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standing in you cross

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standing in you cross

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standing in you cross
  • Bon Jovi Standing
    "What ya gonna to say about me I ain't already thought? What ya gonna try and sell me I ain't already bought? You wrap yourself in my colors Ain't I the one you love to hate You reel me in and run me over"
  • Rob Rock Standing
    "People of the World Rise up hear my words You are the one who must carry the cross You are the one to defy your masters Breaking the spell you were cast into Shatter the mold you were forced to believe Rulers"
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Standing
    "Anthony Stewart Head & Orchestra GILES: You're not ready, for the world outside You keep pretending, but you just can't hide I know I said that I'd be standing by your side But I... Your path's unbeaten,"
  • Buffy Musical Episode Standing
    "Giles: You're not ready for the world outside You keep pretending, but you just can't hide I know I said that i'd be standing by your side But I... Your path's unbeaten, and it's all uphill And you can"
  • Godhead Standing
    "You have no place yet to be Live through hell you've never known You will know what you've been shown Take what you can from this place Watch all the freaks fall from grace As the world dies in your eyes You"
  • Cinderella Effect Standing
    "Standing (VNV Nation. Lyrics by Ronan Harris) Eyes betray the soul and bear it's thinking. Beyond words they say so many things to me. A stranger here reborn it seems awaking wonders deep in me. If nothing's"
  • Sunset Black Standing
    "Did you tell me I'm supposed to live this life every single day Can you take that Believe with what I say and never give this up Cause I won't give this up I keep on thinking I'm so damn new I keep on"
  • Kip Winger Cross
    "Crossed a sea of crippling pain Seen a world go up in flame Found another chance to change Hard to find enough forgiveness Strength to overcome my weakness Find another chance to change Stripped of everything"
  • Chinchilla The cross
    "Red river flows down the skin of his face step by step he's walking through the mist life ordains died by the hand of men who preach in the name of god silver moonlight shines on the eyes of emptiness"
  • Nocturnus Standing in Blood
    "Now heaven is destroyed By Satan He will rule The promised land Now your soul will be freed Through the gate Find the KEY To hell Cross the river Known as Styx Charon awaits In his boat Now your soul"
  • Rooster Standing In Line
    "I spent a lifetime searching For what I thought I'd found But you are just the same It's still a losing game I'm a face out in the crowd Bridge: You love and you leave Yeah you lie and deceive How can"
  • Metric Standing in line
    "It's a matter of standing in one place 'til they tell you to runHow you gonna do under the gun?The windows are barred, none of us can pull you throughNone of us can lift you upUh oh, I knowIt's gonna hurtWhen"
  • Roman Lob Standing Still
    "Guess we knew this was coming on ‘Cause you’re already gone in my head You can tell me that I’m wrong That you’re staying with me instead The wind has come along and summer’s dead and gone Is there anything"
  • Guy Sebastian Standing With You
    "the more i tell you you can do this the more you tell yourself you're useless Instead of telling you ‘you will be alright’ I am jusy gon’ be that somebody by your side Let me be that distant satelitę A"
  • Kym Marsh Standing Tall
    "I am stronger than I was back, When you took me on, I know just where I stand. I've been searching for a sign, To tell me that its time And now I understand. Everything falls in to place These will be"
  • Sure Conviction Standing For You
    "(M. Liffengren/P. Liffengren) In your house when no one's around In secret who are you now When the lights go down who comes out Who are you now that it's dark Why are you still trying to hide from me There's"
  • Quindon Tarver Standing still
    "Cutting Through the Darkest Night Are My Two HeadlightsTrying to Keep It Clear, But I'm Losing It HereTo the TwilightThere's a Dead End to My LeftThere's a Burning Bush to My RightYou Aren't in SightYou"
  • Kjartan Salvesen Standing Tall
    "(I'm standing tall- high aigh aighai highai highaiaia) It's been a month and a day now And still there's no sign of you Thinkin of all i've done and can't undo.. But i'm not walking in cirkles Cause"
  • Monica Still standing
    "(Spoken)Mama always told meBaby you gotta walk by faithAnd not by sightReal talkYou gotta listenOh, oh, oh, oh-oh-ohOoh, yeah(Verse 1)Oh, listen to me nowIm gonna say it loudSo you wont be confusedBout"
  • Jewel Standing Still
    "Cutting through the darkest night are my two headlights Trying to keep it clear, but I'm losing it here To the twilight There's a dead end to my left There's a burning bush to my right You aren't in sight You"

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