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stars will lead the way

  • Stars Lead The Way - Reach The Sky
    "sometimes i try to figure it all out because i thought i knew you so well. so unhappy for so long, you promised (it would) always be the same. lonely and sad, your heart did roam. and all the choices that"
  • Lead The Way - Mariah Carey
    "Who would've believed That you and me would fall And land together And who could've foreseen In you I'd find the place I've belonged forever And if I move closer Then love will take over And lead the way I'd"
  • Lead The Way - Guardian
    "I got a dash-mount compass that won't direct I got a "get rich" guru that calls collect I got a psychic adviser saying "Get a lifeguard -- I'm gettin' bad vibes off of your deal-a-meal card" Tell me why"
  • Lead The Way - Lizz Wright
    "In the city made of stone I hear the sirens moan I can't escape the beating question: Where do I belong? Boundary lines lie before me I cross into the unknown I try to leave my fears behind me, Try to"
  • Lead The Way - Consumed
    "I'm on a roll, I'm back in the seat, my feet on the ground, it's so complete. Take my hand and lead the way. Pull me through, 'cause I'm with you. Will you miss me when I go away? Will you miss me when"
  • Lead The Way - Patrice
    "Intro Gwan keep the faith Jah lead the way Gwan keep the faith Jah lead the way Chorus Jah Jah will lead the way I will never go astray Now that I know That I'll be o. k As long as I keep the faith faith"
  • Let Love Lead The Way - Spice Girls
    "What makes this world go round Will the answer let her down She is so sweet and young And her life has just begun What does her future hold that's the story left unknown Will she make it through her days,"
  • Stars - The Cranberries
    "The stars are bright tonight And I am walking nowhere I guess I will be alright Desire gets you nowhere And you are always right And my, you are so perfect Take you as you are I'll have you as you are I'll"
  • Love Will Lead You Back - American Idol
    "Saying goodbye is never an easy thing but you never said that you'd stay forever so if you must go darling I'll set you free but i know in time that we'll be together ohhh I wont try to stop you now"
  • Love will lead you back - Patti LaBelle
    "Saying goodbye is never an easy thingBut you never said, that youd stay foreverSo if you must goWell, darlin, Ill set you freeBut I know in timeThat well be togetherOh, I wont tryTo stop you now from leavingCause"
  • Love Will Lead You Back - Taylor Dayne
    "(Diane Warren) Saying goodbye is never an easy thing But you never said, that you'd stay forever So if you must go Well, darlin', I'll set you free But I know in time That we'll be together Oh, I won't"
  • Stars - Au Revoir Simone
    "And since we met I simply cannot forget You are on my mind Yes, since the day we met I think I haven't slept More than an hour at a time You make me wanna measure stars In the backyard With a calculator"
  • Lead Me - Soraya
    "don't say a word there's no language that can tell you how I feel just hold me in your arms and let me melt away and disappear will you wait for me? tonight I am weak I don't often follow but this time"
  • Stars - Alex Nackman
    "Sunday night beginning of May Most children sleep, but I am still awake Cool breeze coming through and I am not alone Many days have past here, watching telephones Can all the stars line up my way To"
  • Lead me - Rachael Lampa
    "Here is a question that I need to know: Why turn my back and just refuse to go When You have made for me a path so bright Through this life (mmm-hmm)? Oh Lord, I know You want to help me see ?Cause You"
  • Lead Me - Raze
    "Here I am In the same place of shame It's been some days since I called Your name I feel alone again Take me from this place I'm in Help me Lord, cuz my search is failing After the rain falls The sun"
  • Lead Me - Rhubarb
    "I will walk these streets alone On this story i've been told I know what people say I've watched it growing old I'm bitter and I'm cold I will always understand When you take me by the hand Words are"
  • Stars - Les Miserables
    "Javert There, out in the darkness A fugitive running Fallen from God Fallen from grace God be my witness I never shall yield Till we come face to face Till we come face to face He knows his way in the"
  • Stars - Nina Simone
    "Nina Simone Stars (Janis Ian) I was never one for singing what I really feel Except tonight I'm bringing everything I know that's real Stars, they come and go, they come fast or slow They go"
  • Stars - Cher
    "I was never one for saying What I really feel Except tonight I'm bringing Everything I know that's real Stars they come and go They come fast They come slow They go like the last light of the sun All"

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