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star ships

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star ships
  • Ian Hunter Ships
    "(Ian Hunter) We walked to the sea, just my father and me and the dogs played around on the sand. Winter cold cut the air, hanging still everywhere dressed in gray did he say hold my hand? I said love's"
  • Barry Manilow Ships
    "We walked to the sea Just my father and me And the dogs played around on the sand Winter cold cut the air Hangin' still everywhere Dressed in gray, did he say Hold my hand I said, love's easier when it's"
  • Umbrellas Ships
    "Just like ships We float through each other's lives Through the waters of beauty and grace We will one day dock at the same port And give rest to our weary legs There is a light placed up in the sky Like"
  • Greg Brown Ships
    "Mariyln Monroe was so tired,she was so tired, she was so tiredCity girl lost in a field of ryeand see what she has doneNow she's out on a boat on the oceanturning around and aroundSail for a dress and"
  • Big Country Ships
    "Look at him now, another used man Wearing the passing of his dignity with all the courage that he can He stood in the storm, carved out in stone He said I've worn my honesty with pride in everything I've"
  • Patty Loveless Ships
    "(Gretchen Peters) Eddie had a few days comin' So he took a Las Vegas jaunt Out to the land of supply and demand Where you can get anything you want He wasn't lookin' for true love No, he didn't believe"
  • Scott Walker If Ships Were Made To Sail
    "If ships were made to sail Out through the star clouds It'll be the world of somewhere All greed and fair And I would go to Alpha Centauri And I would be a living there If I could fall up long night,"
  • Helloween Star Invasion
    "There he's sitting in his cockpit Out on guard, ten thousand miles from home Lookin' through his little window Earth appears as God's blue magic dome Just a little bit disturbing Are those coloured spaceships Closing"
  • Arcturus Star Crossed
    "We- Organic images Dissolving earth Our future children Sure at us unfixed From a residence of stars In their sidereal ships Ho sailing beyond within Their eyes Black in kingdoms of gold Like the rocks"
  • Cyndi Lauper Three Ships
    "I saw three ships come sailing in On Christmas day, on Christmas day I saw three ships come sailing in On Christmas day in the morning And what was on those ships all three On Christmas day, on Christmas"
  • Anderson Jon Three Ships
    "Anderson Jon 3 Ships Three Ships (Traditional) I saw three ships come sailing On Christmas day On Christmas day I saw these ships come sailing On Christmas day in the morning And what was in these ships"
  • Pola Paper Ships
    "Sweetest gifts you give make me care I want more and more Take or dare Paper ships I have seen you make Follow me All the secrets I kept safe You can see You took all my time Left me here Trading love"
  • Creeper Lagoon Empty Ships
    "pour yourself a strong drink she said thats all i needed have a seat with a cold trick that spun for days with out you turn around theres a new spring that lifts the weight of wanting empty ships will"
  • Golden Earring Silver Ships
    "From the Album: * Seven tears Way beyond the horizon of the universe A silver light shines on me And way beyond my thoughts What could there be The silver light flies faster than at first And I don't"
  • Yvonne Elliman Sailing Ships
    "SAILING SHIPS YVONE ELLIMAN Trees stay green the wind still blows and leaves they gone with the widening wind Birds still fly and dogs may whine and life has been succeedly divine with you"
  • The Cure Pirate ships
    "Far away Far away child Turn your eyes Far away child I will sleep Right down beside you Tonight I will sleep Tonight Pirate ships Pirate ships child Merry and bold Sparkling and rich child Coming to dock"
  • Lior Building Ships
    "We could almost see the distant shore When my little sweetheart jumped overboard I threw a line blind into the sea But she was free To drift on The sea is calm the night after the storm But i know the"
  • Big Head Todd And The Monsters Imaginary Ships
    "Same wind that blew your house down was the breath of life to me. Cruel words brought your galaxy to the ground. Made a universe for me. You can't get what you're asking for now lady. You only get"
  • Anniversary 100 Ships
    "Anniversary Miscellaneous 100 Ships 100 Ships recorded before Designing a Nervous Breakdown released in April 2000 on a 7"" by Devil in the Woods magazine Well I know feeling strange - sometimes you're"
  • Devendra Banhart My Ships
    "My ships are frozen sticks They lay stuck to the floor My wrists and my breasts are bleeding bricks They don't float anymore And my tongure, it's a carbine scrolled Doesn't run anymore And my friends"

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