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start from the end

  • Start To End - Sons And Daughters
    "There is nothing left to prove We'll stand on our heads And shake out the news Silently we go down Never hand in hand It's my design And when words are failing I'm useless yet I continue in What has passed Can"
  • Start The Circus - Far From Heroes
    "Don't understand these things They get so complicated They're gonna take us down Make me feel so out rated I've got to take control So I don't end up wasted I'd like to stick around Don't like to"
  • An End Has A Start - Editors
    "I don't think that it's Gonna rain again today There's a devil at your side, But an angel on the way Someone hit the light, Cause there's more here to be seen When you caught my eye, I saw everywhere"
  • An End Has A Start - In Extremo
    "I don't think that it's Gonna rain again today There's a devil at your side But an angel on her way Someone hit the light 'Cause there's more here to be seen When you caught my eye I saw everywhere I'd"
  • From The Start - One Dollar Short
    "Everytime I see your smiling face, I cant put another thought in its place. Youre the book of reasons, I am who I am. I like to see you with your angel wings on And that halo above your head. You take"
  • From the start - Ryan Cabrera
    "Tell me what you needYou know it's on your mindYou say he's usuallyScrewin up your lifeHe's always goneWhen you need to talkIt's just so wrong.I wish you wanted loveIs it enough?I'll be your shelter when"
  • From The Start - Rachelle Ann Go
    "Endless, we'll be together always and I will hold forever This love that we have come to know we'll always stay In love this say until forever and a day and I will never ever change cause you are"
  • Start The End Again - Flee The Seen
    "And you said, you said now this is it I'm so sick, so sick and reluctant constant collisions never ending indecisions and I said, I said now this is it I'm so sick, so sick of redundant constant"
  • Start Again - Electric Soft Parade
    "Steal what you need, and leave the rest for me You never took the time, to look at what you've got And all the times you fell, I was there to pick you up You're never far away, from what you want to be I've"
  • Start From Scratch - The Game
    "(Intro) Aight What the fuck are you lookin at self You want a piece of me Ahh man shit The story of my life... (Verse 1) If I could start from scratch I wouldn't change shit Same red bandana same 45th Same"
  • Fucked From The Start - The Black Halos
    "Well I'm a modern-day minority Ain't got no culture or history But what you get's really what you see I've got 5-finger discount clothes Bloody fingers and a runny nose but this ain't the path I chose (Chorus:) 'Cause"
  • Start Angry... End Mad - Moneen
    "Screw you and die I hope you burn. You think your worth more that you earned. Your nothing your worthless excpet for these verses. Out with the new in with the old (die die die die....... ) Honestly"
  • Right From The Start - Earl Thomas Conley
    "The first time that I met you I was sure as sure it could be Don't ask me how but there was no doubt you were the one for me Love was intuition is a feeling you just can't fight So I follow through with"
  • Start From The Dark - Europe
    "Thought you were ordinary Would not amount too much I guess they never knew you You found the place they couldn't touch Said you were nothing special Always kept to yourself You had to fight your own"
  • Stolen From The Start - For Felix
    "A girl A pretty face A guy who's always up in space Is called by her to please come down A time when things are fake relationships made for the sake Of good times without being bound Is he a fool?"
  • Break Free From The Start - Raised Fist
    "I feel so great just on this cover Cause there's so many things to discover Let my feeling be a part of this thing You've just been, now it's my turn to be the king This feeling I have is outrageous Never"
  • The Start - A Band Of Bees
    "Was it you in the shadows? I've got to get this right Walking away With your arms folded tight Hits from the start, shakin' it Hits from the start How can I promise I'll never let you down? Put one word"
  • A Head Start - Vacant Stare
    "I see no end to my life When it goes will you be on the other side? We were close together To see forever But that's not meant to be I feel the end to my life Cant you see that its hurt that feels"
  • Before you start - Zero Procent
    "I Before you start talking please think again Has this conversation any sense Our memories from the past have just gone away And they won't back here cause they expired like a flame Chorus You think you"
  • Start Talking Love - Magnum
    "Just another broken heart, any fool can see Though we're living worlds apart, you're still next to me I'm never going to give you up, never want to make you cry Never going to give you up, never going"

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