stay with me yore the best youre the worst you are the only thing that i want -

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stay with me yore the best youre the worst you are the only thing that i want

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stay with me yore the best youre the worst you are the only thing that i want

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stay with me yore the best youre the worst you are the only thing that i want
  • The Apples In Stereo Yore Days
    "Life, your days are never gonna let you stay sunken into the same place it's not how you want to be A day will come when all you want to do is run press on your heart with your thumbs leaving nothing"
  • Jedi Mind Tricks The Worst
    "Don't be scared be prepared for the worst Before I let a whole round of shots burst You the opening act so rock first Trust me, multiple shots from glocks hurt And I think there's been enough said Cause"
  • The Script Before The Worst
    "It's been a while since the two of us talked About a week since the day you walked Knowing things would never be the same With your empty heart and mine full of pain So explain to me, how it came to this Take"
  • Polkadot Cadaver What's The Worst Thing That Could Happen?
    "When you get home I will be there waiting for you With a poison drink in my hand Because two can play at this game This world's not big enough for the you of us Although you're still the most beautiful"
  • Tech N9ne The Worst
    "(1st verse) As I blaze the PM I inhale with the scent of a million men I exhale wit dumpin 17 up in the what the fuck I am? In the midst of a crisis God knows all the sacrifces I made Might have to hiest"
  • Onyx The Worst
    "(feat. Killa Sin, Method Man, Raekwon the Chef, X-1) Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang - ONYX!! Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang - ONYX!! Aiyyo, staircase to stage now, major waves Tanktop Nautica, flippin your daughter thirty ways Yeah"
  • Ray LaMontagne You Are The Best Thing
    "Baby It's been a long day, baby. Things ain't going my way you know I need you here here by my side all of the time And Baby, the way you move me its crazy. it's like, you see right through me, you make"
  • Warrant Youre The Only Hell
    "My head is floating in the clouds My feet are in the ocean My body is earth bound My mind is an explosion Right on time with that line I'm a kite up in the sky I don't want to wonder why Don't stray too"
  • Graham Colton Band Best Thing
    "You're ready to go I fake a smile all thats between us now is just 3,000 miles I move closer to you, you cover your face you tried for months to make me notice that you'd rather stay So why is it so hard"
  • Bob Mould Best Thing
    "This would be the sound of me Looking for some kind of closure You so sad, you just lost The best thing you never had All those dreams I believed I woke up and it's over You so sad, you just lost The"
  • Natalie Merchant The Worst Thing
    "So you're in love, that's so good for you. Live it up girl 'cause it never lasts long. It's heaven for now but not for long. It's gonna hurt you, it's going to make you feel so bad. Once I could love,"
  • Sebadoh Worst Thing
    "I'll have to think about it, it's what she said to me I'll have to think about it, all the time in the world to be When I sleep I dream about it I chew it when I eat After something I can't explain The"
  • Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers Tickle Yore Innards
    "Well I ain't no Colonel of the Commonwealth for nothin' This black string tie ain't hangin' here just for looks When the Governor got an eye full of my grade A triple X jug(?) He signed my name, I swear"
  • Savage Garden The Best Thing
    "Never want to fly Never want to leave Never want to say what you mean to me Never want to run Frightened to believe You're the best thing about me Sometimes I feel like this is only chemistry Stuck in"
  • Louise The Best Thing
    "Let's creep inside the face to a woman's mind A million years of history is a what you'll find A loving sister, sexy mother Your best friend whilst still your lover Take it from me I know what's best About"
  • Lyriel Days Of Yore
    "Day by Day we can't help growing older Year by year spring did not help to feel young Even the sun is getting cold and colder I've failed you in more ways than one Tonight the evening mists, Find no place"
  • Avalon The Best Thing
    "I've seen the world through jaded eyes I've heard the silence in the still of the night I hid my heart, it broke in two Oh I'd be nowhere if it wasn't for you I heard your voice You turned me around It's"
  • Billy Joel Youre Only Human
    "I've been watching you waltz all night Diane Nobody's found a way behind your defenses They never notice the zap gun in your hand Until you're pointing it and stunning their senses All night long, all"
  • A Worst thing that can happen
    "Started with a headache,I tried to fight it but I kinda like the pain.Reservations what I got,From the bottom to the top of a bottle five times a day.Started with a top line,You know Its gonna hurt when"
  • Shaquille ONeal Best To Worst
    "Chorus: Peter Gunz I'm sending rappers to heaven so call me uplifting I greet ya defeat ya take all your recognition be in the ignition first gear I'm gone had the best to the worst confess my lyrics"

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