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stay in touch

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stay in touch
  • Joni Mitchell Stay In Touch
    "This is really something People will be envious But our roles aren't clear So we musn't rush Still, we're burning brightly Clinging like fire to fuel I'm grinning like a fool Stay in touch We should stay"
  • Tyrese Stay In Touch
    "Thinking of the past Of how we used to laugh and joke And will we meet again Memories in mind Of how you used to tell me you love me And how much, you cared Can you undrestand how i feel so can we"
  • Berlin Touch
    "You can buy me a daquiri You can take me home and tear my clothes off Here am I. Married? No, I'm celibate, ha ha Want a 'lude, I don't care The feeling's numb but we cry, oh, aah Here am I making sure"
  • Laura Branigan Touch
    "(Sue Shifrin/Bob Marlette) Let me tell you baby what I want to do There's something that I really got to say Let me tell you everything that's on my mind Don't say no I'll tell you anyway Sometimes when"
  • Jadis Touch
    "I can hear you across the water But your touch is miles away Deep within this strange asylum Voices will stay Try to close the doors behind you Just enough to ease the pain When choking with emotion I"
  • Vanilla Ninja Stay
    "Don't you make me cry, baby Don't you ever leave me Losing you tonight Takes me from heaven to hell Dying is to find a fare-well Even if you tried You had never good to see me It will hurt my soal if you"
  • Flying Circus Stay
    "They will break you, they will cut you down They will turn you, they will turn you around They will twist you, you will let them You will let them in, you will never learn They will kill you for the rest"
  • Morten Harket Stay
    "Stay I say it as a friend He can handle the daylight But the night has its way Touch him Like on one did before No fingerprints on the dew So stay Whatever you do Watch him laughing Ooh he can't help"
  • The Temptations Stay
    "Ooh:ooh:mmm:mmm:yeah:hey: On, no Na, na, na, na, na, na, yeah:ah:ah:yeah:yeah: Just to feel your body, your sensual desire You know my heart goes crazy when your tender lips touch mine Let's explore our"
  • Dokken Stay
    "(dokken, brown) Girl, when I think of you, you know it makes me sad And I wonder, wonder about what we had Say we're over baby t That we're through Can't believe it say that it's not true Please believe"
  • Don Dokken Stay
    "(Dokken, Brown) Girl, when I think of you, you know it makes me sad And I wonder, wonder about what we had, what we had Say we're over baby That we're through Can't believe it say that it's not true Please"
  • Craig Armstrong Stay
    "(Faraway, so close!)Green light, Seven Eleven You stop in for a pack of cigarettes You don't smoke, don't even want to I see you check your change Dressed up like a car crash The wheels are turning byt"
  • Danny Saucedo Stay
    "Can you hear my call I have tried for so long But you've been on the run Here I'm left to figure out Why you're not around In this empty place of mine 'Cause all you ever gave Was a momentary love I can't"
  • Ne-Yo Stay
    "(feat. Peddi Peddi) que linda ma, que linda ma, tu que linda ma, que linda ma, que linda ma Let's go! The room is spinnin' And I can't breathe And o0h my head is just achin' Hands won't stop sweatin' And"
  • Florida Georgia Line Stay
    "I'd sell my soul just to see your face. And I'd break my bones just to heal your pain. In these times I need a saving grace, but time is running out and I'm starting to lose my faith. But if I told you"
  • U2 Stay
    "Green light, seven elevenYou stop in for a pack of cigarettesYou dont smoke, dont even want toI see you check your changeDressed up like a car crashThe wheels are turning byt youre upside downYou say when"
  • Tonya Mitchell Stay
    "I've must have been blind Not to see you look away from me Whenever you say "You love me still" I must have been crazy Not to see you slip away from me Day after day there's a space to fill and I can't"
  • Ellie Goulding Midas Touch
    "ou say you’re going through changes Every day it seems your life is up and down And you say that you’re looking for an answer Everywhere you look it seems you cant be found Like searching, trying to find"
  • Tony Touch Touch 1- Touch All
    "(feat. Dead Prez) Yo, down south, niggaz know about crackas and black people When I came up north, I started hangin' with Latinos The Borikens and Tainos and even the Arawaks It's the language that"
  • Journey Positive Touch
    "(Perry/Cain) Emergency breakthrough There's no way to reach you There's somebody else I'll turn to She (she's) has got the positive touch (touch) She's bringing love back to me, yeah, back to me. I"

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