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speak me be boy

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speak me be boy

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speak me be boy
  • The Waiting Speak
    "From the whisper of the lover to the lion's roar The command of the commander upon the field of war The instruction of the father, the laughter of the friend I've heard every utterance and I can't comprehend"
  • Show Me The Skyline Speak Up
    "Why don't you speak up baby? I hear you got a way with words. And right now your body sure is talkin' but Not in the form of nouns, or verbs. I know you're not a fan of holdin' hands, But stay with me"
  • Mike Oldfield Speak
    "Speak, vision of the night, Tell me why you haunt me so. Speak, heaven morning light, Whisper all my heart would know. Dawn, ever finds you gone Back to where the shadows dwell. Speak, my beloved, speak,"
  • Godsmack Speak
    "Free, you better love me. hide or runaway from all your yesterdays! Speak the truth, or make your peace some other way. Well I never knew, but I believe that your trust in me, Ohh, will speak to me. In"
  • Lindsay Lohan Speak
    "Speak speak speak your heart flow Everybody's got a point of view And the right to their own opinion So don't be scared of what I'm gonna do When you let me know your intuition So what makes you think That"
  • Omnisoul Speak
    "Lately things are crazy. People hate me They can be So impatient. Let's prevent hatred, So we can live Peacefully. But don't believe a word I say If everything I say is wrong. Why must I do everything"
  • Swans Speak
    "The sun is rising over the buildings across the street The sun is god's face looking down at me as he cries for what he's done I will survive my life if I close my mind to all the things I could never,"
  • Everlast Speak No Evil
    "I'm in the studio with my brotha the half asiatic You know the fraction of black skin and a smidget of white It's my brotha Kool Nick And we about to drop some science on the this track About God and what"
  • MrNorth Speak No Evil
    "Freedom of choice to use your voice-- not something that I've ever seen enforced. But uh, Free to be unique, but not to speak. Free to watch all of your rhetoric repeat. Free to decide to just let things"
  • King Konga Speak Through Me
    "how can i stand myself? the person i see in me. denying my resemblance to, everything i refuse to be. speak through me. speak through me. kind of you to carry me. but, i have two feet of my own. the"
  • The Beautiful South Speak To Me
    "Speak to me Speak to me Speak to me Tell me all about the way you make me feel Speak to me Speak to me Tell me all the things I want to know And tell me all the places that you go Tell me all the nothings"
  • Velasquez Jaci Speak For Me
    "What have I to offer to a world in need Yet for some unknown reason You have chosen me Lord, you've set my journey You've prepared the way Still I'm desperate for the words to say All I am is willing All"
  • Charlie Winston Speak To Me
    "f there's a lesson then I'm willing to learn it If there's a blessing then I'm willing to earn it But I'm lost on a day like this and I need a little helping hand. My kamikazi is coming to break up Every"
  • Fad Gadget Speak To Me
    "You say I'm living a lie Well that's alright I don't mind, because I've got my head in the sky I'm as high as a kite No tears in my eyes So let's speak Speak 'til we're weak This freedom of speech It's"
  • Kirk Franklin Speak To Me
    "Speak it to me lord Jesus me need to hear from you If you don't speak lord Jesus me don't know what to do Me wake up in the mornin and I see the bright sunshine living without you jesus I could have"
  • Amy Lee Speak To Me
    "Be still , my love I will return to you However far you feel from me You’re not alone I will always be waiting And I’ll always be watching you Speak to me /3x I can’t let go You’re every part of me The"
  • Jaci Velasquez Speak For Me
    "Mark Heimermann & Toby McKeehan What have I to offer To a world in need Yet for some unknown reason You have chosen me Lord, You've set my journey You've prepared the way Still I'm desperate for the words"
  • The Connells Speak To Me
    "Slow down, I'm not looking for an answer. But at least not today. Instead entertain me for the moment. Oh this won't go away. Chorus: You speak to me then sentence me. You change me around. Turn me over"
  • Connells Speak To Me
    "slow down, i'm not looking for an answer. but at least not today. instead entertain me for the moment. oh this won't go away. chorus: you speak to me then sentence me. you change me around. turn me over"
  • Galactic Cowboys Speak To Me
    "Three o'clock in the morning, voice inside my head I'm wide awake I should be sleeping, voice alive or dead Someone screaming out a warning, should I heed the call A messenger I should be knowing, voice"

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