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stay with me Sama Smitha.

  • Stay with me - Akcent
    "Stay with meI remember a prison of all memoriesAnd I`m drowning in tears Come and help me please Stay with me Stay with meBaby when the lights go downI was so craizy All the time I made you cry.You walk"
  • Stay With Me - 112
    "I want you right here with me If you really wanna be with me Then come on, just stay with me Cuz I really wanna get to know you Oh, I want you right here with me If you really wanna be with me Then come"
  • Stay With Me - Pharrell Williams
    "(Intro) Flush flush. Turn me up some more. (Verse 1: Pharrell) You're that girl Who thinks the world Is somethin' beautiful And that's all baby But your lookin for a brawn with shed upon the wrong"
  • Stay With Me - Pharrell Williams
    "(feat. Pusha T) You're that girl thinks the world Is somethin beautiful And that's all baby But your lookin for a brawn with shed upon the wrong star Cause it don't know That's not how it"
  • Eryn Smith - The Matches
    "Well if you ever go down to Huntington, there is a girl there that is named Eryn. She's got ADD, but isn't bored with me. At least not yet, she said. With a 'zine in between her bohemian jeans, half sober. She's"
  • Stay The Same - Super Deluxe
    "Actually the Song Title is wrong!!! There isn't even a song called "Stay the Same" on Famous. The song is called "She Came On". she came on like a storm from the blind side of a memory soft and"
  • Stay The Same - Hoobastank
    "We've walked together down this winding road, In search of something true. Together we grew. But now our journey has come to an end, And it's on to something new. For me and you. So goodbye, my friend."
  • Stay With Me - You me at six
    "You've got a lot to say for the one that walked away. I give you take, its the way it's always been oh how do i know if i should stay or just go the bottom line is this way that i'll never know stay"
  • Stay - Hillsong United
    "Stay Words and Music by: Luke Munns I am not the same I've been called by name You gave me new life I cannot express how it feels Here in your arms Here I'll stay forever I have found your love Here"
  • Stay - Capewalk
    "Another day break, I'm waking up to the sound of yesterday Should I face it with a smile when the struggle starts again I'm spinning in a wheel before I make a move This is way too real kind of a soul"
  • Stay - Candy Hill
    "Baby no talkin Just heavy breathin Now you bad fall back, be easy Hey Hear the clock tickin I dont wanna be asleep Que no pase ni un minuto quiero estar contigo Deep wit you Tracin my lips wit your fingers"
  • Stay - Casely
    "You Know I'd Ride For You, Die For You What Ever The Case, You Blow Me Away You May Not Think Its True But My Love Is Here To Stay I'd Never Leave You I'm Always Here For You The Way You Put It Down Put"
  • Stay - Alison Moyet
    "A wait in hope of every day That changes come as changes may With every fear that I allay. I have a horror of this place Yet I'm accustomed to its face And I am safe within its maze But you leave me nothing"
  • Stay with me tonight - Mandy & Randy
    "Love may come and love may go But people stay the same Running round and asking questions Play silly games How can we stand and watch each other Tear our hearts apart Why can't we begin again and Make"
  • You Stay With Me - Ricky Martin
    "Met you underneath the moon Night was over much too soon We shared a kiss till daylight came And kissed the night goodbye When the sun came up that day We smiled and went our separate ways But I can't"
  • You Stay With Me - Faith Hill
    "Tv flashes down the hall Painting pictures on the wall And you're still sleeping on my knees And in the glow of silver light I trace the lines above your eyes Just another wrinkle that you can blame on"
  • Poor Ellen Smith - Kristin Hersh
    "Come all you kind people, my story to hear What happened to me in June of this year It was poor Ellen Smith And how she was found with a ball in her heart Lying cold on the ground If I could go home, home"
  • Stay With Me Till Dawn - Judie Tzuke
    "Is this a game you're playin' I don't understand what's goin' on I can't see through your frown First you're up Then you're down You're keepin' me from someone I want to know But I need you tonight (Need"
  • Stay With M - 112
    "Chorus- I want you right here with me If you really wanna be with me then come on and stay with me cause I really want to get to know you Ooh, I want you right here with me If you really wanna be with"
  • Omen (ft. Sam Smith) - Disclosure
    "I'm feeling something, something different When you left, I'd appeared to change I was blinded, I'd not envisioned The same face in a different frame It's an omen, caught my baby crying Saw the silver"

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