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  • Kill team - Sadus
    "We're gathered here it's no mistake to choose your metal fate Sadus sane sounds insane, it's ripping through your brain You hear the sound before you, the metal sound draws near Our legions are advancing,"
  • Street Team - Ruff Ryders
    "(Cross) Listen man This here is some gangsta shit you know? Real Bouncy Hood Shit Double R shit nigga The best of the best street team You know what it is or how it is (Cross) Motherfuckers want to act"
  • Street Team - Drag-On
    "(feat. Infrared, Cross) Listen man This here is some gangsta shit you know? Real Bouncy Hood Shit Double R shit nigga The best of the best.. street team You know what it is or how it is Motherfuckers"
  • Perfect Team Freestyle - Mike Jones
    "I'm back on the track, I'm bout to rip it apart 40 carats on my chest froze up my heart I'm Mike Jones, Who?, Mike Jones Jones That'll hit the block with all of my rocks and won't leave til' my rocks gone Lemme"
  • Team Chaotix - Sega Sound Studio
    "Once upon a time, you could be a bad guy, And you'd live to see another day. But now you never, boy, you'd be BRAIN DAMAGED just to think that you could get away. The power has arrived in a dream team, A"
  • Team - Digimon
    "Boku ni dekiru koto kimi ni dekiru koto Soshite bokura ni dekiru koto Sora ni mieru mono umi ni mieru mono Soshite bokura ni mieru mono Ichi tasu ichi wa ni ja nain da ze Shinjiru pawaa ga tsurete"
  • Team - Noah Cyrus & MAX
    "look at me you think that I’m trying to fight ya but I’ll always be on your side you know me why you always on defense them making me feel like your fenced in how many times do I have to convince you that"
  • Team - LORDE
    "Wait 'til you're announced We've not yet lost all our graces The hounds will stay in chains Look upon your greatness and she'll send the call out Send the call out Call all the ladies out, they're in"
  • Team - Krewella
    "Last night, I saw the fear and the fire burn in your eyes The way you’re looking at me like a deer in headlights Didn't they tell you to not bring a knife to a gunfight? I ain't givin' up I ain't givin'"
  • Team - Iggy Azalea
    "It’s Look! Turn me up, break the knob right I get dressed like it's prom night I feed them lemons in the limelight They say I'm full, lost my appetite?! Hell no! Keep on pushing like a dealer Say: What? Hell"
  • Future Sound - Jurassic 5
    "(Akil) Yea (Soup) Turn me up though (Akil) Uh Huh,Yea (Soup) Come on (Akil) Anyway (Soup) A 1,2 what cha gonna do 2,3 what's this gonna be... come on now Akil and Soup (talking over each other) Yea"
  • Team chaotix - Sonic Team
    "Once upon a time you could be a bad guy,And youd live to see another day.But now youd never manage,Boy, youd be brain damaged,Just to think that you could get away.The power has arrived in a dream team.A"
  • Follow Me (Team Rose) - Sega Sound Studio
    "Anywhere you wanna go, Anything you need to know, All the best in life, I want to get it for you. Baby, I just feel so fine. I imagine that you're mine. In my world you're gold. I only want to protect"
  • This Machine (Team Dark) - Sega Sound Studio
    "A shadow of myself just who am I Scan horizons A tragic mystery You could've left me here, sealed inside the pod No one would ever know The Chaos Control My true identity The power that is me We all danced"
  • Wu-Tang Cream Team Line-Up - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Wu-Tang Clan, Harlem Hoodz) Aiyyo, American Cream Team productions, bustin Harlem World, Shaolin We back.. and we ain't goin nowhere Get that? They gonna respect me (Just just slay on em"
  • Another sound mission - Dilated Peoples
    "Yo, yo Joey I bet you [?] I get this shit in one take Yeah When you rhyme all you do is add rock to the block When I rhyme I shine like Ad Rock when it, "Mmmmm.. DROP!" You go to the store and cop"
  • Sound is vibration - Atmosphere
    "I'm sparked, waiting for the dark to hit Cuz when the moon gets above my apartment, I catch fits for starting shit I'm smart with it, I give it that special touch when I push it Cuz I'm also a label rep,"
  • Team Drama - Automatic
    "What can I say I've got no room to complain Every mistake I made was out ok But you're asking me questions, making suggestions Telling me how to do what I do best Considering we don't play requests it's"
  • Team Canada - Paul Brandt
    "Team Canada... at your service, From the land of the chills. If they can't thrill ya, baby, nobody will; Make way, here comes Team Canada. So long and free, Lead by our fearless hero, Gretzky. He should"
  • Team Chaotix - Gunnar Nelson
    "(SOS, SOS, SOS, SOS...) Once upon a time you could be a bad guy And you'd live to see another day But now you'd never manage Boy, you'd be brain damaged Just to think that you could get away The power"

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