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stalking and main titles

  • Stalking - Funeral Dress
    "I can't believe it but I guess it's true Have you got nothing else to do You're sick in the head and obsessive too I've had enough of you You follow me around And call me every night Why can't you"
  • Titles - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Time Honoured Ghosts Titles The long and winding road that leads to your door Here comes the sun it's alright people shout for more But were you trying to deceive telling me All"
  • Titles - Barclay James Harvest
    "The long and winding road that leads to your door Here comes the sun it's alright people shout for more But were you trying to deceive telling me All you need is love to succeed Across the universe one"
  • Main Titles (God In Three Persons) - The Residents
    "The Cryptic Corporation presents "God in Three Persons" Written, produced and peformed by the Residents With guest vocals by song stylist Laurie Amat Brass and woodwinds by Richard Mariott Package design"
  • Everybody's Stalking - Badly Drawn Boy
    "Badly Drawn Boy Hour Of Bewilderbeast Everybody's Stalking Been feeling high Then feeling low Strap your hands across my engines I'm not a broke so please don't bend me Your like neon sign Just burn so"
  • Everybodys Stalking - Badly Drawn Boy
    "Been feeling high Then feeling low Strap your hands across my engines I'm not a broke so please don't mend me Your like neon sign Just burn so bright Penetrates like an infection Gives me feeling I can't"
  • Stalking Stuffer - Bracket
    "It's OK, if you don't see things the same way that I do It's OK, if I follow you when you don't want me to Whoa, whoa, it's all right (x3) It's just fine when you say all the things I don't want to"
  • Closing Titles - Silence Is Sexy
    "I was thinking about the end of the story that I'm in Let's walk to the horizon and just leave them wondering The closing titles should begin with it was not enough I guess back then you knew I wasn't"
  • End Titles - Various
    "Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, and Bjorn Ulvaeus CIVIL SERVANTS: Oh my dear how boring He's defecting Just like all the others He's expecting Us to be impressed with what he's done here But he "
  • Multiple Titles - Sara Evans
    "Saints and angels We're only human baby We walk on broken ground We lose our way We come unwound We turn in circles baby We're never satisfied We fall from grace Forget we can fly But through all the"
  • Not Stalking You - Motor Ace
    "not stalking you just like to be around an appetite for drama owns you i just wanna be arrested on TV a high speed chase crack cocaine declared insane but Im not the one (well) I see but you bleed"
  • Titles Are Useless - Emo Side Project
    "here we go again four o'clock in the morning all i can do is stay awake cause my reputation says so and we prove we're strong with false looks aimed to keep you alive take me for granted cause i"
  • 6th And Main - Fatal Flowers
    "Well the streets are empty and shining Everybody's hidding from the rain Oh, and I'm looking for a ride On the corner of 6th and main Well she asked me where I was going I looked away and she asked me"
  • Main Street Rag - The New Main Street Singers
    "Walkin' down the main street, everybody's gonna sing... The mothers and the brothers, everybody let freedom ring... I'll put - your hand in mine. Gonna have us all ONE FINE TIME We're the Main Street Singers and"
  • One Love (LG Main Mix) - Nas
    "Verse One: what up kid? i know shit is rough doing your bid when the cops came you shoulda slid to my crib fuck it black, no time for looking back it's done plus congratulations you know you got a"
  • Main dans la main - 113
    "Ladies and gentlemen ici rohff l'honorable fils d'Abdelreman La voix qui hante les mans le flot dont tu as adhre, man 113 clan locos comme disent les chicanos ou quand tu chicanes on appelle au calme n'emboucane"
  • Main Attraction - DJ Unk
    "I knew it from the start I knew that I could make it happen Lights, camera, action, shawty I'm the main attraction Step right up, you wanna hear this nigga snappin' Lights, camera, action, shawty I'm the"
  • Main Attraction - Quiet Riot
    "There's a light At the end of the tunnel It's rock and roll There's no fight Words into action Your life is your own The tarp is rising Take the thunder And show us your home I say We celebrate it We"
  • Main Attraction - Jeremy Renner
    "every time i take a battlefield feel alive whit nowhere to go I am the king of the road you the queen of my throne every night satisfied whatever we wrong you the star of the show you shimmer like gold now"
  • Main Man - The Ramones
    "When I start movin', you see a blur. Get hooked on me baby, there ain't no cure. I've always been able to laugh at fate. Two brown eyes filled with hate. I'm the man who makes the street his home"

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