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stay for love

  • Stay for love - Yuna Ito
    "You feel the pain? daijoubu yo Be alright In the rain furiyamanai omoi oh baby ai ni kizutsuitemo If you tomadottemo Yeh maybe ai ni sukuwareru kitto futari dakara ame wo kugurinuketara I wanna take you"
  • Stay - Belly
    "Stay ohh ooh oh oh stay Stay ohh ooh oh oh stay Soloman dives For that big dusky pearl Soloman sighs He knows he's older than me Sleeps with the fishes soon Stay (Stay) Ohh ooh oh oh stay Stay (Stay) Ohh"
  • Stay - Wendy And Lisa
    "A long time ago Can you see the lightning coming? I saw your face Free the child I fell in love From pain and suffering A fatal mistake I still don't know If you're afraid But, it's you I can't shake Don't"
  • Stay - Dave Matthews Band
    "We were walking Just the other day It was so hot outside You could fry an egg Remember you were talking I watched as sweat ran down your face Reached up and caught it at your chin Licked my fingertip Wasting"
  • Stay - The Blue Nile
    "I'm taking off this party hat The white situation is over A new situation begins Red guitar is broken To beat the drum of youth again Take too long to say Stay, stay, stay and I will understand you Stay,"
  • Stay - Simply Red
    "Say did I thank you for your kindness It's just the way you are The sympathetic things you say and do Made me love you from afar Now I need to know you and bring myself a little closer, yeah The chance"
  • Stay - Stephen Gately
    "Stay (shu-do-do-oh yeah) (oh stay) Stay Stay I wanna show you Every single dream I got inside of my mind I wanna love you Better than you've ever known before You are my fantasy You're everything to"
  • Stay - Alexander
    "She's the grass on the other side Caught her eye, had a smile And a bottle of wine Red lips, tight hips She was out there to play I was her game And she saved the last dance for me Forgive me for falling"
  • Stay - Eskobar
    "speaking of love now that's alright but I feel you're hypnotized you play your game making plans of leave alright but i wont put up a fight you'll have your way but you should stay now stay and make"
  • Stay - Hurts
    "My whole life waiting for the right time To tell you how I feel. Know I try to tell you that I need you. Here I am without you. I feel so lost but what can I do? 'Cause I know this love seems real But"
  • Stay - Agnetha F
    "Agnetha Faltskog Miscellaneous Stay I know you've been around, I don't mind, You know I've been down, for such for a long time, We both wanna care Lonely hearts searching for someone there We could have,"
  • Stay - CC Catch
    "CC Catch Miscellaneous Stay The extreme is played with hearts ABC of love to me Troubles storm at paradise maybe Love will hurt, love for you If it's too hot too stop maybe Stay by me tonight Keep the"
  • Stay - Boyzone
    "(Shoo-do-do oh yeah) (Oh stay) Stay Stay I wanna show you Every single dream I got inside of my mind I wanna love you Better than you've ever known before You are my fantasy You're everything to me Can't"
  • Stay - Eva Cassidy
    "You look me in the eye And I see the sorrow A thousand days have passed away You wonder how I feel Love dangle in your eye But it's never been fulfilled Stay with me don't walk away Don't leave me standing"
  • Stay - Jodeci
    "Don't talk Just listen First of all I have to be honest with you baby I lied When i told you i never wanted to see you again Can you please stay Just for tonight And maybe we can do something Like make"
  • Stay - C.C. Catch
    "Daydreamers Lightly broads ABC of love to me Troubles stole my paradise, maybe Love fools hearts, love fool him It's too hot too stop maybe Stay with me tonight Keep the love alive Stay, and listen"
  • Stay - Bonnie Bianco
    "You are my life you are my only one desire You're the air that I breath tonight Won't you stay here beside me stay When I see you there's a glow from the stars above Guess they know that I'm so in love Yes"
  • Stay - Michael Bolton
    "As I search this heart of mine For words to tell you If you give me time I swear I'll find a way How I've come to feel about you I couldn't think of life without you These words could never say Like a"
  • Stay - Sigma
    "Possible we break apart Always been this way from the start This energy is like crashing stars Blame it on our magnetic hearts Gimme all of your love I need all your love Gimme all of your love Stay"
  • Stay - Bonnie Tyler
    "Oh I know - You've been fooling with my heart Cause deep inside - You don't know where to start So insecure - Of what tomorrow will Oh please be sure - You're my all and everything You've heard it all"

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