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speed dance

  • Speed Seduction - Angel
    "sometimes you want to taste what isn't on the menu that is only human nature your efforts to ignore me dancing on the floor have flipped the switch to my attention (Bridge) I get it get it you wicked"
  • Speed Kills - Thanatos
    "Thrash, feel the power from inside Intense metal will blow your mind The way you look, we don't care As long as the feeling burns in your soul (Chorus) Your blood circulation is running mad- Our Speed"
  • Speed Of Life - Cole Jude
    "Like ghosts on open windows The curtains rise and fall The past is a foreign country At the dark end of the hall And the morning is an offering To the shelter of the day But the violent come and they bury"
  • Speed of Light - Asian Dub Foundation
    "There's a devil on my shoulder making me dance There's a spring in my step up to heavy hearts Appointments and deadlines sprout up like weeds Can't tell what I want from what I need Find a place in my"
  • Speed Of Light - Avalon
    "3 a.m. and you're tossing in your bed Thoughts are turning in your head You're hanging on, but how much longer Why do empty things you pour your soul into Never fill that void in you Makes you wonder There"
  • Speed Over Beethoven - Dance Dance Revolution
    "Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven Into the night You make me cry I need your love To save my life I need you while my piano gently weeps Listen to Beethoven A melody Will"
  • Speed - Atari Teenage Riot
    "News, Drug abuse to the future and the hippocrytes cry: Who dies next? And I tell you a story from the underground nothing funny about Get down to get hyped! Kill me and no one's gonna miss me... Feel"
  • Speed - Billy Idol
    "Running from the nightmare In the middle of the road Hell's no place for sleeping In a world beyond control Caught in the headlights Coming after you When I woke up this morning I had to do what I gotta"
  • Speed - Annihilator
    "I'm on a mission, I'm gonna break the speed of sound My pulse is racing, I'm gonna have to put you down Acceleration I gotta, gotta go faster Give me more speed They say I'm crazy and I'm headed for disaster Give"
  • Speed - Angra
    "Angra Miscellaneous Speed Speed, run the thoughts inside your brain Try to catch them once And you'll be alone There's nowhere to go Speed, all the memories will come Try to make them"
  • Speed - Basta
    "Speed . Speed.speedspeed.speed Zwrotka 1: Znów ją poczuć, całą siłą ją brać. Łapać oddech, kiedy serce staje Prędkość może, kiedyś zabije Cię Lecz dziś,"
  • Speed Increased To Scaffold - Solefald
    "A sotto voice sang for the soprano singer Whose tyrannical arais won't cease to linger Bob's out there none of us play cool Classmates in a haunted school Agent Dale Cooper won't take you any higher C'mon"
  • Speed - Covenant
    "Give me, give me the speed i needI want more life, don't need this state to lastI want more to burn, i want more to breakSo give me the speed i needMy own movements feel so strangeAre we all insane, or"
  • Speed - Montgomery Gentry
    "I'm tired of spinning my wheels I need to find a place where my heart can go to heal I need to get there pretty quick Hey mister what you got out on that lot you can sell me in a pinch Maybe one of them"
  • Speed - Janne Da Arc
    "Nemurenai yoru o tadorebaMou ki ga kurui o uteMayou naka no genjitsu to yumeMou sore sae mo wakaranaku naruChigire sou de hayaku yume o mitakuteToge de doku o nomu nemurenai yoruKokoro wa koware kangaeruKotosae"
  • Speed - Avicii
    "(Utwór instrumentalny)"
  • Slow Dance - Natalie
    "Slow dance Slow dance, baby, rhythm make me Slow dance Slow dance, baby, rhythm make me Tonight's the night Once I arrive, ladies, better grab your man Hold onto him tight 'Cause once I catch the"
  • Ghost Dance - Patti Smith
    "We shall live again, we shall live. What is it children that falls from the sky ? Tayi, taya, tayi, aye aye. Mannah from Heaven from the most high, Food from the father, tayi, taye aye. We shall live"
  • Ghost Dance - Marianne Faithfull
    "What is it children that falls from the sky? Tayi, taya, tayi, aye ya. Mannah from Heaven from most high, Food from the Father, tayi, taye ya. We shall live again, we shall live again, We shall live again,"
  • Greased Lightnin' | Dance Dance Dance Poland 3 - Staszek Karpiel-Bułecka
    "This car could be automatic, systematic, hydromatic, why it's Greased Lightnin' I'll get some overhad lifters and fourbarrel quads, oh yeah Keep talking wow keep talking A fuel-injection cut-off with chrome-plated"

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