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  • Rue Saint-denis - Claude Nougaro
    "A minuit, je sucre des fraisesJ'ai la feuille de vigne embraseJe me lve, je pse mon pzeRue Saint-Denis, y a bon baiserPas besoin d'tre une sorcirePour avoir un manche balaiJ'en ai un qui me dit: - Poussire!Tu"
  • Denis - Georgina Verbaan
    "Oh Denis, ooh-be-do, I'm in love with you Denis, ooh-be-do, I'm in love with you Denis, ooh-be-do, I'm in love with you Denis, Denis, oh with your eyes so blue Denis, Denis, I've got a crush on you Denis,"
  • Denis - Blondie
    "Oh Denis ooh-be-do, I'm in love with you Denis ooh-be-do, I'm in love with you Denis ooh-be-do, I'm in love with you Denis, Denis oh with your eyes so blue Denis Denis I've got a crush on you Denis, Denis"
  • Souvenirs - Phyllis Hyman
    "Deep in the corners of my mind Are the treasures of my life Fresh and still brand new Times that I turned dark to light Every bout with wrong and right They're a part of me will never fade from view CHORUS Souvenirs For"
  • Souvenirs - Bonnie Owens
    "I've got my souvenirs that's one thing you can't take away I've got all my memories of yesterday Though you've gone and left me here to cry these tears You can break my heart but you can't take my souvenirs I"
  • Souvenirs - Hall Tom T
    "Take these arms of mine, throw them awayThey're just souvenirs of some other dayTake these lips of mine, they're useless to meThey're just souvenirs of things that used to be(Chorus)They're just souvenirs"
  • Souvenirs - Tom T. Hall
    "Take these arms of mine, throw them away They're just souvenirs of some other day Take these lips of mine, they're useless to me They're just souvenirs of things that used to be (Chorus) They're just"
  • Souvenirs - Mary Beth Maziarz
    "I could let you slip away, just wait for rainy days, But wouldn't that be failing us, letting go too soon, when everything I am still holds on to you, and these souvenirs...keep you here You're really"
  • Souvenirs - Jimmy Buffett
    "Souvenirs By: Vince Melamed, Danny O'Keefe 1993 Someone wants a piece of you Never let 'em pay What you do not give them Time takes anyway Had I known what love is worth I could have saved the"
  • Souvenirs - John Prine
    "All the snow has turned to water Christmas days have come and gone Broken toys and faded colors Are all that's left to linger on I hate graveyards and old pawn shops For they always bring me tears I can't"
  • Souvenirs - Patrick Wolf
    "Last winter you came home From an island of fire and stone With fire to relight the life you lost And stones to weigh out the heavy cost And the damage You put my hand to your heart And ran right hrough"
  • Souvenirs - Three Days Grace
    "There's nothing as beautiful as a distant star Proof of our ignorance Proof of how small we are Remember gettin' high on the hood Of my broke down car Remember how innocent We no longer are We don't"
  • Souvenirs - SoKo
    "I'm just a girl who wries sometimes When it's cold and i'm sad And alone on my own i feel bad Cause tonight friday night When everyone's out I'm just having my (?) on you Crying on the pictures again (?) The"
  • Souvenirs - The Tiger Lillies
    "He's been around the world and much of it was queer He got a nasty little rash from a brothel in Tangiers. A knife it missed his artery in a harem in Algiers And from a whore in Rotterdam he got Gonorrhoea. Now"
  • Souvenirs - Architecture In Helsinki
    "With an envelope, We'll enter buildings we might touch, I've got souvenirs but yesterday can't mean too much, Have we missed an opportunity? Whispers Chinese leaves a message, leaves a metaphor, For"
  • Souvenirs - Paul McCartney
    "When you're fed up shedding too many tears And your memory seems like just so Many souvenirs I will come to you to ease the pain If you want me, tell me now If I can be of any help, tell me how Let me"
  • Souvenirs Souvenirs - Unbekannt
    "duba duba duba du dab dab da duba duba duba duba duba du dab dab da duba duba duba duba duba du dab dab da duba duba duba duba duba du dab SOUVENIRS SOUVENIRS KAUFT SIE LEUTE KAUFT SIE EIN DENN SIE SOLLEN"
  • Souvenirs - Sylvan
    "Did you ever fight? Did you ever fear that things go wrong? Did you ever, did you ever loose though you always believed you're strong ? It's the moment that you open your eyes and see ... I still remember"
  • Souvenirs - The Gathering
    "Jump in heat Plunge to your truth Agree with your youth Consider defeat Part and part And separate We will Brand new paths In ways to soothe Never disagree with your youth Part of your heart Will separate"
  • Denis Land - Mechanicy Szanty
    "Słuchajcie mnie żeglarze, co dziś opowiem Wam, O dzielnym marynarzu, co zwał się Denis Land. Czterdzieści lat na morzu, za sterem ciągle stał, Na rozwścieczonym statku, co zwał się Calabar. O! Calabar"

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