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stay i like you it is sorry

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stay i like you it is sorry

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stay i like you it is sorry
  • Mya Sorry
    "Mya Sorry (INTRO) (Verse 1) Boy I know I don't deserve you Cause I couldn't afford your love All you asked me for was time But I couldn't give you why When you asked me for my heart I was busy playin"
  • Zion I Sorry
    "Sometimes it's hard to say I'm sorry yo yo, eh, my raps written in a whirlwind, so if my tail spin just point at me and ill begin where the twirl ends its difficult to open up, wounds that never shut and"
  • Simon Townshend Sorry
    "There's on line that each time said will capture you As I pine in my wine I may feel it's true Said so easily but meant casually At one time I said I'm in love with you It's a fine way to treat a lady"
  • Meg Myers Sorry
    "My heart is wasted and cut up like a drug And your tears - they taste like vinegar and blood And these conversations choke us 'til we're numb No matter what we're saying, it never seems enough So take"
  • Hanna Pakarinen Sorry
    "The reflection in your eye is revealing what's inside it makes me wonder, everyday that's passin' by am i livin in a lie can you feel it do you feel it where do we go what do we do you say you"
  • Abra Moore Sorry
    "If I could hold you You know I would If the whole world would Just stop turning and be real still I said I'd meet you after midnight I know I never did return A lot of promises were broken I never kept"
  • Sandra Nasic Sorry
    "What is the time and when did you start or begin The tired blue eyes see places under my skin They locked this house and push us over the edge I don't wanna wake cuz I feel his hand on my skin Sorry,"
  • Ashlee Simpson Sorry
    "I threw away my phone I thought that you should know I'd throw away my home If I had somewhere to go Anything to stop The circle in my brain Anything is better than you Making me feel lame 28 days to"
  • Avant Sorry
    "I know I was wrong and that-s not fairPlaying games with your mind cause I new you caredWalking out of the door every other nightAnd I knew two wrongs wouldn-t make a rightNow things have changedAnd what"
  • Gary Allan Sorry
    "Ooooooooooo Sorry Ooooooooooo Sorry Well I came home from work in the middle of the day Two hours early, but a little to late She was comin down the stairs lookin mighty grim With a big brown suitcase,"
  • Justin Guarini Sorry
    "Hold on for a minute baby- Yeah Just listen- All this time it's been on my mind, but I never said it Went along like I did no wrong, but now I regret it Should have probably listened more- Held your hand"
  • Suicidal Tendencies Sorry?!
    "Seems like such a long time ago, but I don't know if I'm ever gonna let her go. I remember the first time that I met her, I knew she was the one. There couldn't be anybody better. Well, I was lost when"
  • Allan Gary Sorry
    "Allan Gary Smoke Rings In The Dark Sorry (Shawn Camp/Wynn Varble/Brice Long) Ooh ooh ooh ooh sorry, ooh ooh ooh ooh sorry Well I came home from work in the middle of the day Two hours early, but a little"
  • Guns N' Roses Sorry
    "You like to hurt me, you know that you do You like to think in some way that it's me and not you ''(you know it isn't true)'' You like to have me jump and be good, but I don't want to do it You don't know"
  • Michelle Wright Sorry
    "My heart is haunted by things we never said There's a distant craving that I'm still trying to forget Am I drifting endlessly, am I moving to A resolution of you and me (Different than I ever thought"
  • Jonas Brothers Sorry
    "Broken Hearts And Last Goodbyes Restless Nights But Lullabyes Help To Make This Pain Go Away I Realize I Let You Down Told You That I'd Be Around I'm Buliding Up The Strength Just To Say I'm Sorry For"
  • Nothing But Thieves Sorry
    "You might kill me with desire Wind me tighter than a wire It’s something that you do to me I run away like mercury And I know you think it’s rough When you’re tryna patch us up And I say honey what is"
  • Sebadoh Sorry
    "No, I mean it, I'm really sorry; here I'll say it again I want you to know it, but the more I say it The less it means in the end Working for respect's like climbing a mountain And I think I'm losing my"
  • Daniel Bedingfield Sorry
    "You're my best friend No you're not You're my sister, stay in your place I can't pretend that you're not Threatening to me,l need my space I'm not lying, I value survival Over you I'm on my own No I'm"
  • Ben Adams Sorry
    "Verse 1 It's like apocalypse now The guilt rains down like bullets from a cloud But no words come out Though I try to speak Your gonna hate me now It's like a biblical curse Imagine hurt on a scale"

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