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stamp on the ground

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stamp on the ground

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stamp on the ground
  • Mechanical Poet Swamp-Stamp-Polka
    "Damn me! Real coin of sterling silver I found! Nip me! It was merely lying there on the ground! Felt boots with a coat I'm going to buy Furry mittens, a suit and a tie Sackful of grits and a bottle of"
  • Akrobatik Put Ya Stamp On It
    "feat. Talib Kweli Yeah "Akrobatik-batikkkkk" (uh, uh) (what?) "And Talib, Talib, Kw-Kw-Kw-Kweli, Kweli" (yeah, word) "I blow the back out" "Back out, the track out, the track out" (uh, uh) "Kweli and"
  • Mis-Teeq Stamp Reject
    "Welcome to the Mis-Teeq boutique If your man's not doing good by you Shop Around, Shop Around Girls say you're lookin' for a man one who understands One to pay your bills and gives you good loving One"
  • Mis Teeq Stamp reject
    "Intro: Welcome to the Mis-Teeq boutique If your man's not doing good by you Shop around Shop around V1: Girls say youre lookin' for a man one who understands One to pay your bills and gives you good lovin'"
  • ABC Date Stamp
    "This heart's up for sale Yeah, this heart's on the stand Mix and match and melt in my mouth Nothing ever goes quite as planned You'll fly north and I'll sail south So redevelop product, redesign this"
  • UnSuNg ZeRoS Story Of A Stamp
    "Timmy died last night a freak car accident never saw the pole that he hit had no premonition but what's the saddest is the note he left unsent Briana dear I love you oh this note it said for two long years Timmy"
  • Assemblage 23 Ground
    "Be still though chaos reigns around you now only so much rain can fall at once Breathe in and let the air envelope you and slow and sure serenity will come Close your eyes try to breathe feel the ground beneath"
  • Rivermaya Ground
    "Could you sleep tonight And be dreaming tight in your heaven? Your warm heaven Would you be feeling right When children cold outside dream in rain? Dream in rain Would you come down From"
  • Shamra Hand Stamp
    "He spoke in broken English Some words were hard to hear Can't get into this party That part was very clear Can't let into party I need your hand stamp Too cool and too party I need your hand stamp I'm"
  • Elvis Costello The Stamping Ground
    "The stamping ground, The stamping ground. All your old gang still hang around. Coming in with the same blokes, going home with the same jokes, if you ever go missing I know where you'll be found : the"
  • Madonna On The Ground
    "I live at the top of the hill No one keeps me against my will I don't need no save neighbourhood I got to feel good, my own way It's not like I don't have a choice When you're alone, you make it all good With"
  • Beady Belle On The Ground
    "Sorry my Love I can't help you You're stuck on that mountain I can't Sorry my dear I can't hear you Your shouting is simply in vain You climbed up there yourself And didn't need us then Now you"
  • Eskobar On The Ground
    "When you see a man, let him be what he's gotta be One time is all that he needs I know for all, you got to believe in love When you see a man, let him be what he's gotta be One time is all that he needs I"
  • ajaz on the ground
    "ajaz none yet on the ground ON THE GROUND {talkin verse 1} I love my people And this doesnt pertain to them impeticuler because to me my homiez is numba 1 but this one is for that select group of boyz that"
  • The RZA On Tha Ground
    "This is not those two DJ's, not Touch, not Wop Not that skinny bitch Cameron although she's hot Not those brothers Tony, wanted to pop me in that movie Now I'ma claim that name, Diaz, y'all can sue me Any"
  • The Hollies Feet On The Ground
    "If we speak of lovin' Will it come from our hearts Do we want this night of love to last forever Or do we just part Listen to yourself Are you sure that's what you wanna say We know that things sound"
  • Rogue Wave Postage stamp world
    "Ever since mom walked out, sis and I can get no sleep. since then dad's brought home 13 redheads, a blond, a brunette, and a sheep I pray to god, oh, can you help us? save us from this revelry. shotgun"
  • Barbra Streisand On holy ground
    "When I walked through the doors I sensed his presence And I knew this was a place where love abounds For this is a temple the God we love abides here And we are standing in his presence On holy ground"
  • Edenbridge On Sacred Ground
    "Downstream the river The boat is moving on Passing fields of silence Long time gone A paragon of beauty A sacred, holy ground Gazing at in wonder Safe and sound Eternal bliss is reaching in The valleys"
  • Dilated Peoples On deadly ground
    ""Gonna rock the place" *Cut up by Babu* Yeah, live and direct Platform presents Iriscience, Iriscience M-Boogie and the turntablist, Babu Uh, yo Babu Platform, Platform, Platform, Platform, Platform"

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