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spanish girl

  • Spanish Girl - Aventura
    "Su Caminar tan seguro Sus ojos claros como ningunos y una sonrisa a flor de piel ouooo Spanish girl ouooo Spanish girl El alma llena de orgullo Con un caracter siempre tan suyo y una manera de querer ouooo"
  • Girl From Spanish Town - Marty Robbins
    "Past the Gulf Of Mexico is an island where I lived and loved a long time ago Disappointed in love I decided to roam Sad was the day that I sailed far away from my home Every dream I dream takes me again To"
  • Spanish Fever - Chixdiggit
    "met a girl late last summer in a country that was warmer than the one i come from hair of black, skin of copper she spoke english like a trucker she was hot as napalm she didn't think i liked her for her"
  • Spanish Moon - Robert Palmer
    "One two Well the night that I got into town Was the night that the rain froze on the ground Comin' down the street I heard such a sorrowful tune Comin' from the place they called the Spanish Moon Well"
  • Spanish Dancer - Patti Scialfa
    "Oh Mama there's this spanish dancer whose steps I follow when he comes near the red dress of temptation over a long black slip of fear will I fall beneath the shadow of some broken cross my arms emptied"
  • Spanish Bonita - All-4-One
    "All-4-One All-4-One...Has Left The Building Spanish Bonita Hook Whats it gonna take to make you see Youre the only girl thats meant for me I think Im in love with you My Spanish Bonita You got me in the"
  • Spanish Fireball - Hank Snow
    "I met a girl in Laredo down in Mexico While I was makin' the rounds Down in a dim cafe she does the swing and sway That's the talk of the town I never learned her name but she's called the Spanish Fireball While"
  • Spanish Eyes - Ricky Martin
    "I met a girl at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. We danced all night on the boulevard, In doorways we did the tango. I miss her lips and the way she sashayed her hips as she shook her shoulders. I miss"
  • Spanish Fly - Aventura
    "I mean you see her in the club over there, homie We ain't talk like in weeks mans I need you to go there and translate Yeah, I can do that for you babes, let's make it happen I ain't too tough to tell"
  • Spanish Hands - Kelly Joe Phelps
    "She's a gentle bell, she's a cat eye A gold breath on a wire A sing soft sail in the other room A red hot cleansing fire My cold feet warm in a straight line Dancing Spanish hands My heart retires far"
  • Spanish fly - Jim Jones
    "I seen it all from a player's eyes (mack)Look at this world from my latest ride (Benz)We knock 'em all if you let this slide (that's right)This how you ball if you a major guy (whoa)With alcohol and a"
  • Spic And Spanish - Ray Charles
    "There's no Cinderella in Spain; That story was pulled by a Dane. Our young girls are simple and pure, But watched night and day to be sure And now I'm alone, Wide awake and full-grown, With no fairy prince To"
  • Anything (Spanish Version) - 3T
    "Solo otra vez, sentado en mi sofa Lo que desseo es poderte abrazar No se porque tu amor se me escapo Siento tu aliento sobre mi corazon Si lo que tu quieres yo te lo quiero dar Ando buscando nueva direccion Donde"
  • Gone (Spanish Version) - 'N Sync
    "There's a thousand words that I could say To make you come home,(yeah yeah) Seems so long ago you walked away... Left me alone... And I remember what you said to me... You were acting so strange... mmmmmm... And"
  • Caress Me Down (Spanish) - Sublime
    "mucho gusto me llamo Bradley Im hornier than ron Jeremy and if you wanna get popped in your knee just wipe that look off your bati face you hate me cause i got what you need a pretty little daughter that"
  • The Spanish Nite Is Over - Engelbert Humperdinck
    "Once upon a Lonely nite, Barcelona Spain, She was just a simple girl, Maria was her name, Right through the starry nite we never loved, But morning brings good byes, Now i spend all my life, just wondering"
  • Spanish Is The Loving Tongue - Bob Dylan
    "Broke my heart, lost my soul Adios,mi cora sole Spanish is the loving tongue Soft as music, light as spring It was a girl I learned it from Living down Sonora way Well, I don't look much like a lover Still"
  • Spanish Is A Loving Tongue - Emmylou Harris
    "(Traditional / Brian Ahern) Spanish is a loving tongue Soft as music light as spray Was a girl he learned it from Living down Sonora way He don't look much like a lover But he says her love words over Mostly"
  • Caress Me Down (Spanish & English) - Sublime
    "mucho gusto me llamo bradley i'm hornier than ron jeremy and if you wanna get popped in your knee just wipe that look off your bati face you hate me cause i got what you need a pretty little daughter that"
  • Chanson Espagnol (English - Spanish Song) - Sarah Brightman
    "We had just seen the bull, Three boys, three young girls. In the field, the weather was fine. And we danced a bolero, At the sound of the castanets. Tell me, neighbour, If I am looking well And if my"

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