear and then the smoke it fills the air"
  • Answering Machine - Common Rotation
    "Well let's stop pretending This is not a nerve ending We've touched on before Like a delicate dancefloor When what was once exciting Has now gone out the window Kicking and biting Like a decrepit dog of"
  • God Machine - Acid Bath
    "The God machine is hungry for individualism and ripe brains the skull farmers do their rain dance and pray the machine falls to sleep she holds me close and whispers wet "there are cannibals among us." mad"
  • Fruit Machine - The Ting Tings
    "You keep playing me like a fruit machine Puttin' in change systematically Winning streak that you had over me It's turned into your broken tragedy Turn your pockets out onto the street Now you see you've"
  • Media Machine - Anxiety of Influence
    "A twisted heart trying to conform A little less Just trying to be more for you You twisted me You made a freak of me Well, tell me now Do you freak on me now Do you freak on me now? PRECHORUS: I tied myself"
  • Singing Machine - Kimya Dawson
    "we switched to jay leno from the ali g show to see some kids that we know do what they do on TV. sometimes i wish i was there, but mostly i just don't care i cry and laugh and forth and back, it's all"
  • Machine Slave - Front Line Assembly
    "Pretty faces all lined up Strutting all their corporate stuff Like taken puppets they dance around Devouring this valuable sound Star eyed people wait for a turn Only to see it's just a burn Spike"
  • Teen Machine - Diva Destruction
    "We were four and who could ever ask for more your picture on the cover of a magazine we just had to keep our noses clean now we're three and things are not exactly what they used to be champagne and"
  • Sound Of Music - Killer
    "In the darkness there's always some light A beacon to guide you in the night Oh, let it be magic Let it be your machine Oh, let it sound like music Don't be afraid to give in Oh, let it out like"

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